9 Ways to Pump Up Retail Sales with Feng Shui


If you’re in business, there’s nothing better than hearing the cash register ring. Every time you make a sale, it’s a thrill – no matter whether your business is online or a retail establishment. But when the sales don’t come in, it’s extremely frustrating. You wonder why your products aren’t moving, why the phone isn’t ringing or the sales just aren’t coming. When you’re ready to see more sales start streaming in, it helps to … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Your Computer to Make You More Efficient and Effective at Work


Computers are a wonderful tool for helping us communicate with friends around the world, produce presentations and documents, balance our checkbooks and, in short, run our businesses and our lives. There is no doubt that we are completely dependent upon computers today and rare are the homes without a personal computer. Few of us are able to work when our computers stop working because of bugs, viruses or a log-jam of files. To make … [Read more...]

The 3-Inch Killer Sabotaging Your Business – How to Feng Shui Your Business Card

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  Purists will say you can't feng shui your car, your clothes or your looks, but that's not exactly true. While feng shui is the study of the environment and its effects on the occupants of a building, it can also be used as a method for designing, too.  One of the areas where feng shui can be the most effective is the business card. A well designed business card is a mini-billboard. It can advertise for you, be carried and … [Read more...]

Business As Unusual — Using the ancient art of feng shui for better business


It's clear there's a new paradigm in business. Today's clients and customers are savvy, attuned and educated with a sensitivity (some might say allergy) to businesses that don't offer them a unique business experience. They want better service, higher-quality products and more personalization. In short, today's consumers are looking for an experience. This means businesses must sell both their tangible and intangible products and services much … [Read more...]

How to Feng Shui Your Home Office Space — A Before & After Case Study


Everyone is working more. With the availability of cell phones, broadband, home offices, and Internet access at malls and coffee shops, you could just about say that wherever we are, that's where our office is. Because we're working around the clock, in many instances, good office feng shui becomes vital -- especially when it's your home office. Today many people spend more time at work than they do at home -- and that goes double for home … [Read more...]

Auspicious Office Space — 10 Ways to Make Your Office Make You Successful

Feng shui your office to make your more productive and effective at work

  Career success is one of the key elements to happiness. How so? If you feel stuck in your career, lack the recognition you deserve, or feel unfulfilled in your job, the time you spend at it will drag on for what seems like an eternity. And there's no misery like 9 to 5 misery. That's why it pays to make the most of your office -- so it can pay for you. Yes, paying attention to your office can pay in rich dividends for your career. … [Read more...]

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Feng Shui for More Business

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  By Kathryn Weber One of the greatest rewards of being an entrepreneur is the ability to call the shots in your business. But, that's also one of the greatest risks - you're responsible for all the decisions. Fortunately, with feng shui, you can use the principles of this ancient technique to help you draw more clients to you, create a harmonious business that attracts business, and builds a financial foundation for your life that … [Read more...]

Creating a Feng Shui Power Office – 6 Easy Steps to Successful Surroundings

More and more people are looking to gain an edge in their working environments. One method that businesspeople are increasingly turning to is feng shui. Feng shui promises that by arranging your office environment correctly, it is possible to create a better career for yourself, and that it can, in turn, promote further opportunity and advancement. In feng shui, there are a few very basic, yet potent, guidelines to creating an effective office … [Read more...]

Boost Your Career With Powerful Feng Shui

Feng shui your career begins with your north career sector.

    Enhancing careers with feng shui is a popular subject in feng shui. Second to generating wealth, energizing the career sector ranks high in interest among those interested in using feng shui to better their lives.It makes sense due to the amount of time we spend at our jobs. It also is understandable because to have a successful career enables us to make better decisions for ourselves and our families. By this, it … [Read more...]

Your Feng Shui Business Building Checklist

Feng shui is big business. Really. A certain pharmaceutical company keeps a feng shui consultant on a million dollar retainer and doesn't make a move or change to its offices without talking with their consultant first. Many businesses think that feng shui means Asian decorating style. This couldn't be further from the truth. Feng shui isn't just a "Zen" experience or a method for selecting sofa colors and decorative accessories. It's about … [Read more...]