Creating Wealth Chi – Energizing your home with wealth symbols

By Kathryn Weber

Peacock feathers are great symbols of wealth and success.

Peacock feathers are great symbols of wealth and success.

Our homes, like our dreams, speak in symbols. The art, the symbols, shapes, and colors we surround ourselves with at home tells a story of our lives.

Mine speaks to a love of travel and does so in the artwork that I’ve collected from around the world. It’s important that we place objects and items in our house that inspire and motivate us.

We need items that make us feel good and help us move forward in life and lift up our energy.

Clutter has way of pressing down that energy. When we fill our homes with excess stuff we have to ask ourselves what is it we are avoiding.

Open space can be intimidating and clutter fills space. Keeping excess stuff, especially collections, puts distance between us and our feelings or keeps us from intimate relationships because things can quickly and rapidly take the place of people — and even keep us from ourselves.

In the process of removing the excess stuff in your life, you don’t just find space, you’ll find yourself.

It’s good feng shui to use auspicious symbols and enhancers around your home or office. This is a great way to lift the energy of your home and your life. But you must have the space for it first. If you place a beautiful symbol in your home in the midst of clutter and excess, you will miss the effect and the ability of the symbol to work its magic for you.

As I write this, I am sitting on the balcony of a beautiful hotel room. What strikes me is that the garden beyond the balcony is a mix of open spaces and gardens, with broad lawns and curving gardens that allow energy to gather and flow. The waterfall flows and water gurgles in the pool.

It’s because of the open, neat, and restrained landscape that the cascading water of the pool becomes more prominent. When you clear the excess from your home, any symbols and beautiful elements you place there will become not only more noticeable but more potent in your life.

Add symbols for wealth and prosperity around your home and garden. When your whole space is energized, it becomes magnetic to wealth.

Use these 6 ideas to boost the wealth chi in your home

1. Add a water source
Water is vital for attracting and stimulating wealth. Even a simple urn with a pump can bring beautiful, positive “sheng chi” — the kind of chi that attracts prosperity to a home.

2. Look for symbols to add to your entrance
My own front door has a mat that evokes the mystic knot — a symbol of enduring love, wealth and abundant opportunities. This simple mat was bought at Lowe’s for $20 — but the opportunities it’s brought have been worth much, much more!

3. Use Chinese coins.
These are the round coins with the square hole in the middle and Chinese script on one side. Place these coins in your business or money files, tape them to a phone and carry them in your purse or wallet. Place an auspicious number of coins under your mattress to stimulate wealth and let you sleep on top of wealth energy! Use your imagination to use these, just make sure you put the Chinese script side up…not the underside… and tie them with red ribbon to “activate” them.

4. Place water symbols prominently
Water equals wealth. You’ve heard me say that over and over. Place pictures of water, ships, and fish in important areas. Avoid placing any water elements in bedrooms, though. Pictures of sailing ships at the entrance to your office or home (with the ships appearing to sail into the room) are especially good harbingers of good career and money news!

5. Dress up
Dressing in a more elegant and refined way gets you better treatment at stores, airports, hotels, restaurants — and treated like a person of prominence. Start being — and looking — like what you aspire to! Here’s the great thing — you just have to look the part. You don’t have to spend a wad on designer duds. As long as your look says “prosperous” that’s all that matters.

6. Tap the phoenix
The phoenix bird brings wonderful opportunities as it is the “God of the Four Winds.” The phoenix will magnify your potential for success and draw others to you who can see your magnificence — and that attracts prosperity. Place the phoenix or other beautiful bird (rooster, peacock) on the south corner of your desk or in your office or living room, or place a small boulder out the front of your house to resemble a footstool — this taps the phoenix celestial guardian of your home and raises your good name and brings more opportunities to you.


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