Feng Shui Gets Personal — How to Activate Your Home & Life Using Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

One of the most fascinating ways to use feng shui is to use it personally based on your Chinese zodiac sign. Each person in a household has their own individual zodiac sign and based on this sign, you can see important distinctions about that person.

In feng shui, zodiac allies can help you find love or grow your wealth.

Like Western astrology, the Chinese Zodiac is also made up of 12 signs that relate to the year you were born. For most people discerning their Chinese Zodiac sign is fairly straightforward, but those born in the months of January or February often think they’re an Ox when they’re really a Tiger.

That’s why it’s important to avoid going by your “Chinese restaurant placemat” to discern your zodiac sign if you’re born at the beginning of the year. Rather, it’s important to find your horoscope sign by using an accurate calculator that accounts for the moving dates of the Chinese New Year because it’s this date that is the dividing line for Chinese zodiac signs and not the western January 1 date.

Often when someone is ill, a child has behavioral problems, a couple is arguing, etc., it’s because their zodiac signs are not placed well in their home. How do you know the way the signs are placed? Each sign takes up 30 degrees of the compass.

Here are the signs directions and locations:

Rat 337.5-352.5 North Dragon, Monkey Horse
Ox 22.5-37.5 Northeast 1 Snake, Rooster Sheep
Tiger 37.5-52.5 Northeast 2 Horse, Dog Monkey
Rabbit 67.5-97.5 East Sheep, Boar Rooster
Dragon 112.5-127.5 Southeast 1 Monkey, Rat Dog
Snake 142.5-157.5 Southeast 2 Ox, Rooster Pig
Horse 172.5-187.5 South Dog, Tiger Rat
Sheep 202.5-217.5 Southwest 1 Boar, Rabbit Ox
Monkey 232.5-247.5 Southwest 3 Dragon, Rat Tiger
Rooster 262.5-277.5 West Ox, Snake Rabbit
Dog 292.5-307.5 Northwest 1 Tiger, Horse Dragon
Boar 322.5-337.5 Northwest 2 Rabbit, Sheep Snake


Knowing where your zodiac sign falls in your house both as a diagnostic tool for finding problems as well as for activating.

Once you know your zodiac sign, you can enhance and activate your life with a symbol of that animal in the corresponding sector of the living room. But before activating your Chinese zodiac sign, it’s always helpful to discover whether your sign is in a difficult area, such as the bathroom. Follow these tips for using your Chinese zodiac sign in your home to activate your life for prosperity and abundance.

1. Locate your zodiac sign in your home. Looking at your floor plan, mark the compass directions of north, south, east and west. Draw a circle around your home on the plan and divide by 12. Determine where your sign falls in the house and note it on the diagram.

2. Look for problems. It’s best to prevent problems, so look at each zodiac sign in your household. Highlight the section on your diagram that has an animal sign that falls in a bathroom, a laundry room, or undesirable location. Sometimes a sign can fall directly into a sink or a toilet – or outside the house if there’s a missing sector making that sign “symbolically missing”! This can create severe problems with health, financial drain and general unhappiness. This can be very telling especially for health issues and behavior problems in children.

3. Look for benefits. If your bedroom, front door, or home office is located where your zodiac sign falls, it can be a real boost to your sign. This is a good omen for the sign and gives the sign outstanding benefits!

4. Search for conflicts. A rat woman had horse pictures in the north corner of her house and suffered from myriad problems. It’s important to know your friends and enemies – both in life and in your horoscope. If you are a dog and have a dragon in the dog position, you could experience severe conflicts in your life. Look for animal symbols in your home and place them appropriately.

5. Boost your sign. If your sign falls in the bathroom, placing a symbol of your sign in the corresponding corner of your living room is a great way to boost your sign’s energy and potential for success. If you’re a rat, place a figure of a rat or metal object in the north corner of the living room.

6. Pair up for romance. If love has eluded you, maybe matching up by zodiac signs will help. That’s because the four affinity groups of zodiac signs also have a peach blossom sign that activates their love chi!

  • Rat, Monkey, and Dragon – Peach blossom sign is a Rooster. Place an image or figure of the Rooster in the west corner of your living room or bedroom.
  • Rooster, Ox, and Snake – Peach blossom sign is a Horse. Place an image of the Horse in the south corner of your living room or bedroom.
  • Rabbit, Sheep, and Boar – Peach blossom sign is a Rat. Place an image or figure of the Rat in the north corner of your living room or bedroom.
  • Horse, Dog, and Tiger – Peach blossom sign is a Rabbit. Place an image or figure of the Rabbit in the west corner of your living room or bedroom.


Looking for your zodiac sign figures? Find them here.

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