Feng Shui Purse Colors for 2014 Bring Prosperity and Prestige

By Kathryn Weber


Use feng shui to pick a purse for prosperity and wealth in 2014!

Use feng shui to pick a purse for prosperity and wealth in 2014!

One of the fun ways to use feng shui is to select a purse color based on the year’s energies. By harmonizing the color of your handbag, you tap into the energies that are available in the year.

In some instances, the color is based on a missing element – or it’s based on an element that is available but that when tapped, brings about greater opportunities for wealth and prosperity.

In 2014, the feng shui purse color is not just one color, it’s two. There’s a reason for that, too.

Without a doubt, the two colors that reign supreme in feng shui – and that represent yin and yang – are red and black.

When it comes to success, prestige and the color most associated with bright advancement is red.

Red is a color that imbues the energy of fire and the sun. In China and India it’s a color of happiness. It’s also a color associated with love and romance. In feng shui, it’s the color of recognition, fame and a rise in prominence – everything most of us work really hard for in our careers and businesses.

For sheer financial power and the serious business of making money, there’s only one that meets all the qualities of a power broker and that color is black.

Black purse 2Think about the color of power car – it’s the long black Rolls Royce, Mercedes or BMW. The color black brings about the image of power, authority and sophistication. The women who wear black dresses draw admirers in.

Black is the color of water, and water represents wealth and prosperity. If advancing financially in your career is your goal, the color black is the color that means business and advancing financially. A black handbag is the color for business and making money!

2012_purseIf recognition is the goal, the color handbag you need is red. Red gets you noticed in business! Think of the woman’s red power suit or a man’s red power tie. When it comes to color that symbolizes you’ve arrived, that color is red. Buy a red handbag to announce to the world that you’re here and going places.

But in 2014, there’s another color that brings the best out in both red and black — and that color is gold.

Gold is one of the missing elements of 2014.

More specifically, it’s metal that is missing. But gold is at the top of the heap in terms of metal elements. This year, adding the bright sun-like energy in the form of the bright, warm luminescence of gold with your black or red outfits is the perfect way to tap into the water-producing ability of gold. Because gold is metal, it makes water, and water is wealth.

2014 has both metal and water missing elements, making the color black especially beneficial. Select gold hardware to make your handbag even more auspicious. Plus, there is simply no more stunning look than black with gold and red with gold! A black or red dress with layers of gold chains looks prosperous, auspicious and wealthy – not to mention gorgeous.

gold walletLastly, don’t forget to choose an auspicious wallet. Without a doubt, the color to go for in 2014 is GOLD! A gold wallet will bring the best of prosperity energy because it’s a missing element – and metal creates water and that means wealth in feng shui. Have fun with your handbag this year. It’s a fabulous year to pick up a new wallet and purse in the two most important feng shui colors!


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