Using Windchimes Effectively in Feng Shui

By Kathryn Weber Wind chimes are one of feng shui's hardest working remedies. Their role is to bring aid in many forms - from lifting chi from a troubled area to suppressing energy in corners where there are negative stars to bringing you good news and help from influential people!With all they can do, wind chimes are a valuable source and important tool in your feng shui arsenal. In short, wind chimes have two main roles: to cure or … [Read more...]

More Sex Equals More Money? How Feng Shui Ties Romance and Wealth Together

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  By Kathryn Weber When Napoleon Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich" he concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that "The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability." This "seat of power" and the ability to create is uniquely tied to feng shui.What's especially interesting about sex and money in feng shui is that the wealth sector is also associated with the … [Read more...]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Rev Up Your Romance

A central feng shui tenet is that marital or romantic happiness is critical component of a happy, well-lived life. And if you've had marital or romantic unhappiness, you know how true that can be. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on a solid romantic footing. A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. Feng shui has stringent rules regarding bedrooms. And, fortunately, these … [Read more...]

11 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Love, Celebrate Love, or Get a Commitment

How to get an undecided partner off the fence and propose

  February brings a cascade of red and pink items that keeps everyone's mind of love. From the littlest children handing out cartoon Valentine cards to classmates to couples' most intimate and romantic expressions, the Valentine holiday energy captivates everyone. And why not? Who can resist the pull of love, chocolate - and all that red energy! Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone benefits when … [Read more...]

The Financial Feng Shui of Your Looks–How Your Looks Affect Your Wealth

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  When we see attractive people it’s hard not to think that their looks can’t help but make the road of life smoother and easier for them. But that’s not always so. Attractive, and, yes, beautiful people, can be just as prone to making dumb mistakes and poor choices as anyone else. Perhaps it’s their beauty that betrays them and makes people prey upon them or they suffer from narcissism. But what really makes one beautiful – and do … [Read more...]

Creating a Feng Shui Power Office – 6 Easy Steps to Successful Surroundings

More and more people are looking to gain an edge in their working environments. One method that businesspeople are increasingly turning to is feng shui. Feng shui promises that by arranging your office environment correctly, it is possible to create a better career for yourself, and that it can, in turn, promote further opportunity and advancement. In feng shui, there are a few very basic, yet potent, guidelines to creating an effective office … [Read more...]

Is Your House Healthy? These 8 Questions Help You Find Out

When your house is healthy, you're healthy.

  True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost. --Charles Caleb Colton It’s no coincidence that the health and wealth sectors of the bagua are next to one another, and that the health sector comes before wealth.  That’s because you cannot truly be a wealthy person if you do not have your health. Health is not just the absence of disease.  It is also vitality and robust living that … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in Baby’s Room

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  By Kathryn Weber Getting ready for a new baby requires a lot of thought and planning about everything from what diapers the baby will wear down to the decoration and arrangement of baby's room. Today's parents want to create a haven for their little one that will help their baby feel comforted and nurtured, as well as stimulated enough so that they thrive. Increasingly, parents are going beyond the traditional coordinated "theme" … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Your Computer — How Clearing Old Files Can Make You

Computers are a wonderful tool for helping us communicate with friends around the world, produce presentations and documents, balance our checkbooks and, in short, run our businesses and our lives. There is no doubt that we are completely dependent upon computers today and few homes are without a personal computer. Few of us are able to work when our computers stop working because of bugs, viruses or a log-jam of files. To make yourself more … [Read more...]

Fun Shui — Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Fun is good feng shui. Make sure you have plenty of good times at your home.

By Kathryn Weber Some of the best feng shui isn’t all about turtles and fountains, mountains and facing directions. It’s about fun. Good feng shui can change to great feng shui with the addition of fun, enjoyment, festivities and happy times. That’s because the vibrations of laughter and enjoyment permeate our surroundings and if you home is the location for happy gatherings full of festive people, then you’ve done a lot toward … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Stimulate Wealth Using Chinese Coins

Feng Shui lucky coins

By Kathryn Weber   Wherever you go in Hong Kong -- a city that loves business, money and prosperity -- you see Chinese symbols of wealth and money. The ubiquitous symbol you see most often is the lucky Chinese coin. These coins are round with a square hole in the center. They represent both heaven (the circle) and earth (the square), and because of this, they're deemed especially auspicious. In Asia, the really old coins are the … [Read more...]

Be a Feng Shui Consultant-10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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  Many of my readers and even clients ask about working as a feng shui consultant. It's a career that doesn't have much written about it -- especially from an insider's view. And many people think it's a New Age-y kind of career, but it's much more than just good feelings! Feng shui is about black and white principles of placement, not just esoteric thoughts and holding the right kind of intentions. We don't make the environment, but … [Read more...]

Recognize! 9 Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Fame and Recognition

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  By Kathryn Weber Getting ahead in any area of life requires that you get plenty of attention.  And, feng shui offers tips and ideas to help you gain more notice and get the recognition you deserve. If you're interested in progressing in life, it's important to make feng shui adjustments to important areas such as the north (career/opportunities) and northwest (helpful people/mentors) sectors. These two sectors are critical for … [Read more...]