Be a Feng Shui Consultant-10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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  Many of my readers and even clients ask about working as a feng shui consultant. It's a career that doesn't have much written about it -- especially from an insider's view. And many people think it's a New Age-y kind of career, but it's much more than just good feelings! Feng shui is about black and white principles of placement, not just esoteric thoughts and holding the right kind of intentions. We don't make the environment, but … [Read more...]

Common Questions about Feng Shui

Feng Shui FAQs Common Questions about Feng Shui 1. What is the difference between traditional Chinese feng shui and western, or Black Hat Sect, feng shui? Black Hat Sect or western feng shui uses the front door to align the bagua, the eight sided octagon that corresponds to the 8 Aspirations, or guas, in life (wealth, health, fame, marriage/love, children, career, wisdom, and benefactors). Black Hat sect aligns the career sector, or gua, with … [Read more...]