Feng Shui Helps Cure Illness Energy, Keeps You Well


Feng shui can offer potent ways to prevent illness

Many people think of feng shui as a technique that can help them to make their space more comfortable, more productive, and more prosperous. But you can use feng shui to improve your health and keep you from falling sick.

Feng shui is based on energy.

And, we all know from our basic grade-school science classes that energy is constantly moving and changing. Therefore, feng shui is constantly moving and changing.

Because of this movement of energy (think of undulating radio waves that bounce through the air and bring us our favorite music stations), it can create prosperity, good relationships, and good health. But, for every positive there is a negative.

Practice protective feng shui first

Positive and negative, like male and female, and inextricably tied. They cannot be separated. So, you must be aware that while you can use feng shui to enhance your space for the positive benefits, you can also be subject to negative energy, and feng shui can help you to keep it from harming you.

In fact, this is what’s called “protective feng shui” and it is the number one rule of practice in feng shui. Feng shui should always be employed first and foremost to keep you and your loved ones from harm.

This is especially true if the energy is located in an area where someone is recovering from illness, or if there is an elderly, young child, or pregnant woman located here. Why? Because these are the people who are most susceptible to negative energy and therefore require the most protection.

Defining feng shui illness energy

There are several types of illness energy that can cause problems for you. These are often associated with the directions they come from and from the energies that move into different areas of the house from year to year. Here’s a quick rundown:

5 Yellow

This energy flies around to the various directions (north, south, southeast, northwest, etc.) and can cause serious health problems, particularly with the heart, spine, and bones. It will also cause problems associated with the various directions. For instance, the east is associated with the foot and legs. It can also cause general sickness.

If combined with the 2 black, it can cause serious life-threatening illnesses like heart failure or cancer. If the 5 Yellow is located here, you could suffer from a broken foot or leg. Metal objects, such as windchimes and lucky Chinese coins (6 on a red string), a laughing Buddha figure, and lush plants can help to offset the negative energy.

2 Black

The number 2 illness star can create problems for the liver, stomach, and reproductive area. If the illness star flies into the west, it can create problems for the mouth and illnesses will begin there. In the northwest, it would affect the head, but it could also affect the head and the stomach region, simultaneously. Metal windchimes (6-rods, hollow), lush plants, and 6 Chinese coins on red string are excellent ways to control the negative energy of the 2 black star.

3 Jade

This star can be deadly when it is combined with the 2 star. It can cause problems with slander, gossip, and scandal. For health, it will hurt the limbs, particularly the hands, feet, arms, legs, toes, and fingers. Red objects and bright lights are excellent cures for the 3 Jade star in the sector it flies into.

What to do when the illness energy affects you

If the illness energy is at your front door, don’t use it and use another door instead. If it is in your bedroom, try to relocate your bedroom. Always try to employ remedies, such as color or elements (bright lights, metal objects, etc.) wherever the negative energy resides. If there is a large cabinet, closet, bathroom, or storeroom close by, you can possibly “lock up” the negative energy — so count yourself lucky if you have one of those situations.

When to watch for their energy: Annually, Monthly, and Natally

The five yellow and 2 illness stars are the most serious of all. Each year, I update this information so you can follow where the energy is located and make the appropriate corrrections for the year. Be sure to check the annual feng shui every year and make the appropriate remedies. You can also follow where the energy flies each month by looking at monthly flying star charts. These can tell you each month exactly what areas to avoid and how to handle the negative energy.

Flying Star Charts: The natal — or birth chart — for your home

Another way to know where the negative energy stars are located is to have a flying star chart cast for your particular home. This is cast using the date of construction and last renovations for your particular house. You may want to consider having a flying star chart for your home so you’ll know where the negative energy in your home resides.

If you are interested in building a home, it’s wise to have a flying star consultation for your home so you can plan storerooms, bathrooms, and closets for the areas with the negative energy and plan your dining rooms, bedrooms, and living areas for the areas where prosperous, beneficial energy resides — and to keep illness energy from sidelining you and your family.



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