Success & Self Improvement

Feng shui creates the kind of energy that is supportive and nurturing. The air of achievement blossoms in a house that’s activated with feng shui. Learn how feng shui can propel your personal rise toward more success, prestige and personal fulfillment.

7 Feng Shui Tips for Making New Friends

By Kathryn Weber One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. It’s one of the aspirations of feng shui – the gift and wealth of having friends and enjoying an active social life. This area is reflected in the south sector of the house. This sector also refers to the fame and recognition area of the home, as well as your reputation and family name. Having friends to do fun things with, share your troubles with and who you enjoy being with … [Read more...]

Feng Raise Your Sights — The Feng Shui of Views that Can Change Your Life

retro style

By Kathryn Weber Put your back into it. Keep your nose to the grindstone. These pithy sayings are meant to instill the value of consistent work effort. And, for the most part they're true, because consistent work pays off, but sometimes when you're busy looking down all the time, you lose sight of where you're going. Feng shui offers us an opportunity to lift our eyes and create movement in our lives instead of drudgery, or worse, the … [Read more...]

PURPLE POWER – 8 Ways the Color Purple Can Help You Bring More Success, Love, and Wealth

by Kathryn Weber Purple is a potent color. In every society, purple holds a special place, and a special meaning. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci believed meditating in a lavender or purple-colored light was improved by a factor of 10. Purple is associated with wealth, nobility, stature, religion, piety, magic, and sexuality. Purple is mixture of soothing, calm blue with boisterous, energetic red. Purple is associated with royalty. It … [Read more...]

The Phoenix Footstool – The Feng Shui Symbol of Material Comforts and Success


By Kathryn Weber In feng shui, the ideal position for a house embodies what’s called the “armchair” position. This position has a rise at the rear of the house, and the left or east side of the house is higher than the right side of the house, as you are looking out from the front of the house. Many feng shui devotees know about the importance of the supportive cosmic tortoise that is represented by the rise at the rear of the house. This … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Tips to Fulfill Your Wishes

wishing tree

By Kathryn Weber Feng shui is often thought of as a way to arrange our environments, and it is. But it can also be used to symbolize our intentions. This type of symbolic feng shui is very much like vision boards – creating a dream you have using images to symbolize your deepest desires. But rather than a flat vision, this is a three-dimensional item that represents your goals and ambitions. Look at the feng shui ideas below for ways you can … [Read more...]

7 Feng Shui Ways to Change Your Life and Luck


  By Kathryn Weber Feng shui is all about creating flow, energy, finding balance and unstopping blockages. This is true for your personal space, your office, your home, and, well, you. You have energy (or maybe you don't) and that energy impacts the way the world responds to you in the form of career, prosperity, health, wisdom, love, and happiness. Applying feng shui to yourself is just as important as applying it to a home … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Birds Make Good News, Wishes, and Love Flock to You

The phoenix brings opportunities that have financial benefits

  By Kathryn Weber Some might say feng shui is for the birds -- but they'd be wrong. Birds are for feng shui! There are few creatures in the world that inspire the envy of man, but birds do. With their ability to soar and fly above the trees and among the clouds, it’s no surprise.  They are loved for their beautiful, bright plumage and their sweet songs that remind us that winter will soon be leaving. We admire their faith and loyalty as … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui of Your Handwriting and Signature


By Kathryn Weber In feng shui, you can look at someone’s office and home and often see the level of success they enjoy. But can you take those same traits and apply it to something more personal, like your handwriting? Just like there’s a flow and movement that translate into qualities in your life, there’s flow of handwriting that can indicate – and even influence -- personal qualities. The art of handwriting analysis, graphology, is much … [Read more...]

Can’t Get Anything Done? Feng Shui for Adult ADHD Helps You Accomplish More

Even if you don't have ADHD/ADD, using strategies for ADD can help you get out from under

  By Kathryn Weber ADHD is a neurological condition that is marked by mental difficulties such as impulsiveness, disorganization, easy distraction, inattention and problems focusing or completing tasks. It can also be accompanied by hyperactivity and mood swings. Many adults have this and just chalk it up to being a disorganized person who can't finish anything, but that's far from the truth. ADD and ADHD are confirmed … [Read more...]

Your Feng Shui Personality – Should You Follow Your Zodiac Sign or Kua Number?


  By Kathryn Weber QUESTION:  I was born January 14, 1966 at 7:30 am. I am a west group person with a 7 kua number. I am also a wood snake. Should I decorate my bedroom in blue colors to feed my wood snake energies – or will that hurt my kua number? I’m confused about what I should follow  -- my personal feng shui or my personal zodiac sign. Can you help me? This is a typical question that comes in my email inbox and I thought it … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui of Letting Go — How to Shift Your Energy When You’re Stuck in a Negative Spiral

Feng shui helps you interrupt energy to stop a downward spiral

  By Kathryn Weber When it comes to feng shui and our lives we sometimes have to stop or interrupt the flow of energy that's taking us in a negative direction. That's because when life isn't going the way we want, it could be a simple case of energy flow. For example, a key feng shui principle is very similar to the physics principle of a body in motion stays in motion, or, in other words, energy continues to go where energy is … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui Detective — How to Uncover and Remove Obstacles to Success with Feng Shui

Blockages in your feng shui can create blockages and frustration in your life

  By Kathryn Weber Success has a number of definitions. For some it’s a one hundred foot yacht anchored off the Riviera. For others, it’s a tidy nest egg for retirement. For some, success can range from finding a job, getting pregnant, kicking an addiction, or simply feeling like there’s a flow again in life and you don’t have to roll a boulder up a hill every day. Feng shui is one of the life skills that can help you find those … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Lucky Relationship Stars – Finding and Activating for Wealth and Happiness

Mountain star energies represents the wealth of happy, harmonious relationships with others

  By Kathryn Weber There is no doubt that without love and happiness in our lives, there is no wealth. Only when we have good relationships and harmonious feelings with our friends, family, spouses and partners, do we feel our happiest. It’s this happiness in our relationships with others that creates contentedness with life, ability to move smoothly up the ladder of success -- and often means that we are rewarded financially and … [Read more...]