Move House Successfully with Feng Shui – Tips for making your house move an auspicious one


moving boxesMoving into to a new home is so exciting. It holds promise for all kinds of new experiences and opportunities. We may think that a new space won’t impact our lives that much, but we intuitively know that we’ll be changed and different once we occupy it.

That’s because different spaces exert a different influence over us.

If you are moving into a new house or office, congratulations. Even before you are at the threshold of a new home or office, you are at the threshold of a new way of looking, thinking, living, or working.That in itself is very exciting.

What’s one of the most exciting things about a new space? The clean slate. There is something so compelling, captivating, and drawing about an empty space. We see the potential in the vacuum of openness – our potential!

It’s also what makes moving into a new space so important. We want to exploit that potential for the greatest possible benefit. So, get your space off on the right foot by moving in consciously and deliberately. Moving this way helps you make sure only the good stuff comes – and stays – in the door. Some of the tips are good feng shui, and some are just good sense. Either way, Happy Moving!

General Moving Tips

Packing to move in. Pack early and pack often. Get started as soon as you know you are going to move because if you wait until just before the move, you’ll not only run out of boxes, you’ll run out of time.

Clean as you go. Clean your items before you pack them. And, pitch as you go. Keep a box for donating old, unused items and a trashcan nearby to pitch the stuff that nobody else would want. Move in lighter than you are now. Sort items by how often they’re used, sentimental value, and happiness. Keep only those things, pictures, mementoes, etc., that you LOVE and that make you happy.

Boxes, etc. This is an important, and often overlooked and underappreciated necessity. Get plenty of boxes and get TWICE as many as you think you’ll need. You will always need more than you expect. Also, buy brown plastic packing tape, not clear. Shhh….this is a mover’s secret. The brown sticks, the clear doesn’t.

Good quality moving boxes are worth the expense. You don’t want grandmother’s china in a banana box from the grocery store. Treat your belongings with respect by getting boxes made for moving. Try buying good quality new boxes from a company such as ULINE.

Lastly, use good packing paper. You can usually buy unprinted newspaper roll ends from your local newspaper. Call them; they’ll sell them to you very, very cheap. Beats buying paper at the moving store and or having the newsprint all over your hands.

Clean your new space thoroughly. If possible, hire a professional service company to come clean your space 3-4 days before you move in. Or, ask if you can clean it a few days before move in. You want to move in and not have to clean your new space when you should be unpacking boxes. This is important: you don’t want your first act in your new space to be drudgery. It should be a happy, expectant event.

Feng Shui Moving Tips

Prepare your new space. Get ready to move in beforehand by placing some welcoming items in the home, such as beautiful flowers or plants, some of your favorite music, fruits, and special items that will make you feel welcome.

If you have a personal altar, set this up now. Do this a day or so before moving in. Next, turn on lights in each room. You will want to have lights on in the house for a day or so before moving in.

Buy new brooms and mops. Because this is a new space, you will not want to “sweep in your old troubles” with the broom from your last house. Throw it away and buy a new one. And don’t place the old broom in the garage, either. Throw it away or leave it at the old house. Buy a new mop, too.

Buy your house a gift. Look for something that you absolutely love. It can be as small as a candle and as large as a new sofa. Just be sure to purchase your new space a loving token that positively delights you. This should be the first object that you move into the house.

Prepare your arrival. Have your closing papers or lease ready for the move in day. Get a box of items together so you can spend the first night there and have a small meal there. You will want to bring some cups or mugs and coffee or tea to prepare in the house upon arrival.

Stand at the threshold of your new house, your new life, and be prepared to enter. On the appointed date and time, and with closing papers in hand, open the door and announce to the house the date and time and that you are now the owners of the house and will be moving in now.

Have a small meal when you move in, such as tea and cookies, to symbolize your new life

Have a small meal when you move in, such as tea and cookies, to symbolize your new life

Begin setting up house. Prepare to have some food now and invite others in. Prepare your tea or coffee by boiling water on the stove. Then, have a meal. This symbolizes the beginning of your new life in the new house. Have others over to celebrate the new home. Now, move your “house gift” into the house.

Moving in DON’Ts.
•Don’t have a pregnant woman at the scene when moving in.
•Don’t argue or have harsh interactions when moving in.
•Don’t move in all the boxes into the house. Put them in the garage and bring boxes in one at a time, making sure to discard any items you will not use, are outdated, worn out, not working, make you unhappy, or are just taking up space.

Congratulations and best wishes for your new space!



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