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This much-anticipated annual Feng Shui Forecast & Success Pack is your complete, easy-to-implement guide to make your life in 2017 everything you would like it to be — vibrant health, loving, secure relationships, recognition and success, growing wealth and prosperity.

The 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster Success Pack is ready to help you zoom ahead. 

This is the 12th year of this long-awaited annual feng shui update. 

This annual update gives you in depth details about the year ahead and how you can use the energy to protect your income, job, and personal security — not to mention protect your health and that of your family, and and your business.

There’s a reason to be upbeat about the year — and it’s all because of the rooster.

The rooster is one of the zodiac’s most proud animals, strutting his stuff all around the barnyard. It’s also a fire year – a year when we have more optimism for growth and opportunity.

The rooster is bringing wonderful energy in the year ahead — and to all members of the household. The reigning star, the 1 star, heads to the center and that promises to bring more optimism, opportunity, and MONEY in the year ahead.

Everything is undergoing a HUGE shift in 2017.  

We have excellent wealth energy moving into the sector where it can bring everyone in the family a double dose of opportunity and growth, income and a chance at the brass ring.

Plus, I’ve given you insights on how you can magnify the good fortune in your year with tips on how to get ahead in 2017 with water, handbag and wallet colors, plus all the insights for your zodiac sign, bedroom direction and house-facing direction. 

The Success Pack covers everyone, in every house. 

The Year of the Monkey took a toll on everyone with it's tiresome annoyances, frustrations and dragging energy.  

Not so in the Year of the Rooster. 

There’s plenty to crow about: 

  • Money 
  • Opportunity 
  • Good fortune 
  • Optimism 
  • Love 
  • Advancement
  • Growth
  •  Tranformation
  • Health

There’s a big pot of golden coins available to more homes than ever before. Yes, it’s that good.

Here's just a few details of what you can expect in the year ahead that are covered in detail in the Success Pack:

Everyone in the house catches a HUGE financial break this year. Learn how to tap that energy with this sure-fire tip that you absolutely must have if you have wanted to see a big step up in your career, job hunting or business! 

LOVE gets a boost with the harmonious pairing of energies this year! Singles looking for LOVE energy this year could find someone they’ve been looking for by activating this area of the house. Couples could reignite their relationships or you could become engaged if you know where to activate the love energy in your home.

Families are ready to get a huge lift…there is great financial, success and good fortune for all families in the Year of the Rooster. 

The Star of Future Wealth moves to this important sector. If your savings and investments have taken a beating, you’re going to love this year.

Which house directions have the greatest luck — and how to maximize your home’s energy for love, success, income and good fortune! 

Complete Bedroom direction luck analysis — find out the bedrooms where you’ll make money while you sleep. 

How the POWER MOONS this year can give you a huge boost for your goals and intentions in 2017.

There are benefits this year that only those who are prepared will be able to take advantage of. 

There are missing elements this year that when used in your home or landscape can create great financial opportunities -- perhaps complete financial transformations even. You'll want to know exactly how to do that, and the Success Pack explains it all.

What others are saying

I read Tarot Cards but Katie's Success Pack is like my own personal Crystal Ball!  

When you want to learn what’s in store for your year, the Success Pack lays it all out. I read tarot cards, but I look at Katie’s Success Pack as my personal crystal ball that helps me see the future. It's like she sees my life through my house. Get one yourself and you’ll see what I mean! 

Sandra G. – Houston, TX 

Life is SO much easier with the Success Pack. 

There have been years that went well and years where everything in my life was in the dumpster. If you could know what kind of year you would have, wouldn’t you want to know it? I didn’t think I did. And then I bought the Success Pack four years ago and now my life is so much easier and without all those awful ups and downs. I’m smarter now. I want to know what’s in store and be ready. 

Liza M. – Los Angeles, CA 

Are there any concerns in 2017?

Yes. The 5 Yellow affliction is even stronger, even worse and more deadly than in years past. If you do nothing else but read this portion of the Forecast, you will be protected. It’s that important in 2017 that everyone is cautious about the 5 Yellow.


This year, the 5 Yellow flies into a productive sector. Together the sector and the 5 Yellow create a pairing like a match and a bucket of gasoline – and it could blow up on you. You have to be prepared if this is your house or bedroom direction. 

And if your kitchen is here or you have a fireplace in this corner, this could be a very, very difficult year. 

It's called the "Bone Breaker" for a good reason, but it could do damage far worse than a broken bone. It can cause serious illness such as cancer, heart problems, serious back and spine injuries to anyone with a house facing this direction or sleeping here. 

