Feng Shui Aquariums — Guidelines for Wealth

By Kathryn Weber

Ttropical freshwater aquarium with fishes


Water is one of the elements few homes have. Sure, most homes a bathroom and kitchen with faucets, showers, toilets and baths are common. But that’s draining water. What’s uncommon to find is generating water – in feng shui, that’s the water that’s found in ponds, streams, fountains, swimming pools and aquariums.

And while building and maintaining a swimming pool, pond or fountain can be time consuming and expensive, having an aquarium doesn’t have to be. Better still is the fact that in feng shui an aquarium is one of the best activators for wealth there is!

Following these recommendations will help you to place your aquarium correctly and see the flow of wealth into your life greatly improve.

  • Create a beautiful bubbling aquarium. Purchase an aquarium that is the correct size for your home or office. Too small will bring little money, too big is overwhelming. Make sure the aquarium is suitable for keeping fish alive and has a good oxygenation system that bubbles and activates the water – and keeps the fish healthy, too.
  • Add beautiful plants, stones and embellishments. Creating a beautiful aquarium brings beautiful wealth energy to your home and office, so be sure to enhance the aquarium with plants and pretty stones. Another great idea? Put a beautiful image behind the aquarium that can be seen through the glass.
  • Enhance wealth with a water dragon. Dragons love to be around water and adding a dragon to your aquarium will bring wonderful growth and wealth energy to your aquarium. Just make sure that the dragon is made specifically for aquariums and won’t harm your fish.
  • Select beautiful fish. Whether you choose fresh water or salt water fish, is up to you. Just make sure that they are suited to one another. Select the prettiest and healthiest fish that you can find. Even colorful guppies can be good feng shui.

The Chinese word for goldfish is “chin-yu”, which translates to “gold abundance.” In feng shui, goldfish attract wealth in abundance.

  • Keep auspicious fish numbers. If you want a traditional feng shui aquarium, stock it with eight gold fish and one black gold fish, for nine total fish. The eight gold or red and one black fish gives precious yang energy go the aquarium and the black fish is a touch of yin. The number is also a number of prosperity. Try to stock your aquarium with numbers in multiples of 9, making sure they can live together in your aquarium.
  • Maintain your aquarium. An aquarium that is dirty or that is not regularly maintained will bring ill health and financial difficulties to your home or office. Always make sure you have a topnotch filtration system to keep the water clear. Make sure it is bright, clean and clear at all times to activate good, clean, and vibrant financial energy.
  • Place your aquarium correctly. Water is best when placed near the front of the house, especially when it’s close to the front door. Seeing water at the front door is a wonderful wealth activator. Other good locations include the north sector of career and generating wealth, southeast sector of accumulated wealth, and east sector of health and family growth, and in the southwest sector. You can also place the aquarium wherever the 1 star flies to boost it’s money-generating energy. In 2014, the 1 star is in the southwest, in 2015 the 1 star will be in the east.
  • Where not to place your aquarium. As important as it is to place your aquarium in the right place, it’s equally important you don’t put it in the wrong place. The wrong places include the kitchen, the bedroom, or a bathroom. Adding water to these locations brings financial and health hardships. It’s also not a good idea to place an aquarium in the south corner of your living room or home as this can hinder your success.

Copyright Kathryn Weber. All rights reserved.

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  • herman radjimin

    i like the article very much…..very good……Kathryn Weber smart and very beautiful………

  • herman radjimin goh

    i like the article .
    very good……thank you…….

  • treacy

    Very important information, ESPECIALLY making sure that the aquarium is not too small and has an effective filtration system. I made the mistake of thinking I could put 9 tiny comet goldfish in a large fishbowl with just an airstone. What a nightmare. Comets are very dirty little fish, and within days I had a stinking mess on my hands. In one month, three of the comets died, probably due to overcrowding, and each sad demise resulted in a 20 mile drive to the pet store- at least $10.00 worth of gas each trip to replace a 14 cent fish. Hardly conducive to attracting wealth and abundance!

  • Poulomee

    I have been reading your pages. Thanks for the important information. I have been looking to place an aquarium (4ft in length) for career and the confusion and problem I have is that my house is north facing. I have a large entrance door to the north. While we do not use that door too often as we use a door at the side which is practically the entrance door to the house. Now placing the aquarium to the north exactly is not possible. I can place it in the corner like a little north east. But my confusion now is that it is not good to place water (fountain or aquarium) to the right side of the door. The other option I have is to the left of the door (the other side) but that may become a little north west. Not sure what to do. Really appreciate if you could suggest because a 4 feet long big aquarium is very difficult to be moved again and again. Thank you in advance. Poulomee

  • redlotusletter

    Poulomee — go ahead and place it to the left of the door as you look out of it. Don’t over think it about putting it there. If it’s close to north that’s what matters. Good luck to you!

  • Manuel GenMari Fornea Guinto

    I am planning to get a 75gal aquarium and a silver arowana in it. I love this fish so much that’s why I need to get one. However, I’m way clueless on where to put it in my house.. Did checked the southeast part of our house and it ends up under the stairs to our 2nd floor.. My question will be, Is it ok to put the aquarium under the stairs? Thanks!

  • Subhasree Paul

    Hi,I am putting up in rented flat where we have only two bedroom would you plaese guide me where to put my aquarium.

  • Jas

    First of all this site is amazing and provide good amount of information for people who want to get things right which are not using Fen Shui.
    Quick history- I have aquarium from last 4 years and maintained it with 8 gold fishes and one black(dont know the name). Last year (Dec) blunder happened and I lost my job and thing went haywire. At this time I was in deep debt and was not competent enough to maintain the aquarium. Jobless for 8 months finally got a job this June. Now by god’s grace things are working fine. Things are still in line and getting sorted. At this time I met someone who have Fish selling business. He suggested to keep Arowana (Silver/Gold) for wealth and career. Currently I have 2 sharks in my aquarium.
    Please suggest is it ok to keep one Arowana any color? Where I can place the aquarium? Its a 2 bedroom aprtment (rented). Right now its placed on left hand side when we enter from main door/right side when we look out. Current position is NW 330 degrees.
    Just to mention it has been there for 4 years now, first 3 years money flowed like anything, you know never counted and never knew where I kept it. The last year all wealth went away and it affects your family life also.

    Please help and suggest how I should go about this. I am not asking I get those days back but at least things which turned upside down should get sorted.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • sribk

    Even I too had the same experience … Finally ended up with a permamnent solution to have 55 galon tank, Fluval water filter for 70 gallon (for better filtration), vacation feeder type fish food( not the flakes which makes glass cloudy). Try out it really works !!!

  • TA

    I have an aquaponics aquarium and the only place where i can put the grow light is on the corner of my booth table in the kitchen. The booth is in the center of the house, but the top of the L shaped kitchen. How can I counter the effects? (It’s against the west wall on the south side and gets eastern exposure).

  • redlotusletter

    I’m not sure that it’s a problem…so there’s nothing to fix. :)

  • TA

    Thank you! I don’t want to hurt the occupants since they’re doing so well there. (betta, dwarf African frogs, snails, ghost shrimp, and cherry shrimp. Not to mention the basil plants).

  • Madz Gomez

    is it better to put the aquarium indoor than outdoor. i am a 1962 tiger but my sucess dirextion is not suitable for the aquarium my north is in the kitchen which is my success direction. my outdoor is sw,s,se facing. my NE is in the Bedroom so is my East. where can i put my arowana and flowerhorn.