Foster Family Harmony with Feng Shui

happy young family have fun on beach

By Kathryn Weber Feng shui is used in the west to create more opportunity, success and wealth. But in the East, feng shui is used for all that and to create harmonious relationships, too. Feng shui is a terrific tool for improving family relationships. As anyone who has had strife and struggle at home can tell you, a harmonious home is truly a blessing.  Creating a harmonious and pleasant home is a bonus to all who reside there. Use these … [Read more...]

Feng Shui Lucky Relationship Stars – Finding and Activating for Wealth and Happiness

Mountain star energies represents the wealth of happy, harmonious relationships with others

  By Kathryn Weber There is no doubt that without love and happiness in our lives, there is no wealth. Only when we have good relationships and harmonious feelings with our friends, family, spouses and partners, do we feel our happiest. It’s this happiness in our relationships with others that creates contentedness with life, ability to move smoothly up the ladder of success -- and often means that we are rewarded financially and … [Read more...]

Happy at Work – How to Use Feng Shui for Better, More Harmonious Work Relationships

Improve work relationships by
paying attention to office surroundings

  By Kathryn Weber In today’s right sized, merged and acquired workplaces, not to mention dismal job outlook reports in the news, it’s hard to find much to be excited or positive about in the office. It’s put a lot of people on edge – and that edge shows up in our work relationships. From snippy coworkers to overbearing bosses, to the downers that pull everyone into a depressing funk or the side-winders who slink in to hiss out … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Feng Shui Tips to Attract Love and Relationships in the Year Ahead

Casual At a Restaurant Dinner

  Eating alone is no fun. Use feng shui at the Chinese New Year to help you find love in the year ahead.Tired of take out or frozen dinners for one? Maybe you don't know how to meet someone after a long relationship has ended. The good news is that the Chinese New Year is an auspicious time to begin the New Year with an eye toward the future – and that includes the future of your love life! Regardless of your relationship status, … [Read more...]

Improve Your Work Relationships — 6 Feng Shui Tips for Working Smoother and More Harmoniously

Feng shui your work relationships to make work smoother and more successful.

  Ask anyone and they'll tell you that an unhappy work environment can be one of life's most miserable experiences. It's isolating, it's uncomfortable, unproductive, and it can also block your progress in life. That's because work, like everything else, often relies on good will. Certainly the good will of coworkers and bosses alike can help propel your career and business. Likewise, ill will and animosity can create obstacles to … [Read more...]

2012 Feng Shui Outlook Year of the Dragon

Dragon left

  The Year of the Dragon is a chance to start over and see real improvement in our lives. After the past few years of economic challenges, it’s nice to hear there is a ray of hope on the horizon. And it’s not just a sliver of light either. It’s like a giant comet streaking across the sky trailing sparkling crystals that glitter against the night sky. That comet in your mind’s eye? It’s a dragon, a cosmic creature that is associated with … [Read more...]

Creating a Truly New Year — 6 Feng Shui Steps to Change Your Life without Diet or Exercise

Fortune cookie: "The skies are the limit"

  By Kathryn Weber At the beginning of the New Year we buy a new calendar and flip to the first page marked January. We pack up our Christmas decorations, put away our new sweater and gifts and look guiltily at the boxes of chocolates that we leave out “for company.” But few of us really expect a truly new year. We just hope for the best. This year can be different. By trying just a few new things, a vibrant, positive world … [Read more...]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Rev Up Your Romance

A central feng shui tenet is that marital or romantic happiness is critical component of a happy, well-lived life. And if you've had marital or romantic unhappiness, you know how true that can be. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on a solid romantic footing. A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. Feng shui has stringent rules regarding bedrooms. And, fortunately, these … [Read more...]

11 Feng Shui Secrets to Attract Love, Celebrate Love, or Get a Commitment

How to get an undecided partner off the fence and propose

  February brings a cascade of red and pink items that keeps everyone's mind of love. From the littlest children handing out cartoon Valentine cards to classmates to couples' most intimate and romantic expressions, the Valentine holiday energy captivates everyone. And why not? Who can resist the pull of love, chocolate - and all that red energy! Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone benefits when … [Read more...]

Taking Inventory – How Evaluating Your Relationships is Good Feng Shui

A friend once told me "You are only as happy as your unhappiest child." But that statement could also be said of our friends and family, too. We have relationships in our lives that bring us joy and relief and others that drain us and make us miserable. The key is to balance our lives so that we're not always on the giving end or that we never receive the benefits of relationships. Our relationships make us happiest when they're in balance. … [Read more...]