Feng Shui for Betrayal, Jealousy and Deceit — 9 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Name

By Kathryn Weber

gossipIt’s frustrating when you become ill and annoying when finances are tight, but few things compare to the feeling of betrayal by a friend or the hurt that comes when someone has attacked your character or maligned you in some way.

When a friend lets you down, the feeling of shock and disappointment can be hard to bounce back from.

Even the green-eyed monster of jealousy can make you feel vulnerable and disillusioned.

A good example is when someone secretly covets a pretty necklace that you’re wearing, you might find the necklace breaks or that you lose it. You could also be the subject of gossip and politicking at work or in social circles.

Protecting yourself is critical and that’s where feng shui can help.

The Jade 3 star is an annual star that can cause all manner of problems. It’s just one source of jealous gossip and politicking. The 3 Killings can also cause legal problems, backstabbing and gossip. That’s why it’s so critical to face it each year because it’s a “sneaky” type of affliction associated with deceit and treachery. OK, not the Game of Thrones kind of treachery, but the kind that creates hurt feelings and drives a wedge into relationships.

Below are some feng shui remedies to help you in the face of betrayal and gossip.

1. Stimulate support luck. Offset negative tendencies of others by enhancing the earth element.  Be sure to add stones and earth elements in the center sector for firm financial luck. This will stimulate good relationships and support from others instead of idle gossip or ill intentions.

2. Burn up arguments. Wood is most known as the element of growth and stability. But every element has its positives and negatives. For wood, the negative quality is anger. This can cause unhappiness in love and relationships and create ill will. Perhaps worse still is the potential for legal problems that comes with the 3 Jade. Use red colors or place a coin sword here to stop gossip, slander, arguments and legal problems. In 2015, the Jade 3 is in the center sector — so it’s even more important to be prepared here because the center affects everyone in the house. In 2016, it’ll move to the northwest, and in 2017, it’ll visit the west.

3. Face your critics head on. Be sure to face north this year and do not sit with your back to the north or you will suffer from the 3 Killings affliction. By adding crystals to the south, such as crystal balls, you will help to smooth out ruffled feathers. Social contacts, bosses and managers will be more amiable and less critical.

4. Be careful of jealousy. Jealousy is a withering kind of emotion. It draws and drains your life force. It’s the way you feel when someone is staring at you when your back is turned. You can feel the burn of their gaze. Stop jealousy and envy with the evil eye. This is especially good to display if you have frequent problems with jealous friends or family members.

5. Burn up excess wood. Sometimes wood energy goes well past idle gossip and can become truly damaging. This is especially true when the damaging wood energy takes root and causes a lot of damage. The best way to handle the 3 star is to exhaust it by burning it up. A candle or bright light can stop this energy that can lead to legal tangles. If you have a front door that faces where the 3 Jade falls, it also helps hang an evil eye charm (these are famous protectors!) to give you protection from gossip or bad intentions.

6. Enlist a protector. If you were ever bullied as a child and a stronger, bigger child came to your aid, you’ll understand the energy I’m talking about here. Having a strong man whose fierceness gives you a measure of protection is the perfect protection against the 3 Killings, an energy that likes to sneak up on you and prey on your weakness.  Kwan Kong is a fierce general whose countenance is believed to ward off treachery and bad intentions merely by his look alone. Fu dogs and the fierce pi yao (good for protection and windfalls!) are also good guardians to post at the front door no matter which direction your door faces.

7. Stay strong. Ever have friends who are your friends, that is, until you have a problem? Health is wealth and sometimes when you’re not well, your friends can look down on you or suddenly disappear at the time you need them the most. Always carry a wuluo amulet to protect health (and wealth!) or have one next to your bedside.

8. Put a stop to slander. If your home, office, or bedroom are in the direction of the 7 Red star this could be a rough year. The 7 Red star of violence can cause problems that go beyond the traditional robbery and theft. The 7 is the number associated with the mouth and you might find that malicious gossip and scandalous things will be said about youas well as potential for  credit card fraud, robbery, or theft of your home. A blue rhinoceros or elephant figures can help protect you as can an evil eye amulet. At the office? Add a rooster on your desk to stop gossip. In 2015, the 7 Red is in the south and in 2016 it moves to the north. In 2017, it’ll visit the southwest.

9. Get better friends. If you find that your friends are really “frenemies”  then you’ll want to seek out those who support you. A good start is with your Chinese zodiac sign. You’ll want to choose friends whose horoscope signs are compatible with yours. Another is to carry an amulet of your horoscope allies.

Check the table below for the zodiac signs that support and encourage you.

Rat                  Dragon and Monkey
Ox                   Snake and Rooster
Tiger             Horse and Dog
Rabbit           Sheep and Pig
Dragon          Monkey and Rat
Snake             Rooster and Ox
Horse             Dog and Tiger
Sheep             Pig and Rabbit
Monkey        Rat and Dragon
Rooster         Ox and Snake
Dog                 Tiger and Horse
Pig                   Rabbit and Sheep


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