The Balanced Parent – 9 Ways to help your child thrive and be successful with feng shui


There are few urges as strong as the parenting urge to want to see our children do well in life. Unfortunately, with the strong pull of media and social pressures, it’s easy to lose your way as a parent and succumb to those pressures. The key to raising healthy, filial, and successful children is the same goal of feng shui: creating balance. If the child’s room is a shrine to electronics, then is it any surprise the child is more concerned … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Bedroom Do’s and Don’ts for Teens

Feng shui is a wonderful way to create improvements in your life simply by aligning the items in your bedroom.  These can include your bed, your desk or computer, even your stereo. Properly aligned, you can expect to see improvements in your relationships, your studies, and your health.  You might even find a new love as a result!  Use these tips to get your room in harmony with your life.   Important Basic Feng Shui Bedroom Do's and … [Read more...]

Back To School Feng Shui-How Rearranging Your Child’s Room Can Create Greater Success This School Year


By Kathryn Weber Every school year parents and students dutifully trudge through the malls in search of the perfect sneaker or the cool new outfit for the coming school year. However, it’s unlikely that the new shoe or shirt will benefit them as much as a new design in the bedroom.  That’s because a bedroom makeover will create new interest and energy – what feng shui calls “chi” – in the bedroom that will benefit a child. According to … [Read more...]

Children and Chi: The 7 Feng Shui Fundamentals for Children’s Rooms

Children and Chi The 7 Feng Shui Tips

Besides its uses for pursuing goals, feng shui is a very popular and intriguing concept in home design today. In addition to the life benefits it provides, it also offers a roadmap, so to speak, of not just how to decorate... but why. In short, it offers you, the homeowner, design with purpose, in addition to the aesthetic aspect. This is what is quickly becoming the real appeal of feng shui. For a child's room, this meaningful design is … [Read more...]