Feng Shui Services

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If you have a feng shui need, Katie is available to help you in her down-to-earth style. She practices traditional Chinese feng shui and delivers the same type of feng shui here in America that you’d readily find in Asia. Her work is complemented by her use of a luo pan, the authentic feng shui compass that traditional Asian feng shui masters use. Based in Austin, Texas, she serves clients all over Texas and the world.

Here are some of the services she offers:

Personal Home Consultation and Consulting


Katie can help you with your home’s design phase by selecting & placing important rooms where they will be most beneficial and auspicious for your particular situations


Katie will give you a one hour telephone feng shui consultation or you may arrange for her to be at your home.


If you are looking for a new place to live, or moving your business, Katie can help you to find the one that will be right for you. She can help you narrow down the search and analyze the property.


Katie will spend an entire day with you, training, consulting, coaching or advising. Please send an email to inquire about rates. The day is 6-8 hours. Fee does not include travel and hotel expenses.

Business consulting 

This service available for any size business, in-person or via phone.  

Personal coaching

This option  is particularly helpful for those who want to move ahead in life, and in particular, with helping feng shui consultants get their practices up and running.

Speaking and training

Do you have an interior design or architecture firm? Maybe you’re a landscape architect who wants to incorporate feng shui into your designs. Katie is available to speak to your group and can offer feng shui training or a presentation explaining important differences and foundational concepts that allow designers and architects use feng shui in an authentic way that’s focuses on practicality more than esoterics.

If you’re interested in speaking with Katie personally please send an email here

For more about Katie, please see her media page.