Feng Shui Black Color

10 Downing Street in London is the seat of economic and political power in the UK

Feng Shui and the Color Black -- the Color of Money By Kathryn Weber Black is the color associated with water, and in feng shui, water equals wealth. But black is considered a very strong color. It's not an easy color to paint with, which probably is the reason why we don’t see black paint used more in decorating. And that’s unfortunate. Black is a power color. Only those with daring use it. Only those who can handle it’s powerful … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Purse Colors for 2014 Bring Prosperity and Prestige

Pick the right color purse for prosperity in the Year of the Horse!

By Kathryn Weber   One of the fun ways to use feng shui is to select a purse color based on the year’s energies. By harmonizing the color of your handbag, you tap into the energies that are available in the year. In some instances, the color is based on a missing element – or it’s based on an element that is available but that when tapped, brings about greater opportunities for wealth and prosperity. In 2014, the feng shui … [Read more...]

Create a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl to Stimulate Your Prosperity Energy

painted rocks

  One of the feng shui’s most delightful ways to stimulate more income and opportunity – and the accumulation of wealth – is to create your own wealth bowl. Unlike the wealth vase that has a prescribed set of items, must be hidden from view, and is prepared with specific elements and properties the wealth bowl is just the opposite -- it can be created using any number of auspicious ingredients that you have around the house -- and … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Checklist to Enhance the Eight Areas of Wealth

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  Money is often called the great lubricant – it doesn't stop problems from occurring, it just makes everything go a little easier. But money in and of itself is not the definition of wealth. There are many people who are financially or monetarily abundant but who have miserable home lives, health problems, or have little or no love in their life. This is not the feng shui view of wealth. In the feng shui perspective, there are … [Read more...]

The Color Blue — Starting the Feng Shui Flow of Wealth

In feng shui, blue is a yin color and represents water.

  By Kathryn Weber   When you want to stimulate more money and income, making sure you incorporate the color blue in your life. From your home to your clothing and jewelry, blue colors bring beautiful water energy into your home, and more income into your life. When you think about some of the world's most expensive real estate, it almost always comes with views of water. That's because water brings prosperity, from our … [Read more...]

Green — Feng Shui’s Color of Health, Wealth and Growth

green background with grass

  In feng shui, every aspiration, whether it's career, wealth, or love is tied to a direction, such as north, west, or southwest, and each direction is tied to a color, a number and an element. The color green relates to new growth, expansion, hope, new beginnings and the southeast direction. It is this direction that is also associated most with wealth. The southeast relates to small wood, the beginnings of wealth growth. Green is … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Aquariums — Guidelines for Wealth

The Chinese word for goldfish is "chin-yu", which translates to "gold abundance." In feng shui, goldfish attract wealth in abundance.

By Kathryn Weber   Water is one of the elements few homes have. Sure, most homes a bathroom and kitchen with faucets, showers, toilets and baths are common. But that’s draining water. What’s uncommon to find is generating water – in feng shui, that's the water that’s found in ponds, streams, fountains, swimming pools and aquariums. And while building and maintaining a swimming pool, pond or fountain can be time consuming and … [Read more...]

Your Doorway to Wealth — Wealth Enhancing Tips for Improving the Feng Shui of Your Front Door

This is a great example of a front door for a north-facing house with the black door and white circle wreath, both so auspicous!

In feng shui there’s few areas as important as the front door. That’s because the front door is the mouth of chi, the point at which the house receives energy. Lots of questions come in about the feng shui of the front door and its role in creating prosperity. There’s just something about the feng shui of a beautiful front door that makes the whole house look more prosperous! But one of the most common questions is which door … [Read more...]

Improve Wealth, Luck, Opportunity with Feng Shui’s Auspicious Animals

Use fu dogs to protect the entrance of residences.

Animals figure prominently in feng shui and in Chinese lore. Although the dragon is widely known, there are other animals that are less well known but whose influence creates great luck and good fortune.  Below is a listing of animals and their feng shui meanings. Placing one of these animals in your home or office can often bring you business opportunities, improve your health or help you protect your money. See which one you like … [Read more...]

Creating a Truly New Year — 6 Feng Shui Steps to Change Your Life without Diet or Exercise

Fortune cookie: "The skies are the limit"

  By Kathryn Weber At the beginning of the New Year we buy a new calendar and flip to the first page marked January. We pack up our Christmas decorations, put away our new sweater and gifts and look guiltily at the boxes of chocolates that we leave out “for company.” But few of us really expect a truly new year. We just hope for the best. This year can be different. By trying just a few new things, a vibrant, positive world … [Read more...]

Good Luck Objects and Colors Bring Prosperity, Abundance,and Protection

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By Kathryn Weber Creating good feng shui that promotes wealth, happiness, and opportunities can extend way beyond your front door or the way you arrange your bedroom. Feng shui can be incorporated in the accessories in your home to the car and clothing colors you select. Once I began making feng shui my lifestyle, I noticed that it made a more of an impact. Now, I "live feng shui." This means I choose colors that are complimentary in … [Read more...]

The 6 House Types that Prevent Prosperity – Could Your House Be One?

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When your home has a poor arrangement or certain architectural characteristics, you could find that your financial situation is a constant struggle. Particular homes lend themselves to wonderful abundance and material prosperity and yet others offer only financial trial and tribulation for their owners. Some houses are more likely to help the occupants acquire the wealth they desire and those are the homes that have few, if any, feng shui … [Read more...]

Creating a Feng Shui Power Office – 6 Easy Steps to Successful Surroundings

More and more people are looking to gain an edge in their working environments. One method that businesspeople are increasingly turning to is feng shui. Feng shui promises that by arranging your office environment correctly, it is possible to create a better career for yourself, and that it can, in turn, promote further opportunity and advancement. In feng shui, there are a few very basic, yet potent, guidelines to creating an effective office … [Read more...]