The Feng Shui of Letting Go — How to Shift Your Energy When You’re Stuck in a Negative Spiral

Feng shui helps you interrupt energy to stop a downward spiral

  By Kathryn Weber When it comes to feng shui and our lives we sometimes have to stop or interrupt the flow of energy that's taking us in a negative direction. That's because when life isn't going the way we want, it could be a simple case of energy flow. For example, a key feng shui principle is very similar to the physics principle of a body in motion stays in motion, or, in other words, energy continues to go where energy is … [Read more...]

The 6 Feng Shui Lessons Men Can Teach Women

Muscles, strength and the ability to make things happen all represent yang energy

  By Kathryn Weber It’s a man’s world, or so the saying goes. And it’s true because the world is a busy place, full of go-go-go drive that requires lots of yang energy. Without yang energy we’d stay in bed all day and be too lethargic to get anything done. Feng shui needs yang energy – we all need yang energy. When feng shui was first practiced in its earliest days, it was a yin study. It was the assessment of gravesite … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Fertility — Six Ways to Create More Baby Chi

Feng shui helps increase your fertility chi

Have a friend trying to get pregnant? Please share this article.  By Kathryn Weber  Today, feng shui is used for everything from arranging office cubicles to gaining more recognition at work to helping aspiring writers become more prolific. But what if what you want is a baby? When you are trying to conceive, feng shui can be another tool in your fertility arsenal. Fertility is such a delicate thing because it can be affected so … [Read more...]

Awakening Your Home’s Chi Improves Your Life

Connecting with nature helps us to connect with ourselves

  A walk in the country or hiking a hilly trail can make us feel more in tune with ourselves.  It also gives us an opportunity to connect with nature, awakening our personal chi. The trees, grass, stones and blue sky give us a comforting relief from the unnatural environment of fluorescent lighting, malls and office cubicles. But our connection with nature might have something more in common with our office cubicle than with a giant … [Read more...]

Is Your House Bringing You Down? How to Improve a Yin House

Leaving dirty dishes around creates yin energy

  All energy in the universe exists as a duality; it's either positive or negative, yin or yang. Yang energy is the bright energy of laughing children, blooming flowers, energy moving, and outward movement. Yin energy is the energy of darkness, stillness, and going inwards. Both are important, but when one is out of balance, the house can become overloaded with that energy. The problem with yin energy is that once things … [Read more...]

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl to Stimulate Your Prosperity Energy

painted rocks

  One of the feng shui’s most delightful ways to stimulate more income and opportunity – and the accumulation of wealth – is to create your own wealth bowl. Unlike the wealth vase that has a prescribed set of items, must be hidden from view, and is prepared with specific elements and properties the wealth bowl is just the opposite -- it can be created using any number of auspicious ingredients that you have around the house -- and … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui of Clocks – Are they good feng shui or bad?

Clocks like this pendulum clock can bring benefits -- and problems. Correct placement makes the difference.

  Much has been written about whether clocks represent good feng shui or not. Like most things in life the definitive answer isn’t a yes or a no. Instead, the answer is:  it depends. It’s the exception to the rule to find an instance where a feng shui answer is black and white. But as far as clocks go, the answer is to whether they’re good feng shui or bad depends on how they’re used, how they’re received, and where they’re placed. … [Read more...]

Refreshing Your Home’s Feng Shui

Incense, sunlight can help cleanse feng shui enhancers and cures

Tips to Cleanse Feng Shui Cures, Invigorating Your Home and Invite Prosperity Chi By Kathryn Weber  Right after the first of January, the New Year is underway. But the energy of the year isn’t merely limited to the first day or even two weeks of the month. No, instead, energy begins building around the 1st of January, culminating at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year. This energy could be looked upon as the second … [Read more...]

Energy Low? Try Sound Feng Shui to Lift the Chi in Your Home and Life

singing bowl

When times are difficult, it's easy to withdraw and slow down. Over time, the lack of vitality in our own personal energy can often be seen reflected in our homes. The lights are off more often, and the house is more still and quiet. Once stagnation sets in around your home, you may also experience a rise in aches and pains and you may feel less energetic, and maybe even depressed. Low home vitality can express itself in your personal energy, … [Read more...]

Feng Shui and the Energy of Your Home — How Clutter Stunts Your Energy and Your Life

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One of the biggest problems associated with clutter is how it roots you in a home that leaves you little or no room for growth. Of course, the growth I'm talking about is the growth in your life, your career, your relationships, and your wealth. We're not so different than the beautiful plants you buy at the local nursery that look wonderful but then need to be divided or repotted into a larger pot -- everything grows. Your life is a living, … [Read more...]

The Value of the Yin Experience — Getting More Done by Doing Nothing

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By Kathryn Weber OK. You're busy. You've got stuff to get done. Did you know that doing nothing could actually help you get more accomplished? It's true. Sometimes the way to get more work cranked out is to stop working. If you think about what it takes to accomplish things and be productive, you'll realize that it also takes a lack of activity to make the time you spend producing to actually be more productive. Think of it this way: … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui Outlook 2010

Last year was a wild ride, and we've got a few surprises to contend with in the coming year. Yes, there are some difficulties ahead.  But some of those big surprises are.... good! Indeed, there are opportunities to get ahead in 2010. The questions become: --Will you work with the energy of the year? --Are you ready to stop fighting the flow and rowing upstream? --Did you know that by following the energy patterns, you can ride the tides like … [Read more...]

Fun Shui — Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Fun is good feng shui. Make sure you have plenty of good times at your home.

By Kathryn Weber Some of the best feng shui isn’t all about turtles and fountains, mountains and facing directions. It’s about fun. Good feng shui can change to great feng shui with the addition of fun, enjoyment, festivities and happy times. That’s because the vibrations of laughter and enjoyment permeate our surroundings and if you home is the location for happy gatherings full of festive people, then you’ve done a lot toward … [Read more...]