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The style, size, shape, direction of homes and rooms all play a pivotal role in feng shui. Articles and how-to tips guide you on how to apply feng shui to your home and individual rooms to maximize harmony and create supportive, abundant and prosperous environments.

The Feng Shui Detective — How to Uncover and Remove Obstacles to Success with Feng Shui

Blockages in your feng shui can create blockages and frustration in your life

  By Kathryn Weber Success has a number of definitions. For some it’s a one hundred foot yacht anchored off the Riviera. For others, it’s a tidy nest egg for retirement. For some, success can range from finding a job, getting pregnant, kicking an addiction, or simply feeling like there’s a flow again in life and you don’t have to roll a boulder up a hill every day. Feng shui is one of the life skills that can help you find those … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Remedies for Living on a Slope

A house on a hill may seem desirable, but it's really not good feng shui

  By Kathryn Weber   One of the best kinds of feng shui a home or business can have is good environmental feng shui. In other words, the kind of environment your residence is in can have a dramatic impact on the quality of feng shui you have in your home. That’s because feng shui of a home begins in the environment and then flows inward. But what if you live on a slope? Are there feng shui implications of living on a … [Read more...]

How to Buy a House with Great Feng Shui

Tips for buying an auspicious home with good feng shui

  Your surroundings can have a huge impact on your life – to the point of affecting your personal happiness, your prosperity, even the opportunities that come to you in your life — thus making your choice of home a very important one. Because most of the important moments in our lives occur in our houses, the house itself becomes more than just four walls where we eat and sleep. That’s why careful consideration is called for if you are … [Read more...]

The Deferred Millionaire — 8 Feng Shui Ways to Maintain Your Home and Build Your Wealth

Plumber vs Leaking Faucet

  In feng shui, deferred maintenance on a house means deferred money. In other words, if you’ve put off replacing that cracked window or cutting down a dead tree, you’re likely not receiving all the money you could be if your home were in good repair. Why is repairing your home so important to feng shui? In a word: chi. The chi, or energy, of a home declines when it’s got leaking faucets or roof, when the paint is peeling or … [Read more...]

Is Your House Bringing You Down? How to Improve a Yin House

Leaving dirty dishes around creates yin energy

  All energy in the universe exists as a duality; it's either positive or negative, yin or yang. Yang energy is the bright energy of laughing children, blooming flowers, energy moving, and outward movement. Yin energy is the energy of darkness, stillness, and going inwards. Both are important, but when one is out of balance, the house can become overloaded with that energy. The problem with yin energy is that once things … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Your Whole House from the Living Room

living room2

    No other room in the house offers the feng shui potential that the living room does. This room is central to family life and to feng shui. When it comes to feng shui, no other room can compare to the living room. That's because the living room is the ONE room in the house that can be activated according to all nine sectors of the bagua or lo shu square -- making this a very important room, indeed. When you want to … [Read more...]

Refreshing Your Home’s Feng Shui

Incense, sunlight can help cleanse feng shui enhancers and cures

Tips to Cleanse Feng Shui Cures, Invigorating Your Home and Invite Prosperity Chi By Kathryn Weber  Right after the first of January, the New Year is underway. But the energy of the year isn’t merely limited to the first day or even two weeks of the month. No, instead, energy begins building around the 1st of January, culminating at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year. This energy could be looked upon as the second … [Read more...]

A Clean House Is a Lucky House — 8 Tips for Creating a Clean, Prosperous Home

stylish drapes

    A clean house is more than just a luxury – it is a necessity. That’s right, a necessity. We need a clean house (office or desk) because of all it offers us: efficiency and relaxation. Efficiency, because a clean house means you can find what you need when you need it. It also means that you will spend less time worrying and frustrated over the mess in your house. A clean house offers relaxation, because clean houses … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui of Foreclosed Homes – How to Safely Buy and Sell a Distressed Property

The feng shui of foreclosures: Very distressed homes may cause distress for the new owners.

In today’s real estate market, there are more homes than ever for sale by owners that have gone bankrupt, have lost value or have been foreclosed on. There are also plenty of short sale homes on the market and homes where the owners are under severe financial strain. But is buying one of these houses a concern? Feng shui would say yes, yet with so many of these kinds of homes on the market, is it a fair assessment to assume that they’re all a … [Read more...]

Sell Your House with Feng Shui – 9 Ways to Help it Sell Faster and Easier

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From determining pricing to having to keep a home “show ready,” marketing a house is always a challenge.  And, just like inoculations, homeowners usually want to get the sale over as quickly as possible.  Here’s nine feng shui tips to help your house move faster. 1.  Engage the senses.  Prospective buyers must be engaged in every way possible.  Use these ideas to engage the senses of buyers at your home. Looks good:  Use lots of horizontal … [Read more...]

Feng Shui and Clutter — How An Overstuffed Home Robs You of Vitality, Opportunities and Money and What to Do About It


  By Kathryn Weber Today, many of us share one common problem: too much stuff in our homes. And, if you're willing to invest just a couple of weeks - or weekends -- you can get a grip on clutter and start feeling more in control over all the stuff in your house. Better still, you won't have to live in a disorganized, cluttered home that frustrates and annoys you. Having an uncluttered, organized home will repay you in time and money … [Read more...]

Clutter's Effects on Your Life — How clutter affects you and what to do about it

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Creating a healthy, energetic home or office relies on diligence. It's much easier to let your home or office become cluttered and messy than it is to keep on top of papers, throw out old magazines, or otherwise dispose of the things that you no longer need, want, or use. For that reason many people don't bother with this kind of routine maintenance. And that's how Spring Cleaning should be looked at: maintenance for your home. Now, I'm not … [Read more...]

The 6 House Types that Prevent Prosperity – Could Your House Be One?

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When your home has a poor arrangement or certain architectural characteristics, you could find that your financial situation is a constant struggle. Particular homes lend themselves to wonderful abundance and material prosperity and yet others offer only financial trial and tribulation for their owners. Some houses are more likely to help the occupants acquire the wealth they desire and those are the homes that have few, if any, feng shui … [Read more...]