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Feng Shui House Talk – What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You

By Kathryn Weber Feng shui isn’t just about painting a wall a certain color and hanging a windchime. Feng shui is more about understanding the way your house is representing your life. And there are signs, both subtle and overt that are telling you about the need to make changes in one to see improvement in the other. Let’s take, for example, a house where someone is a hoarder. A hoarder … [Read the full article...]

The phoenix brings opportunities that have financial benefits

Feng Shui Birds Make Good News, Wishes, and Love Flock to You

  By Kathryn Weber Some might say feng shui is for the birds -- but they'd be wrong. Birds are for feng shui! There are few creatures in the world that inspire the envy of man, but birds do. With their ability to soar and fly above the trees and among the clouds, it’s no surprise.  They are loved for their beautiful, bright plumage and their sweet songs that remind us that winter will … [Read the full article...]

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Cleanse and Purify Your Life and Your Space with a Singing Bowl

By Kathryn Weber  When your home, office or bedroom seem still and lifeless, stuffy or stuck, a wonderful feng shui instrument to create a clear, open and vibrant space is the singing bowl.  When our spaces are clear, they revitalize and refresh us. When they’re stuffy and stagnant, our daily life feels like molasses, slow and viscous. Using a singing bowl is a way to purify your home and … [Read the full article...]


The Feng Shui of Your Handwriting and Signature

By Kathryn Weber In feng shui, you can look at someone’s office and home and often see the level of success they enjoy. But can you take those same traits and apply it to something more personal, like your handwriting? Just like there’s a flow and movement that translate into qualities in your life, there’s flow of handwriting that can indicate – and even influence -- personal qualities. The … [Read the full article...]

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Trailer Feng Shui — Harmonizing Mobile or Manufactured Homes

With low interest mortgage rates holding steady, home ownership has continued to rise sharply with each passing year. And this rise also holds true for manufactured homes. Many people opt for manufactured homes, sometimes called “trailers” or “mobile homes,” because of their appeal: low cost, easy to purchase, quick to move into, faster set up compared to traditional homebuilding, and ability … [Read the full article...]

A beautiful view is great chi! Just balance openness with privacy.

The Feng Shui of Windows

By Kathryn Weber Windows are a natural part of the exterior of a home or office building. In a sense, they’re the eyes of the building. Their openings let in light, views and without them, life would dark, dull and depressing. Yet, having not enough windows is just as bad as having too many. Because of their energy, windows can affect our home’s feng shui – and ultimately – our … [Read the full article...]

10 Downing Street in London is the seat of economic and political power in the UK

Feng Shui Black Color

Feng Shui and the Color Black -- the Color of Money By Kathryn Weber Black is the color associated with water, and in feng shui, water equals wealth. But black is considered a very strong color. It's not an easy color to paint with, which probably is the reason why we don’t see black paint used more in decorating. And that’s unfortunate. Black is a power color. Only those with … [Read the full article...]

3d Gold metal numbers - number 9

The Mystical Feng Shui Powers of the Number 8

By Kathryn Weber It’s widely known that the number eight is regarded as the money number in Asia. And that idea is catching on here in the west, too. From phone numbers and addresses – even license plates – everyone’s looking to get as many eights as possible. Even jewelry designs have popped up everywhere with eights in the design, although many call it the infinity symbol. But the eight … [Read the full article...]

There's a myth that feng shui changes or is different below the equator. It isn't.

The Great Down Under Feng Shui Myth

Is Feng Shui Different if You Live Below the Equator?   By Kathryn Weber If you live in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina or anywhere below the equator, you may have been under the belief that somehow your feng shui is different than those who live above the equator. But this is a feng shui myth, and one that's really gotten traction. One of the thoughts about feng … [Read the full article...]

Put your purse to work tapping  wealth energy!

2014 Year of the Horse Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack

  The Red Lotus Letter SUCCESS PACK is on Sale NOW! Everything You Need to Know About Feng Shui to Make 2014 Year of the Horse Your Most Successful & Prosperous   This much-anticipated annual Feng Shui Forecast is your complete, easy-to-implement guide to make your life in 2014 everything you would like it to be -- vibrant health, loving, secure relationships, recognition and … [Read the full article...]

Pick the right color purse for prosperity in the Year of the Horse!

Feng Shui Purse Colors for 2014 Bring Prosperity and Prestige

By Kathryn Weber   One of the fun ways to use feng shui is to select a purse color based on the year’s energies. By harmonizing the color of your handbag, you tap into the energies that are available in the year. In some instances, the color is based on a missing element – or it’s based on an element that is available but that when tapped, brings about greater opportunities for … [Read the full article...]

2014 Horse

2014 Year of the Horse Feng Shui Forecast

  By Kathryn Weber The Year of the Horse is galloping quickly toward the New Year and it'll be nice to see the Year of the Snake slithering away. You'll be glad to know that the feng shui forecast for 2014 has a bright outlook with lots of good news and opportunity ahead for the Year of the Horse. The horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, and represents high spirits, … [Read the full article...]