Green — Feng Shui’s Color of Health, Wealth and Growth

In feng shui, green promotes growth and wellness.


In feng shui, every aspiration, whether it’s career, wealth, or love is tied to a direction, such as north, west, or southwest, and each direction is tied to a color, a number and an element.

The color green relates to new growth, expansion, hope, new beginnings and the southeast direction. It is this direction that is also associated most with wealth. The southeast relates to small wood, the beginnings of wealth growth. Green is also the color that supports healing and regeneration.

To be sure, green is the color of paper money in the US and “getting more green” is associated with making more money. Green is sometimes associated with the greed, envy and jealousy. But more often green is the color associated with positive attributes of health, renewal and regeneration – and wealth.

Use these ideas below to create more wealth and health chi and put the power of green to work in your life!

Give wealth the green light. Green lighting is a growth enhancer and the southeast is the direction of wealth. By adding green light here, you can boost your wealth-producing potential.

Feeling tired, low on energy? Much of our energy comes from our liver, our largest internal organ. Wearing green will help give you more energy and promote healing if you don’t feel well. Better still, add a green dragon in the southeast corner of your living room to boost health AND wealth. Place the dragon between 112.5-127 degrees for the best results.

Green brings recognition. Green is a wood color and wood feeds fire — the element of fame and recognition. Because it’s a bright, vibrant color, green can “fire” up your recognition quotient. Even spending time amongst trees can help you become more famous and give you more appeal.

Add more green for more energy. One of the best ways to improve on precious yang, or growth, energy is with landscaping. Add plenty of lush green plants to build up your growth potential and give your home lots of energy that will propel you forward in life. Even better is a garden dragon which you can easily create in your yard with plants that mimic the flow and shape of a dragon.

Green promotes healing. If your health has been problematic and you need a boost of healing energy, hang a green crystal in your window and wear green colors. Light green is especially favorable, but do make sure that the green is always a clear green and not a muddy shade of green. Spending time among nature and greenery is also beneficial for good health.

Get unstuck with green. Because green is the color of expansion, growth and regeneration, it’s the perfect color for getting unstuck and for moving forward. If life has felt like it’s at a standstill, green is the color to help get your growing again. Paint a room green, wear green colors and accessories.

Use green for your kua number. If you have a 3, 4, 9, or 1 kua number, green is a helpful color for you. The 1 kua should wear green colors and shine a green light in the southeast to promote success. The 3 kua number should wear green or shine a green light on the southeast for romance luck and the 4 kua should wear green or shine a green light in the southeast to promote personal growth. For the 9 kua number, wearing green clothing and shining a green light on the southeast promotes good health.

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