Kitchen Feng Shui – The 6 Feng Shui Ways to Revitalize Your Kitchen and Your Life

In feng shui, kitchens, when clean and used often, attract money luck.


The heart of almost every home centers around the kitchen. Whether it’s doing homework with children or preparing meals, almost everyone (guests included) gather in the kitchen.

Besides the bedroom, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of family luck in feng shui thought.

From centuries past, having enough food was a sign of luxury and financial prosperity. It still is today, but not to the same extent it once was.

When the energy in the kitchen is beneficial, families are more inclined to want to eat at home, and the family will enjoy better health and relationships as a result. When the kitchen doesn’t enjoy beneficial energy, the feng shui luck of the whole family is affected.

The kitchen also affects prosperity and when actively used and in good condition, can actually attract beneficial monetary luck.

If your kitchen has been stagnant too long, is burdened with clutter, or needs a serious cleaning, by all means make a point of revitalizing it. And by revitalizing your kitchen, you’ll energize your relationships, your health, and your wealth.

1. Make cleaning a habit to improve prosperity.

One of the most important things you can do for your kitchen is to keep it clean and organized – and the two areas that need it most are the pantry and the refrigerator. Why? This is where food, a symbol of wealth and health, are stored. Chip bags that are almost empty, old jars of old food, spices, and other items bring old chi to your life and invigorated chi means invigorated wealth.

By keeping the fridge and pantry clean and organized regularly, you’ll improve your health by finding foods to prepare nutritious meals quickly, and your wealth will improve because you won’t waste food because you couldn’t find it and clean, fresh foods are a symbol of abundance. When you see items out of place in the pantry or fridge, make a point to organize or wipe up spills right then.

2. Clean before storing uplifts your health and vitality.

The optimum time to clean your refrigerator or pantry is before you store your groceries after shopping.  Taking just a few minutes to toss out almost-empty jars and boxes or wiping down shelves will make your refrigerator look clean and organized and your pantry will be easier to find things in. Make this your habit and you’ll see meals come together faster and easier and an overall improvement in your health and vitality.

3. Clear off countertops to stimulate your life.

It sounds counterintuitive, but when you have countertops that are full with small appliances, stacks of bills, and dishes, loaves of bread or bags of chips, it doesn’t inspire you to cook. On the other hand, when you see a kitchen in a model home, with its clear counters and attractive bowl of lemons or potted plant, it just makes you feel like whipping up a batch of cookies doesn’t it? If you want to cook more, cook better, and enjoy your family more, clear counters means the chi will flow in your kitchen – and that will impact your whole life.

4. Discard damaged items to stop financial loss.

Dented cans, scratched pans, chipped dishes are all negative energy that brings low-grade chi to your food.  And even if you replace chipped dishes with new ones, be sure to get rid of the old ones immediately. Having old damaged items hanging around “because they’re still good,” only brings your chi down. If they’re aren’t stained or badly damaged, donate them. If they are, throw them away. Donating items that should be in the trash is bad mojo, so don’t do it.

5. Hide the trash to stop money loss, improve relationships.

Energy flows where the eye goes and it always goes toward negative space, such as trash. If the first thing you see in the kitchen is your trash can with vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and egg shells, that’s where your energy goes – out with the trash. Food is meant to invigorate us and sustain our health, but when we see the negative side of food, it can impact our health and our relationships. It also symbolizes food thrown away, or money loss, and could secretly be creating a drain on your finances.

Worse still, it can cause relationships to deteriorate rapidly like the rotting food in the trash. Why? The yin energy of the trash permeates the entire kitchen. Try to put the trash inside a cabinet, out of sight, and keep your trash can meticulously clean. You’ll be amazed at what a difference you’ll feel when you come into your kitchen and no longer see the trash sitting out in the open. Check home centers for pull out trash drawers to convert your cabinet into a trash drawer.

6. Introduce beauty, life and fullness for more abundance.

OK, now that the fridge, pantry, counters and trash are spic and span, it’s time to introduce radiant chi that will uplift your home and life. Bring in potted herbs, fill a fruit basket with fruit or display full kitchen canisters to connote wealth and abundance. Don’t worry: faux fruit and herbs are just fine and do a nice stand-in for the real thing. The important thing is that you see beautiful, vibrant, healthful things when you’re in the kitchen to stimulate fullness, beauty and abundance in your life.



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