Feng Shui Birds Make Good News, Wishes, and Love Flock to You

The phoenix brings opportunities that have financial benefits

  By Kathryn Weber Some might say feng shui is for the birds -- but they'd be wrong. Birds are for feng shui! There are few creatures in the world that inspire the envy of man, but birds do. With their ability to soar and fly above the trees and among the clouds, it’s no surprise.  They are loved for their beautiful, bright plumage and their sweet songs that remind us that winter will soon be leaving. We admire their faith and loyalty as … [Read more...]

Growing Chi — Feng Shui Flowers and Their Meanings


One of the most powerful ways to improve your home and life is by landscaping. Beautiful plants and flowers lift the energy of your home, bringing beautiful healthy growing chi. Surrounding your home with vibrant plantings is also a good idea for real estate reasons. Realtors say that nice landscaping is one of the all-important components of curb appeal – and that can be good for your home if you’re trying to sell it. Even if you’re not in the … [Read more...]

Improve Wealth, Luck, Opportunity with Feng Shui’s Auspicious Animals

Use fu dogs to protect the entrance of residences.

Animals figure prominently in feng shui and in Chinese lore. Although the dragon is widely known, there are other animals that are less well known but whose influence creates great luck and good fortune.  Below is a listing of animals and their feng shui meanings. Placing one of these animals in your home or office can often bring you business opportunities, improve your health or help you protect your money. See which one you like … [Read more...]