2013 Year of the Snake — Feng Shui Outlook


The Year of the Snake is slithering ever closer to us, but it’s no reason to get squeamish. The sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control. The snake also represents the ability to strike at will, quickly and powerfully.

We will see some big changes in the year ahead – many difficult, many wonderful.  

Yes, the Year of the Snake is coming and it promises some big challenges. But it is also bringing some of the best opportunities we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Like all years, this year also has its difficulties. But if you’re prepared and put your remedies and enhancements in place, you’ll do just fine.

If you really make an effort, this could be the year you take huge LEAPS, not just steps, forward. That’s because both men, the career-minded and entrepreneurs, writers and students all have some terrific energy that could pay off for years to come if you work the energies ahead in the right way.

Below is the annual energies chart that tells you which energies fly to which directions. If your house faces the north, or your bedroom or home office is in the north, you’ve got some great opportunities heading your way. Read the chart according to the direction your home or office faces and where important rooms — especially the bedroom, living room or home office — are located to understand the type of luck you can expect in the year ahead. Bear in mind the most important areas are where your front door direction faces and the corner of your home that your bedroom, and the bedrooms of all your family members, is located.


2013 Annual Energies Chart


Security and Safety First

This year it’s more important than ever to stay on the side of caution — and in every respect — health, relationships and finances. Because the 5 Yellow makes its appearance in the heart sector anything could happen, in a bad way that is.  This is not the year to make wild stock purchases, take up skydiving or think that threesomes will strengthen your marriage. No sir, this is not the year.

Instead, look for stability in all your affairs. Whether it’s risky credit card purchases or passing on that mammogram for another year (you know you’re overdue), it’s not a good idea at all to play with fire. Think speeding is OK as long as you don’t get a ticket? Or how about my personal frailty: lifting more than I should. Make it your motto this year “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

If you will take these words to heart – and put your remedies in place – you will be just fine.  Ignore these words, and you’ll be like those people living next to the river wondering why they never took out flood insurance. Don’t be those people. Not in 2013.

Make sure you’re the person who is ahead on payments, flosses your teeth (not just says you do to your dentist, blushing), and wears your seatbelt… at all times. Want to make the year even more fun? How about stepping up and being the bad guy with your kids. You will not be popular, but your kids may have next year to look forward to if they’re of driving age.

What do I mean exactly? Well, the 7 Red Star makes its appearance in the sector of descendants and that means injury by metal to children. Children could also have problems with bullying, cyberbullying, animal bites, problems with backtalk and mouthiness, and injuries such as bicycle and car accidents.

It doesn’t take a feng shui Einstein to figure out that teen drivers this year have the big red target printed on their backs. Get your kid one of those 1-800-call-my-mom bumper stickers plastered on the car before they go out with friends on weekends (www.callmymom.com/). Now, don’t expect they’ll be happy about it. Because the same 7 Star that causes them to be under the potential for harm can also cause them to say some pretty cutting remarks. The 7 Star is related to metal after all, so just do that “na, na, na, I can’t hear you” thing with your fingers in your ears.

On the bright side…

There are some wonderfully bright spots ahead. People in the computer business will become your best friends, and so will people at a distance, particularly men. Don’t be surprised if foreign men and “foreigners” (anyone who lives more than 1000 miles away from you) become your new champion. It’s possible in the Year of the Snake – travel, long distance relationships, networking opportunities abroad, and moving are all on the horizon!

Still more good news? Careers.

If you have a north facing house, well, you are sitting in the cat bird seat. This particular facing direction has got a feng shui trifecta all across the front. You could get pretty haughty this year as a result, saying, “What’s this about a bad economy everyone is going on and on about?”…just make sure you activate the beautiful 1 star that’s coming to visit this year and you’ll be drinking rum drinks like Thurston and Lovey Howell.

There is actually so much that can go wrong in the Year of the Snake.

And there is so much that can go right. That’s the best side of this particular coin.

The question is whether you’ll make the most of what’s available to you.


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