Anger is another problem. We saw it last year with the US Presidential election. The candidates and media was uglier, meaner and nastier than it’s ever been. That star? The 3 again...

Worse, it heads to a sector that could impact the whole family, but is even worse if you have children (or TEENS!) and some of your most susceptible family members. But it's easy to fix and will tame those testy teens quickly.

Are you ready to stop eating alone or taking yourself out for dates?

Maybe you're in a relationship but you're tired of feeling alone.

The love star is going to change to a new direction this year, and everything will be bathed in a rosy glow because the 4 star of romance is headed a friendly sector. 

This star will bring love and romance to 2017 in a way that we haven't seen in a long, long time.

If you have kids, I have great news. The education and achievement star will shine brightly in 2017. The year of the rooster is a great time to see your kids move ahead quickly and succeed in school like they never have.

Remember when you and your sweetie looked at each other tenderly? This star will help you find that feeling again. Maybe you've been alone a long time. This is the year you could find someone. Or, get engaged ....even married.

The Year of the Rooster is the year to publish your book, begin your new website or teach a class.

2017 is Completely Outlined for You in The 2017 Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack

The 2017 Success Pack is available by download so you can be reading it in minutes and maximizing your feng shui for the year immediately

This past year has been difficult. Everyone is tired, frustrated and, many, are flat-out annoyed, or worse…hopeless. 

The 2017 Reigning Star is like a diamond in the sky this year. It will bring opportunity, income and transformation. If you’re ready to head into an all-new year, you'll love the Year of the Rooster.

I'm here to tell you that 2017 is going to be so much better.

In the Year of the Rooster, families will have opportunities drop from the sky like pearls from heaven as the 8 Wealth Water Star moves into a beautiful new location. 

Ready to make some SERIOUS money and take a HUGE leap forward? 

You'll want to read my full feng shui fashion forecast with the long awaited handbag colors and the 2017 colors that protect you -- and how to make the year's colors work financial magic with 2017's energies.  

But that's not'll learn which gems, clothes and shoe colors to use all year long and some terrific style advice that combines great fashion with feng shui. 

Every zodiac sign has a complete outline of colors to wear and months to look for love, money and fortune. 

You'll want to hit the mall to keep your feng shui fashion humming all year long! 

The Success Pack Is Information You Can Trust

I won't make the mistake of missing the Success Pack this year!!

I made the mistake of missing the Success Pack last year. It was one of the worst of my life. That won’t happen this year. I’ll be making up this year for what I didn’t do last year by buying the Success Pack! 

Natalie B. – Tampa, FL 

I'm convinced! After 7 straight years of buying the Success Pack I wouldn't dream of starting another year without it. 

I’ve bought the Success Pack for the past seven years. It starts my New Year every year. I wouldn’t dream of starting another year without it! I’m convinced it’s saved me and my family from severe problems. Thank you Katie! 

Caroline S. – Seattle, WA 

Why buy the Red Lotus Letter Success Pack?

Because I've stuffed all kinds of details into this year's forecast so you can get everything in ONE PLACE. 

There's no having to buy one report, another book, a different calendar and then trying to piece it all together to make sense...and then buy a zillion different new cures to make it all "activated."  

You'll learn how to do everything simply and easily in the Success Pack. 

And it's all in one eBook, just waiting for you. 

The Red Lotus Success Pack is a juicy, meaty feng shui publication that doesn't skimp on details or make you buy yet another piece to make it all fit together and create a single picture. 

You get it ALL in the Success Pack.

In ONE place.

I don't know about you, but I get annoyed when I get information doled out one drop at a time. Frankly, it frustrates me. 

Could I make more money piece-mealing you one thing at a time? Yes, but that's not how I work. 

When I send out the Red Lotus Letter you receive meaty, valuable information. Not "tips" surrounded by ad after ad for my latest class, seminar, or dozens of books and publications. 

Yes, I get those emails, too. I read them and they don't work to inform you. They work to sell you. 

I'm more about giving you the information to the point that you have a clear picture and understanding of exactly what you need to do. 

Some annual "feng shui" books are so far removed from feng shui that they amount to expanded horoscope books so broken up that you can't make heads or tails about what you're supposed to do about your house

How does that help you? 

You're left scratching your head wondering how to handle the negative energy hitting your bedroom, or your front door, or your living room...

Look, we all have houses and our homes can either help us or stand in our way every year. That's something you can do something about. 

You can't wear 44 different amulets and display plaques for every member of your house. 

You have ONE house and ONE bedroom...that's what you want help with. 

