2013 Year of the Snake Feng Shui Success Pack


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This much-anticipated annual Feng Shui Forecast is your complete, easy-to-implement guide to make your life in 2013 everything you would like it to be — vibrant health, loving, secure relationships, recognition and success, growing wealth and prosperity.


The 2013 Year of the Snake Success Pack is here!

This is the SEVENTH year of this long-awaited annual feng shui update.

Maybe most importantly, you’ll learn in depth details about the year ahead and how you can use the energy to protect your income, job, and personal security — not to mention protect your health and that of your family and even your business.

And this year it’s vital that you watch your feng shui closely. Very closely.


All the stars are going home, the good and the bad. That means what is good is extra good — and the energies that are bad, are extra troubling.


The Year of the Dragon took a toll on jobs, women, relationships, and some of that’s about to change for the better — and the worse — in the Year of the Snake. 


Here’s just a few details of what you can expect in the year ahead and that are covered in detail in the Success Pack:

  • The man of the house catches a big break this year. In fact, it’s the man who holds the keys to the bank this year. Learn how to tap that energy (whether you have a man or not you can benefit from this energy!).
  • Couples looking to get pregnant have the BEST chances in 2013 (hey, we all know what a snake represents, don’t we? Wink!). Find out exactly where the pregnancy energy is and why it’s so potent this year.
  • Careers are ready to get a huge boost…there should be some very bright prospects on the horizon for money making, income, business opportunities and career advancement.
  • Women need to watch their energy levels (what’s new about that, right?). This year it’s even more so — women are prone to both the 5 Yellow energies (which are downright dangerous this year) and the Black 2 illness star that’s camped out in the woman’s sector like that old boyfriend who would never go away. Yeah, like him. 
  • What one thing you might be doing more of this year that’s so much fun…only more dangerous in 2013.


There are threats this year that only those who are prepared will be able to handle.


Yes, it’s true.  Unfortunately, families — including children — have extra reason to worry in 2013.  But, as the saying goes, you can either be scared…or be PREPARED.


Should you be concerned? 

Yes. The 5 Yellow affliction comes home and has the ability to harm the entire family seriously.

This ugly star will challenge the heart palace this year – and that can be especially troublesome for the whole family, causing serious. It’s called the “Bone Breaker” for a good reason, but it could do damage far worse than a broken bone. It can cause serious illness such as cancer, heart problems, serious back and spine injuries. And if you have a house that has a front door in the center sector or a kitchen located here, you’ll need to pay extra special attention to feng shui this year. If you have anyone in the house who’s ill, pregnant, elderly or very young sleeping in this sector, it’s very possible there could be serious consequences.


You’ll want to take steps to stop this affliction dead in its tracks and I’ll tell you how in the 2013 Success Pack.

Of course, it’s not all bad news, but this one affliction is very serious. However, once you are protected, you can add enhancements. But protection is always the first order of feng shui.

Once you’re fully protected and have the right remedies in place, you can begin to mine the energy of the year — and there are some very bright spots on the horizon — that you can turn into career, public relations, and relationship GOLD in the Year of the Water Snake!  Like how you can turn business travel into gold.


And it’s all outlined in this year’s Success Pack


The 2013 Success Pack is available by download so you can be reading it in minutes and putting your house in order for the year immediately.

This past year has been difficult for men (many have lost jobs or their relationships), for women who’ve suffered from crushing fatigue, the weariness of rolling that giant boulder up a hill day after day…. What you should focus on, though, is that there are compounding energies this year, good and bad. So, there are some great highs in the months ahead. And if you handle the problem energies, you should only experience the highs.


Remember being on swings as a child and going really high and laughing at how high and happy you were?  Well, this year could be like that. I’ve stuffed all kinds of details into this year’s forecast so you can get everything in ONE PLACE. There’s no having to buy one report, another book, a different calendar and then trying to piece it all together.

Some feng shui operators work that way. I don’t.

You get it ALL in the Success Pack.

And this year’s Success Pack is even more, well, packed. I’ve added some important details in a special “Remedies and Enhancements” section of the Forecast that will help you be even more precise about your feng shui so you can make the absolute most of the year ahead.


In past years, I’ve priced the Success Pack at $47….

But this year, it’s an even more incredible BARGAIN at only $29.97

— almost 50% less than it was for the last Success Pack.


I’ve never wanted price to stand in the way of anyone buying the Success Pack.  And because it’s only available as a download, so as soon as you buy it, you can be reading it instantly.

The Success Pack is even bigger than the last one — it was 80 pages the last time.

This year it’s a whopping 216 total pages…but it’s broken up into three downloads to make it easier to print (I also include permissions for you to print a copy …so send the download to your local office supply store to print and bind if you like a printed document, without having to worry about copyright problems!).

