Single Uses Feng Shui to Find Love with Her Chinese Zodiac Sign

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  When you’re looking for love, too often the choices for finding a suitable partner or mate is online dating websites, bars and the connections of friends. But if you want to find a new love, all it takes is some good feng shui. Speech pathologist and feng shui devotee, Andrea Easley, of Houston, Texas decided she wanted to find a someone special and she turned to feng shui to help her find a new love interest. “I felt like it … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Relationships in the Year Ahead

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  Eating alone is no fun. Use feng shui at the Chinese New Year to help you find love in the year ahead.Tired of take out or frozen dinners for one? Maybe you don't know how to meet someone after a long relationship has ended. The good news is that the Chinese New Year is an auspicious time to begin the New Year with an eye toward the future – and that includes the future of your love life! Regardless of your relationship status, … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Your Computer to Make You More Efficient and Effective at Work


Computers are a wonderful tool for helping us communicate with friends around the world, produce presentations and documents, balance our checkbooks and, in short, run our businesses and our lives. There is no doubt that we are completely dependent upon computers today and rare are the homes without a personal computer. Few of us are able to work when our computers stop working because of bugs, viruses or a log-jam of files. To make … [Read more...]

The Financial Feng Shui of Your Looks–How Your Looks Affect Your Wealth

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  When we see attractive people it’s hard not to think that their looks can’t help but make the road of life smoother and easier for them. But that’s not always so. Attractive, and, yes, beautiful people, can be just as prone to making dumb mistakes and poor choices as anyone else. Perhaps it’s their beauty that betrays them and makes people prey upon them or they suffer from narcissism. But what really makes one beautiful – and do … [Read more...]