Feng Shui Consultant Course and Training


Would you like to learn how to become a feng shui consultant making an extra $1,000 a month (or more)?

I’m ready to teach you everything I learned when I made feng shui into my career — and what I’ve learned about a career in feng shui and creating a profitable, thriving feng shui business.

You’ve probably thought about it a long time and even spent time online searching for feng shui consultant training. Wouldn’t you like this year to be the year you took that step and began working as a feng shui consultant?

If you’re ready, I’d like to personally teach you feng shui.

Feng shui is often very confusing and my readers have asked me to teach a course in feng shui because of the way I can take feng shui’s difficult and esoteric ideas and make them easy to understand and learn.

Maybe you’re confused about how to start your feng shui consulting business. How do you get it going? What do you need to do first — get a logo, get a website? Then, how much should you charge? And what should you provide your clients? The Red Lotus Master Consultant Course covers these topics and more to help you get firmly established in your feng shui business.

This course is perfect for anyone who is seriously interested in gaining a good working knowledge of feng shui, either to enhance their own homes or to use as a foundational experience and knowledge in feng shui — to help them not just begin their career in feng shui, but start their feng shui consulting business.

Now you can learn feng shui for fun or profit. 

This Feng Shui Master Consultant Course Provides: 

1. A carefully designed, high-quality privately-taught feng shui experience
2. Increased focus and clarity of feng shui via this one-on-one intensive course
3. An intense yet supportive classroom experience
4. Total immersion in feng shui ideas, concepts, and foundation
5. Detailed information on how to begin your feng shui practice and business.
6. Full disclosure on how I started and began my feng shui business.

The Red Lotus Master Consultant Course will be held this fall in an exciting location.

The Red Lotus Master Consultant Course can help you move ahead in your life as a Master Consultant and give you the confidence to practice feng shui competently and be paid like the professional you are.

This is not just a feng shui class that rehashes 5 Element Theory. 

It is a class on what a Master Feng Shui Consultant needs to know — like how to write a report, how to present yourself to clients that gives them (and you) confidence in your work,  what to charge and how to get paid.  And, I’ll give you tools and tips to help you make complicated feng shui easier and faster to practice.

Are you working as a consultant already and barely making ends meet? 

If you’re tired of working yourself to the bone and not making anything for it, I’ll show you how to be a consultant who works with integrity and eats, too. You’ll get real-world, down to earth, and, yes, frank and candid, talk about what being a consultant is all about.

I’ll share with you how I started my own business , what I did in the beginning, and how my little feng shui Ezine began in 2002 with only 22 subscribers (mostly family and friends). But now, my business is growing and I want to help you help others as a feng shui consultant — and have a life too.

Ready?  Start by reading my free 28 Page Ebook:  How to Be a Successful Feng Shui Consultant

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