You’ll also receive an Action Guide (60 pages), an Appendix with articles, kua dates and zodiac calendars to help you find you kua number and zodiac sign (60 pages) and the MP3 recording of my 2013 Annual Feng Shui Teleseminar.

Plus, there are new, exciting additions to this year’s Success Pack.  In all, you’ll receive

  • The 2013 Red Lotus Letter Success Pack ebook  
  • Year of the Snake QUICK START Guide — an easy step-by-step outline of observing the Chinese New Year and when to make changes around your home and office
  • The House Facing Direction Luck Analysis for all house directions for 2013
  • Full Annual Feng Shui Report with a sector by sector analysis
  • Important 5 and 2 Star location tables for each month to track the serious energies in 2013
  • Expanded Chinese Horoscopes for all 12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac
  • A Remedies and Enhancements section with specially selected items for each individual energy to subdue the harmful ones and maximize the beneficial ones!

PLUS The Red Lotus Letter Success Pack ACTION GUIDE that includes

  • A full year of Full New Moon wishes worksheets to write your wishes each month that includes the dates and times of each month’s new moons
  • Your Annual Goals Sheets – with NEW VISION and GOALS PLANNERS to keep you on track all year.
  • Your Personal Mastery Sheet to help you identify the three areas that prevent your success
  • Financial Mastery Sheet to help you become the master of your financial destiny
  • A FULL Year of Monthly Flying Star from January 2013 to January 2014


You also receive these HELPFUL TOOLS —

mp31–An MP3 file of my POPULAR ANNUAL Feng Shui Teleseminar to download to your MP3 player, listen to on your computer or transfer to a CD to listen to all year long for more tips and insights on mastering the energy of 2013!

Email Envelope on White background–Monthly Flying Star Email Updates. When you purchase the Red Lotus Letter 2013 Success Pack, you’ll receive monthly Flying Star Email updates with important details and reminders about where the energy is best for the month and how to be prepared for any problem areas.  You’ll receive these updates in a timely manner to prepare your home and office for the right remedies and enhancers to stop negative energy and promote wealth, prosperity and success with each new month!

Email Envelope on White background– New Moon Monthly Email Reminders for each month’s New Moon so you’ll be sure not to miss an opportunity to take advantage of the year’s timing each month.  The New Moon of each month is the time to INITIATE your plans and put your seeds into the ground.  This is the time that helps bring potent MANIFESTING energy to your goals and wishes.


Feng shui originated in the stars …. in fact it is a STUDY of the movement of stars and how those energies manifest in our homes and business environments!  Feel out of step with life?  This will help put you and your goals in sync with the cosmos — and that helps you move ahead in life and see your goals manifest faster and better!


So, Let’s Recap.  What Do You Get in Your 2013 Success Pack?


#1. 2013 Annual Feng Shui Report ($27 value)

Details on all the energies for 2013 and what to expect, how to handle negative energy, and how to tap the WEALTH, prosperity, and FAME and ROMANCE energy for the year.


#2. 2013 Flying Star Monthly Calendar ($27 value)

This monthly calendar gives you the POWER SPOTS of feng shui energy for each month of the whole year. Each page tells you how to get the most out of every month and where the best energy can be found.


#3. Your 2013 House Luck Analysis ($27 value)

What can you expect for you home and the energy it will have this year. It helps you to plan and know what to expect…. it’s a powerful report for all 8 facing directions. This report takes me the longest each year to write.  This report explains what to expect for the year and how to go about handling the good, the bad, and the REALLY GREAT energy that makes you wealthy, famous, and attractive to others. Read both the analyses for the FACING and SITTING direction of your home to get an even greater understanding of the energies facing your home this year and how to make the most of the Water Snake for your home.

#4. FENG SHUI FOR 2013 Audio Download — and FREE Teleseminar ($47 value)

Listen to it in your car, or at work and get the full scoop on making the most of the Year of the Snake.  You can download it to your MP3 player, listen on your computer or burn it to a CD. Listen to it all year long for more insights and help on making this a brilliant year and helping you to stay in top of everything you need to know.


#5.  THREE Handy Feng Shui CHARTS to help you see your luck at a glance ($27 value)

You’ll receive three downloadable files with the ANNUAL FENG SHUI chart, the RENOVATIONS AFFLICTIONS chart, and the BAGUA.  When you print each chart onto a transparency you can see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home — and how to handle them.


#6.  MONTHLY EMAIL UPDATES ($47 value) — so you never miss a month of feng shui. If you can’t remember when the new moons are or when flying star changes each month, these emails will keep you right on track all year long. That’s what makes the Success Pack so special. It’s not a buy it and forget it kind of thing. I am with you each and every month guiding you on what to expect and how to handle what’s coming your way, both good and bad.


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