Feng Shui Yourself for Success

Feng shui is often called the Chinese Art of Placement. But you can use feng shui in so many ways beyond how you arrange your home.

Feng shui is all about energy movement and includes the way things look, how they feel, and the energy they possess. There are so many
ways that you can apply feng shui that can impact your life. Let’s talk about a few of them….

Signature and handwriting. My mentor and feng shui master, Lillian Too, often recommended people make changes to their signatures to give them more influence. Some signatures have letters that curl backwards — this means lackluster growth and success. Some tilt left — this causes the same problem. Even this graphic (right) shows writing that tilts to the right and looks like it’s going forward. Look at your signature and make sure yours says “affluence” and that it tilts right and up — not left and backwards.

A client of mine had a tough time being promoted even though his income kept going up; he simply never got the nod. I told him his signature tilted backwards — as though he turned his back on others or looked backwards. In fact, all his writing has a tendency to lean left. He changed his signature and the money flowed into his life — and he leap-frogged at his job being promoted up two levels! One of my wealthy clients has the most gorgeous handwriting — and she always writes in purple. I often admire it and wonder about its effect on her life.

Email. This may sound strange but your email address conveys ideas about you to the people who read it. What we call ourselves can have an influence in the way we are treated. One email I received came from a person looking for love. The woman wanted a man in her life and was seeking a permanent partner, yet her email address was “Beethovens wife.”

I told her that her email said she was already married — to a dead composer. I suggested she change her email to something more generic like sally@abc.com, but she refused and gave every excuse in the book why it wasn’t possible to make this simple adjustment. I said as long as you’re already someone else’s wife, then you won’t find a mate. People also have a tendency to write about themselves and write their names in email all in lowercase letters. This diminishes you. Don’t do it.

Change. Are you willing to make some changes in order to get what you want? Many people talk about change and then fight it every step of the way. They also may not understand how “easy” it is for other people and be so hard for themselves. What they don’t see is that change is not easy for anyone, it’s just that those who make the effort understand the discomfort of change isn’t just discomfort — it’s growing pains.

Receive. Many people are uncomfortable with receiving. They’re more comfortable with giving the advice, making the effort, slugging it out themselves. You have people and circumstances that are willing to help you and come to your aid. And if you do — are you willing to receive it and take the advice? I have a business mentor who gives me tough love — and I pay handsomely for it. That makes me value the advice and I am open to receiving it — and then implementing it! Be smart enough to take advice and then implement it.

Beautify. Do you live with clutter? Is your house dirty? Maybe your desk had a paper bomb go off…. Affluent people don’t live with mess. They work at keeping their environments beautiful and supportive and energizing. You can do the same. Make an effort in your home and office to make it appealing and beautiful. You deserve a clean, beautiful, organized space — whether that’s in the bedroom or the office or the living room.

While you’re at it, beautify yourself. Get to a new stylist, or a make-up counter at a department store. Improve your image and your look. We all get into ruts, just have the good sense to get out of it and make some improvements. Changing yourself keeps your energy flowing and active!

There are situations and circumstances in every part of your life that say subtle things about you and influence your life. Open your eyes to your habits of speech, your writing, your email name, your resistance to change and openness to receive. This is part of applying feng shui to yourself and to your life, to keeping energy positive and moving and flowing for yourself. Sometimes the change to your environment isn’t as important as the changes your make to yourself.

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