And that's what I give you -- HELP. Real, bonafide actionable help to get you through the year with your health, your wealth and your happiness in tact.

Is your bedroom the source of your problems? 

It could be. 

Not feeling so lucky in the bedroom? Ok I’m joking here but the energy of the bedroom is so important in feng shui and I can’t emphasize that enough. 

For instance, the Bedroom Luck Analysis in the forecast tells you exactly what you need because it's so important to understand the energies when you are the most vulnerable (that's when you sleep) -- to energies both good and bad. You need to know what to expect. Sometimes your year is dictated more about where you sleep than where your front door faces! 

It's that important. That's why this section is in there. 

And there's more about the New Moons and Mercury won't be caught unprepared this year. 

That's why you should buy the Success Pack NOW -- you don't want to miss anything for the year to come. 

In past years, I've priced the Success Pack at $47.... 

But it's an even more incredible BARGAIN this year.

I've never wanted price to stand in the way of anyone buying the Success Pack. 

And because it’s only available as a download, as soon as you buy it, you can be reading it instantly. 

The Success Pack is more than just a book. 

It's a guide for you life this year. 

There's plenty of detailed information in here, too. 

Don't worry though....I break up the Success Pack into three separate downloads to make it easier to print (I also include permissions for you to print a copy send the download to your local office supply store to print and bind if you like a printed document, without having to worry about copyright problems). 

In the 2017 Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack You’ll Receive: 

Year of the Rooster QUICK START Guide — an easy step-by-step outline of observing the Chinese New Year and when to make changes around your home and office 

• The 2017 Red Lotus Letter Success Pack Year of the Rooster Forecast eBook 

• The House Facing Direction Luck Analysis for all house directions for 2017 

Full Annual Feng Shui Report with a sector by sector analysis 

Important 5 and 2 Star location tables for each month to track the serious energies in 2017 (use this to highlight the months when the 5/2 stars come to your bedroom or front door) 

Water Star 8 Locations for the entire year to tap the wealth in every corner of your home. 

Bedroom Luck Analysis -- this important section explains what you need to know for each bedroom location and its effect on your feng shui 

Annual Teleseminar -- You'll receive an invitation to the highly anticipated annual teleseminar and an MP3 download  

PLUS The Red Lotus Letter Success Pack ACTION GUIDE that includes...

A full year of Full New Moon wishes worksheets to write your wishes each month that includes the dates and times of each month’s new moons 

Your Annual Goals Sheets – with PERSONAL VISION and GOALS PLANNERS to keep you on track all year. 

Your Personal Mastery Sheet to help you identify the three areas that prevent your success 

Financial Mastery Sheet to help you become the master of your financial destiny 

A FULL Year of Monthly Flying Star movements 

NEW! Your Home's Feng Shui Action Plan -- pinpoint the EXACT areas in your home and life you want to improve 


The FengShui Insider. This is an all new membership program that offers brings you some of the most requested feng shui services, like...

Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes. Ever wondered what your month looked like personally? These monthly horoscopes will go out each month to update every zodiac sign on what to expect for love, money and health. The horoscope section of the Success Pack has been such a big hit that readers asked for a monthly horoscope. All Feng Shui Insiders will find out each month what their sign needs to know to make the most of each month or how to dodge any problems.

Timely New Moon Notices. We've heard you! You want the New Moon notices to come right before the New Moon so you never miss the chance to make your New Moon wishes. These notices will come to your email inbox a few days before the New Moon so you'll never miss out on making your wishes for the month.

Monthly Flying Stars. These notices come directly to your email inbox every month and always include details on what to expect, how to minimize problems and accentuate good fortune stars. Valuable insights and warnings help you stop problems from occurring and create new opportunities for love, opportunities, and improved income. You know how you've come to expect that monthly update to keep you in the know about what to expect in the month ahead!

Special Offers. You'll be the first to know about all Sales, Special Offers and Promotions and receive offers reserved only for FengShui Insiders!

So, Let's Recap. What Do You Get in Your 2017 Success Pack?

#1. 2017 Feng Shui Forecast e-Book ($97 value)

150+ pages of details on all the energies for 2017 and what to expect, how to handle negative energy, and how to tap the WEALTH, prosperity, and FAME and ROMANCE energy for the year.

As part of the Success Pack, you also receive the ACTION GUIDE and my annual feng shui teleseminar. It's much more than just an e-book! 

Wondering how to diagram your house? Or, how should you prepare for the Chinese New's all in my Feng Shui Reference Manual -- a valuable book of tables, dates and details and tools that comes with EVERY Success Pack purchase, so there's no guess work to understand your zodiac sign, find your kua number or what to do when you can't activate a portion of your house -- it's all in the Reference Manual.

