Health & Family

The wealth of good health and a happy family is one of the benefits of feng shui. Learn how to create environments with feng shui that help support and produce harmonious families and vibrant health.

The Unique Feng Shui of a New Home


  By Kathryn Weber Moving into a new house, whether it is truly new or just new to you, is exciting. You begin making plans for your life and see it unfolding in the rooms of your new house. But the feng shui of new houses is different than houses where someone has lived a long time. There are situations about the house that you’ll need to think about before you move in. Check the tips below for ideas on what you need to know … [Read more...]

Your Body’s Feng Shui — What Your Health Says About Your Life

your body

  by Kathryn Weber When we want to read our environment to learn more about our lives, feng shui helps us to understand what our environments are saying about our business success, our family, our health and our relationship happiness. What's fascinating about the study of feng shui is to see the correlation between our lives and our bodies. In addition to reading our spaces to tell us where we can improve our lives, we can also … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Helps Cure Illness Energy, Keeps You Well

Feng shui can offer potent ways to prevent illness

  Many people think of feng shui as a technique that can help them to make their space more comfortable, more productive, and more prosperous. But you can use feng shui to improve your health and keep you from falling sick. Feng shui is based on energy. And, we all know from our basic grade-school science classes that energy is constantly moving and changing. Therefore, feng shui is constantly moving and changing. Because of … [Read more...]

Children and Chi: The 7 Feng Shui Fundamentals for Children’s Rooms

Children and Chi The 7 Feng Shui Tips

Besides its uses for pursuing goals, feng shui is a very popular and intriguing concept in home design today. In addition to the life benefits it provides, it also offers a roadmap, so to speak, of not just how to decorate... but why. In short, it offers you, the homeowner, design with purpose, in addition to the aesthetic aspect. This is what is quickly becoming the real appeal of feng shui. For a child's room, this meaningful design is … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Yourself for Success

Feng shui is often called the Chinese Art of Placement. But you can use feng shui in so many ways beyond how you arrange your home. Feng shui is all about energy movement and includes the way things look, how they feel, and the energy they possess. There are so many ways that you can apply feng shui that can impact your life. Let's talk about a few of them.... Signature and handwriting. My mentor and feng shui master, Lillian Too, often … [Read more...]