Feng Shui Wish-Fulfilling Gems Make Your Wishes Come True


By Kathryn Weber From the earliest fairytales of genies and fairy godmothers, we all have wishes that we would love to see magically happen. Luckily in feng shui there is a wonderful technique for activating the energies associated with all of the usual aspirations that everyone wants: love, wealth, health, happiness, good fortune. It involves using gems and crystals, and when used correctly, can almost magically bring about anything you … [Read more...]

Ho Tai Happiness – Feng Shui’s Buddha of Wealth and Joy


One of feng shui's and China's most loved symbols is the Ho Tai Buddha. Most people know Ho Tai as the Buddha of Wealth or as the Laughing Buddha. His presence in homes and businesses brings joy and prosperity. To the Chinese, the seat of the soul is in the stomach, so the Ho Tai Buddha's stomach is large and round to symbolize his heavenly stature and to represent fullness and abundance. The Ho Tai Buddha reminds us that good things come … [Read more...]

Fun Shui — Feng Shui Symbols and Activities Bring Happiness, Success, and Wealth

Fun is good feng shui. Make sure you have plenty of good times at your home.

By Kathryn Weber Some of the best feng shui isn’t all about turtles and fountains, mountains and facing directions. It’s about fun. Good feng shui can change to great feng shui with the addition of fun, enjoyment, festivities and happy times. That’s because the vibrations of laughter and enjoyment permeate our surroundings and if you home is the location for happy gatherings full of festive people, then you’ve done a lot toward … [Read more...]

Taking Inventory – How Evaluating Your Relationships is Good Feng Shui

A friend once told me "You are only as happy as your unhappiest child." But that statement could also be said of our friends and family, too. We have relationships in our lives that bring us joy and relief and others that drain us and make us miserable. The key is to balance our lives so that we're not always on the giving end or that we never receive the benefits of relationships. Our relationships make us happiest when they're in balance. … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Yourself for Success

Feng shui is often called the Chinese Art of Placement. But you can use feng shui in so many ways beyond how you arrange your home. Feng shui is all about energy movement and includes the way things look, how they feel, and the energy they possess. There are so many ways that you can apply feng shui that can impact your life. Let's talk about a few of them.... Signature and handwriting. My mentor and feng shui master, Lillian Too, often … [Read more...]

Creating Wealthy Habits to Manifest Prosperity

6 Key Habits that Magnetize You with Wealth Energy There's a saying that success is just the accumulation of good habits. It's true. The more you do to help yourself and to be successful, the more successful - and prosperous - you'll become. Success and the wealth and acclaim that comes with it isn't as much a secret as much as it is a habit. Having a happy home life, successful career, ability to go and buy what you like when you want it, … [Read more...]