Rescue Your Relationship with Feng Shui

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  "A great lover is not one who romances a different woman every night; a great lover is one who romances the same woman for a lifetime." Ancient Chinese Proverb When it comes to feng shui, there’s often a major focus on attracting love and maintaining love. But when it comes to relationships, the sad truth is that many teeter on a fine line between being together and breaking up. Either the passion has faded or what were once your … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Wish-Fulfilling Gems Make Your Wishes Come True


By Kathryn Weber From the earliest fairytales of genies and fairy godmothers, we all have wishes that we would love to see magically happen. Luckily in feng shui there is a wonderful technique for activating the energies associated with all of the usual aspirations that everyone wants: love, wealth, health, happiness, good fortune. It involves using gems and crystals, and when used correctly, can almost magically bring about anything you … [Read more...]

The Feng Shui of the Marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William

The feng shui of the marriage of william and kate middleton

The wedding of England's Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton is the kind of fairytale that can buoy a world weary of conflict in the Middle East, devastation and nuclear catastrophe in Japan and a continuing conflict in Afghanistan. A wedding is a joyous event that portends hope and celebrates a couple's commitment to each other, something that is a foundation of family and society. And certainly, after what's already been a … [Read more...]

The Danger of Peach A Feng Shui Color Warning


The peach is a highly symbolic fruit in Chinese society and the Taoist religion. The plant is imbued with immortality and the wood is thought to keep away evil spirits and entities. The peach flower is also believed to be able to entrance men. Its petals were thought to possess the ability to cast a romantic spell on them and as such is seen as a romantic symbol by the Chinese. But peaches are also symbols of long life. The lore of the … [Read more...]

Feng Shui for Romantic Marriages – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Use feng shui to keep your marriage strong -- and loving

  The Red Lotus Letter website attracts more visitors all the time. What are they looking for mostly? Romance, pure and simple. After that it's money. It's interesting that romance is the top spot. It shows how important love and romance are to people - even more important than money. Loving relationships are also working relationships. That means you've got to make an effort. You made an effort to get into your relationship, … [Read more...]

Auspicious Wedding Feng Shui – Choosing the Right Colors for Your Big Day


  As soon as a bride announces that she's engaged, friends ask, "What are your colors?" While many women choose colors based on nostalgia or what will look good on their bridesmaids, selecting color combinations should be taken more seriously. When a bride plans her wedding, she often pays close attention to tradition and the meaning behind every detail. Possibly the first detail that most brides think about our the colors for the … [Read more...]

More Sex Equals More Money? How Feng Shui Ties Romance and Wealth Together

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  By Kathryn Weber When Napoleon Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich" he concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that "The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability." This "seat of power" and the ability to create is uniquely tied to feng shui.What's especially interesting about sex and money in feng shui is that the wealth sector is also associated with the … [Read more...]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Rev Up Your Romance

A central feng shui tenet is that marital or romantic happiness is critical component of a happy, well-lived life. And if you've had marital or romantic unhappiness, you know how true that can be. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on a solid romantic footing. A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. Feng shui has stringent rules regarding bedrooms. And, fortunately, these … [Read more...]