Feng Shui Fountains – Important Tips You Should Know About Fountains

Ho Tai Wealth Buddah FountainWe’ve all seen them, the ubiquitous “Zen” fountain. They sell everywhere… from department stores to drug stores, from garden centers to grocery stores. But, where do you put an indoor fountain? Where do you NOT put an indoor fountain? Where can an indoor fountain help you the most? Here is some basic information about indoor fountains, including information about fountains themselves, examples of good fountain choices, and some basic fountain do’s and don’ts.

Indoor Fountains 101:

1. Make sure that your fountain is large enough to hold enough water that it can go a day or two without refilling.

2. Keep the water in your fountain clean, clear, and flowing.

3. Use distilled (best choice) or bottled water ONLY in the fountain. Minerals, rust, and bacteria in tap water can corrode pumps and make the water nasty. At about .65 a gallon in the grocery store, it’s worth it to buy water. I only use about one gallon a week in my tabletop fountain.

4. Consider cannibalizing a fountain that runs out of water too quickly (which most boxed fountains are guilty of doing). Take out the pump and put it in a ceramic bowl that can hold a good amount of water.

Most of the time, the fountains that are sold only hold about 8 or 10 ounces of water and require refilling up to two times a day. Save yourself the headache of refilling by putting the pump in a large ceramic bowl (about 10″ across by 5 or 6 inches deep) with some rocks and then fill with water.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do put your fountain in the North sector of your house, office, or living room.

Do put your fountain at the front door, especially if it faces the North, East, or Southeast.

Do put a fountain in the East or Southeast portion of your home as these are compatible directions to the North, the direction of water.

Don’t put a fountain in a bedroom as this can cause problems with breathing, colds, and other ailments.

Don’t have a fountain where you can hear it from where you sleep. Shut your door or move the fountain so that you do not hear it while sleeping. To do so could cause you to have colds or respiratory problems.

Don’t have a fountain under a stairway. This can cause illness or other misfortune to come to the children in the house.

Don’t put a fountain in a bathroom.

Don’t have a fountain directly below a bedroom. Sleeping over water is not recommended.

Don’t put a fountain to the right of the front door as you are looking out of your house. This can cause extramarital affairs for the man of the house.
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  • angela

    I just got through reading your article about the annual bad energies I just received a larger 3 bucket fall fountain that I put on my north part of my fence in the back yard. the property that I live on is a duplex in front which i live on the southern portion but in back is a converted garage with its’ own yard on one side and my neighbors on the other side of my fence with the 3 bucket water fountain. when i get ready to sleep i hear the fountain but when i actually sleep i don’t hear a thing and actually was going to attribute it to the gentle sounds of the water because I sometimes have a hard time sleeping. should I move my fountain to another section of my yard?

  • http://www.redlotusletter.com Kathryn Weber

    You should never hear water at night; it drains your health and wealth. Put your fountain on a timer.

  • Krishna

    Can I switch of my fountain in the night before sleeping ?

  • redlotusletter

    Sure you can…in fact, you should. You don’t want to hear running water at night because it can affect your health and finances. :)

  • Betty

    Dear Katie

    You are totally spot as usual on about a fountain placed directly to the right looking out your front door and cheating husbands. Especially with the wrong wallpaper put in the master bedroom to trigger it and the master bedroom being directly behind the fountain to hear the water all day and at night too!!!

    That new wallpaper Mom put in the master bedroom is silver with yellow birds and flowers and green leaves and vines (a huge no no I learned from you) that and the fountain and seemed to trigger Dad’s cheating.

    After over 25 years of marriage they divorced due to the nonstop cheating very acrimoniously with Mom cheated out of almost everything financially. Dad was triggered to cheat financially too.

    After the divorce the fountain ran for many more years and we and Mom prospered financially.
    It finally broke down. When it did our finances suffered horribly as soon as it broke.

    We desperately need to trigger our prosperity but are afraid to repair the fountain again.

    We tried several years ago and ended up cheated and lied to by the man who did it.

    We were talked into expensive equipment we really could not afford with his company that overcharged us and later they went bankrupt and could not fix it.

    The fountain worked for a little while and finances started to improve then it broke down again.
    For the last six years it has been dormant along with our prosperity and good luck and good health.
    Mom almost died 4 times last year and 2 so far this year.

    I almost died 2 times last year.
    We were robbed 2 times last year and this year in June we found out our safe deposit box moved by Wells Fargo Bank was robbed.

    I am single and want to marry a non cheating Christian husband.

    Ever since I moved back in my love life dried up like the fountain and my finances. My health has become worse every year and its continuing.

    I was rear ended on my way to work the 4th time after the fountain died.

    Now I can never work again and the male lawyer filed against the wrong party so I did not get 1 penny. We keep getting cheated by men financially even with the dormant fountain.

    We can not move the fountain to the left of the door or place one there.

    To the left of the front door is four feet and then the wall of our laundry room and attached garage.
    That’s why the fountain was inauspiciously built to the right of the front door in our gated walled courtyard.

    Is there a way to cure the right fountain curse and restore our needed prosperity?

    Katie we are desperate can you please save us and tell us what to do????

  • Zen Water Fountains

    Excellent post, I wrote something very similar but without any feng shui, mostly about how to take care of your fountains http://zenwaterfountains.com/pages/fountain-care

    Now I know where to move my 3 fountains I have for better balance in my life!

  • Jenny

    what if my mom is already a widow. is it okay now to put the fountain at the right side of the house? thank you.

  • Gee

    Hi Katie,

    I’m contemplating putting an indoor water fountain facing the front door SW (standing in looking out). I understand the most auspicious direction for water is North. Please advise if that means the fountain should be facing North with its back to the South? I’ve heard that the water should not flow in the direction of the front door as the house is getting rid of good chi. Also is it true that it is not advisable to buy indoor water fountains in 2014. My hubby DOB is Aug 21,1956 and mine is Dec 10,1958. Thanks ever so much for your help

  • redlotusletter

    The north is very problematic this year, so don’t add a fountain here. You should add a fountain in the southwest — especially outdoors. I think it’s perfectly fine to have indoor fountains this year. :)

  • Mayank Agarwal

    Where should I place the fountain ,in which direction?

  • redlotusletter

    The southwest is an excellent direction this year!