#2. Your 2017 House Luck & Bedroom Analysis ($27 value) 

What can you expect for you home and the energy it will have this year. It helps you to plan and know what to expect…. it’s a powerful report for all 8 facing directions. This explains what to expect for the year and how to go about handling the good, the bad, and the REALLY GREAT energy that makes you wealthy, famous, and attractive to others. Read both the analyses for the FACING and SITTING direction of your home to get an even greater understanding of the energies facing your home this year and how to make the most of the Year of the Rooster.

#3. FENG SHUI FOR 2017 Teleseminar and FREE Audio Download ($47 value)

When you buy my annual forecast, you’re also invited to join me for a live call on the important details of the year. This is a popular teleseminar is one of readers’ most favorite parts of the Success Pack. You’ll get all the insider details about the Year of the Rooster and how to improve your love life, your career, make more money, and be happier. 

After the teleseminar, we’ll send you a link to download the audio so you can listen to it in your car, or at work and get the full scoop on making the most of the Year of the Rooster. You can download it to your MP3 player, listen on your computer or burn it to a CD. Listen to it all year long for more insights and help on making this a brilliant year and helping you to stay in top of everything you need to know. 

#4. 2017 Flying Star Monthly Calendar ($27 value) 

Stay up to date on all the energy changes for the entire year. This monthly calendar gives you the POWER SPOTS of feng shui energy for each month of 2017. Each page tells you how to get the most out of every month and where the best energy can be found for love, money, health and opportunities.

#5. House Renovation Charts Help You See Your Home's Luck At A Glance ($27 value) 

Each year the Annual Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack comes with an ANNUAL FENG SHUI chart, the RENOVATIONS AFFLICTIONS chart, and the ANNUAL AFFLICTIONS TABLE. These give you the feng shui of the year at a glance. Best of all, you can print them and see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home.

#6. FREE ANNUAL TELESEMINAR ($47 value) — a Reader Favorite for 12 years! 

When you buy the Success Pack, you'll be invited to my annual teleseminar. If you can't attend, we'll send you the link so you can download the audio to your MP3 player or phone and get all the juicy details abou the year ahead. 

Readers love the Success Pack.

Best 3 years I've had in DECADES thanks Katie! 

My life was turned upside down until I found Katie and the Red Lotus Letter. I've faithfully followed her annual suggestions every year for the past three years… and they’ve been the best three years I’ve had in DECADES.

Norma W. – Kansas City, MO

If you are wondering whether you should buy the Success Pack, let me just say, don’t wait. Buy it. It’s the best way I know to stop problems and make the year work for me in health, love and making my income secure. You could say Katie’s annual forecasts are like my lottery ticket.

Madeline R. – Rochester, NY

Readers love the Success Pack.


If you'd like feng shui advice you can count on, have it all in one place, and keep you updated every month, all year long, buy the 2017 Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack. 

I want to help you make 2017 the most successful, happiest, love-filled and opportunity-packed year you’ve had in a LONG time.

That's Over $200 in Value

for only $34.97 $20.17!


This is a digital product 

This Year You Have 2 Ways to Buy the Success Pack 


Success Pack 

  • Complete forecast for all house directions 
  • Complete forecast for all bedroom directions 
  • Complete forecast for all zodiac signs 
  • Annual Teleseminar and MP3 of what to expect in 2017 
  • A Full YEAR of Flying Star Charts 
  • All 12 Month New Moons 
  • Complete Analysis of all Afflictions & How to Remedy Them 
  • Complete Analysis of all FORTUNE Stars and How to TAP them for love, health, and money 
  • Action Guide that comes with Goal Setting Forms for Planning Your Year 
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual 

Price: $34.97 





Success Pack + FengShui Insider Monthly Membership 

  • Complete forecast for all house directions 
  • Complete forecast for all bedroom directions 
  • Complete forecast for all zodiac signs 
  • Annual Teleseminar and MP3 of what to expect in 2017 
  • A Full YEAR of Flying Star Charts 
  • All 12 Month New Moons 
  • Complete Analysis of all Afflictions & How to Remedy Them 
  • Complete Analysis of all FORTUNE Stars and How to TAP them for love, health, and money 
  • Action Guide that comes with Goal Setting Forms for Planning Your Year 
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual 



  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscope emails 
  • Timely Monthly New Moon Notices emails 
  • Monthly Flying Star Notices emails 
  • Unsubscribe at any time 

Price: $34.97 

$20.17 + $4.99 per month