A fireplace can really make the room. But in the wrong place, it can create sudden loss for the man of the house.

The 7 Worst Feng Shui House Features

By Kathryn Weber An amazing part about feng shui is that it can frequently explain the unexplainable. Take for example, someone who’s reasonably intelligent, educated, ethical, and works hard….why doesn’t his or her life go well? Sometimes it’s their feng shui. Someone living in a house that has a serious slope behind them or whose bed is over the stove that’s on the first floor, might … [Read the full article...]

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The 7 Best Feng Shui House Features

By Kathryn Weber Every house has its pluses and minuses. In fact, it’s very hard to find a feng shui perfect house. But are there houses that have exceptional feng shui? Absolutely. Some houses – and Realtors often know them – have features and qualities that make the house so attractive that it almost sells itself. Often it’s hard to put into words exactly what those features are. Here … [Read the full article...]

Bedroom Over the Garage? Feng Shui Implications and Cures

By Kathryn Weber When space is at a premium, many remodeled homes frequently create a new space over the garage. Often this will be a family or master bedroom. Then, too, new construction is looking for ways to create more bedrooms and living space and will often build over the garage as well. Today it’s very common to find a master bedroom in new construction built directly over the … [Read the full article...]

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Get off that losing streak – how to stem your losses with feng shui

By Kathryn Weber There are times when it seems like everything you touch goes wrong or breaks. Then there are those times that simply leave you reeling from losses – a job evaporates, a business goes bankrupt, a spouse dies, a house sale falls through, your car gets rear ended, or you get a diagnosis of a serious illness. These kinds of problems can be hard to bounce back from, especially if … [Read the full article...]

Take teakettles off your stove when not in use as they represent putting out the fire in your stove, hurting your wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui, Your Stove, and Your Kitchen God

by Kathryn Weber Chinese traditions abound around kitchens like making sure you always keep your rice urn full. The kitchen is a super-charged room. It's the room everyone is always in every single day. It also stores your food, a source of both wealth and health. One such tradition is the story about Zao Jun, who is also known as the "god of the kitchen." Zao Jun who, when he was a mortal … [Read the full article...]

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Digestive Upset, Stomach Complaints, Hemorrhoids? Check your feng shui

By Kathryn Weber One of the most wildly popular feng shui books is Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. And one of the topics she covers in the book – that few others have dared to touch – is the subject of the elimination system and its tie to your personal feng shui. While it’s not a pretty subject to talk about, Karen deftly connects clutter in the house with the symbol of … [Read the full article...]

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Travel and Hotel Room Feng Shui

By Kathryn Weber Just because you’re on the road, traveling for business or headed off for a long-awaited vacation doesn’t mean you have to give up on your feng shui. If you’re used to living in a comfortable, clean and organized environment that has good feng shui, you’ll want to stay in hotel room that feels like your feng shui home. But how do you do that? Feng shui isn’t a difficult … [Read the full article...]

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The Best Color in Feng Shui? The Rainbow, All Colors Bring Health, Wealth, Happiness

By Kathryn Weber There’s a lot of debate and discussion about colors in feng shui. Is red the best color there is? Maybe it’s gold or ochre. On the other hand, black is the color of deep wealth. But then there’s purple….ah, the color confusion! Let’s look at the colors from a different perspective. Instead of concentrating on a single color, let’s discuss them all and their role and meaning … [Read the full article...]

7 Feng Shui Tips for Making New Friends

By Kathryn Weber One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. It’s one of the aspirations of feng shui – the gift and wealth of having friends and enjoying an active social life. This area is reflected in the south sector of the house. This sector also refers to the fame and recognition area of the home, as well as your reputation and family name. Having friends to do fun things with, … [Read the full article...]

Buddhist sculpture. Singha Stone statue.

Chi Lin and Fu Dog Feng Shui Door Guardians Protect and Empower Your Front Door

By Kathryn Weber The front door is the single most important area of your home. It determines the quality of the energy that enters your home – and that directly influences the quality of energy in important life areas, such as wealth, opportunity, health and relationship success. The entrance to your home is directly influenced by the way it looks. Realtors know this as “curb appeal.” … [Read the full article...]

12 Feng Shui Tips for Trees

By Kathryn Weber Trees are an important life source and vital members of our outdoor community. Often called “the lungs of the Earth,” trees take the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and return it to us as oxygen. They also prevent groundwater run-off and soil erosion. It is obvious that trees are a crucial part of our living Earth and treasured members of our landscape family. Besides … [Read the full article...]

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Feng Raise Your Sights — The Feng Shui of Views that Can Change Your Life

By Kathryn Weber Put your back into it. Keep your nose to the grindstone. These pithy sayings are meant to instill the value of consistent work effort. And, for the most part they're true, because consistent work pays off, but sometimes when you're busy looking down all the time, you lose sight of where you're going. Feng shui offers us an opportunity to lift our eyes and create movement … [Read the full article...]