7 Feng Shui Ways to Change Your Life and Luck


  By Kathryn Weber Feng shui is all about creating flow, energy, finding balance and unstopping blockages. This is true for your personal space, your office, your home, and, well, you. You have energy (or maybe you don't) and that energy impacts the way the world responds to you in the form of career, prosperity, health, wisdom, love, and happiness. Applying feng shui to yourself is just as important as applying it to a home … [Read more...]

Feng Shui House Talk – What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You

Living Room in Luxury Home

By Kathryn Weber Feng shui isn’t just about painting a wall a certain color and hanging a windchime. Feng shui is more about understanding the way your house is representing your life. And there are signs, both subtle and overt that are telling you about the need to make changes in one to see improvement in the other. Let’s take, for example, a house where someone is a hoarder. A hoarder is clearly someone who's lost control of reality. … [Read more...]

Awakening Your Home’s Chi Improves Your Life

Connecting with nature helps us to connect with ourselves

  A walk in the country or hiking a hilly trail can make us feel more in tune with ourselves.  It also gives us an opportunity to connect with nature, awakening our personal chi. The trees, grass, stones and blue sky give us a comforting relief from the unnatural environment of fluorescent lighting, malls and office cubicles. But our connection with nature might have something more in common with our office cubicle than with a giant … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Gets Personal — How to Activate Your Home & Life Using Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

zodiac rat

One of the most fascinating ways to use feng shui is to use it personally based on your Chinese zodiac sign. Each person in a household has their own individual zodiac sign and based on this sign, you can see important distinctions about that person. Like Western astrology, the Chinese Zodiac is also made up of 12 signs that relate to the year you were born. For most people discerning their Chinese Zodiac sign is fairly straightforward, … [Read more...]

Creating a Truly New Year — 6 Feng Shui Steps to Change Your Life without Diet or Exercise

Fortune cookie: "The skies are the limit"

  By Kathryn Weber At the beginning of the New Year we buy a new calendar and flip to the first page marked January. We pack up our Christmas decorations, put away our new sweater and gifts and look guiltily at the boxes of chocolates that we leave out “for company.” But few of us really expect a truly new year. We just hope for the best. This year can be different. By trying just a few new things, a vibrant, positive world … [Read more...]

Riding the White Tiger — Protecting and Honoring Your Yin Energy

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  By Kathryn Weber The White Tiger in feng shui represents the west or right hand side of our homes (as you look out the front door). The White Tiger is associated with courage, protection and dignity. The White Tiger brings good luck and fortune when it is represented by a small rise on the right side of the house and is most often associated with the compass direction of west. It is the yin to a dragon's yang. The White Tiger … [Read more...]

Feng Shui and the Energy of Your Home — How Clutter Stunts Your Energy and Your Life

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One of the biggest problems associated with clutter is how it roots you in a home that leaves you little or no room for growth. Of course, the growth I'm talking about is the growth in your life, your career, your relationships, and your wealth. We're not so different than the beautiful plants you buy at the local nursery that look wonderful but then need to be divided or repotted into a larger pot -- everything grows. Your life is a living, … [Read more...]

Clutter's Effects on Your Life — How clutter affects you and what to do about it

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Creating a healthy, energetic home or office relies on diligence. It's much easier to let your home or office become cluttered and messy than it is to keep on top of papers, throw out old magazines, or otherwise dispose of the things that you no longer need, want, or use. For that reason many people don't bother with this kind of routine maintenance. And that's how Spring Cleaning should be looked at: maintenance for your home. Now, I'm not … [Read more...]

Start Fresh with Feng Shui – Removing Blocks to Successful Living

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  Feng shui is all about energy: the flow of it, the lack of it, the harmonizing of it, and the cultivation of positive, beneficial energy. When your life is stagnant or bountiful, smooth or bumpy, you can bet there is some cause and that you are living the "effect." That is the best news there is about feng shui, is that, yes, there is something that can be done about some of the dilemmas you may be facing. And that's what drew me to … [Read more...]