My Feng Shui Consultation: How Feng Shui Made my Family Happier

My Feng Shui Consultation: How feng shui made my family happier
An interview with a Red Lotus feng shui client

Earlier this summer, a writer contacted me about feng shui success stories for an article she was writing on feng shui for children’s rooms. She wanted to speak to clients of mine who used my feng shui help to help improve life for their children and their families.

One of the clients I contacted answered the writer’s interview questions so beautifully that I wanted to share them with you, dear reader. This client lives in Miami, Florida. We corresponded by mail, email, and by phone. Of course, the most credit for the success goes to my client…

That’s because this client didn’t just want things to change — she was willing to help them change by making the effort. This is the lesson of feng shui: if you want to put in the energy into your environment, the energy will come back to you ten-fold.

There is nothing like a real-life story such as this to motivate me to make changes in my own home. I hope that this one person’s story will motivate you to create an environment that supports you and your family so that you are all healthy, happy, and contented.

1. What was the situation before seeking out Kathryn Weber’s assistance?
Before meeting Kathryn, my two children were totally alienated from the rest of the kids in school. They were arguing a lot and were very rebellious. My daughter was very unhappy because she did not have any friends. The other kids in school made fun of her.

2. What made you decide to consider feng shui?
I stumbled across feng shui in my desperate search to help my children become happier. I was looking through the Internet and read a lot about it in different sites. When I came upon Kathryn’s Red Lotus Letter site it was as if I had found the answer to my prayers. Kathryn is very detailed in her explanations and recommendations.

It was almost as if I had found a book written specifically to address my situation. I immediately contacted her via email and explained the situation to her. Not only did she respond quickly but she also offered so much advice and help that I could apply right away that I was completely sold on feng shui from thereon.

3. What was your daughter’s response? How involved was she in decision making?
My daughter was very receptive to the idea of applying the feng shui concepts to help her situation because she did not wanted to suffer anymore and was extremely excited about the outcome. She was definitely very involved. She went with me to the store to select the new color of her room and buy a few things that we needed. She also helped me place the objects in the right places and has become very interested in finding out more about feng shui.

4. What were you hoping to accomplish by using feng shui?
I was hoping to change the terrible situation that my kids were in and make them happier. I also wanted to improve everything for my family — our relationships, our finances. But I was most worried about my children.

5. What was the outcome? Did this help your situation?
The outcome was fantastic. Within 3 weeks of implementing some of the changes (we are still working on a few more) she started becoming more popular. She made two new friends. The kids in school stopped making fun of her. The fights between her and her brother stopped.

6. How does your daughter feel about the change?
She is happier and more confident than I have seen her in a very long time. She wants to learn more about feng shui and how to achieve balance in our environment.

7. Would you recommend this to others?
I would definitely recommend this to anyone, young and old. It is a new way of life. A new way of looking at your surroundings and achieving peace and balance.

8. What is the biggest difference that you’ve noticed in your lives as a result of applying feng shui techniques in your home?
We are at peace. The house has become warm and welcoming to us. Our family is spending more time enjoying each other and less time worried about things we do not have.

9. What is the most important things parents should consider when looking at feng shui?
I think the most important thing is not to look at it as a burden because it involves change. It should be approached as an opportunity to better your life. It is not a chore to be done just to get it out of the way. The changes are usually minimal and require very little money to implement but the rewards are enormous.

10. What is the best way to start/ approach your child about this? Can you recommend good sources of information, books, etc?
Never impose it on your child. I started talking with my daughter about her feelings and how different places make her feel happy or sad. I explained to her that our environment has a big influence on how we feel and act and that we have the power to change our environment and make it a better place for us.

I explained to her that feng shui is about balance where the good is enhanced and the bad in channeled or controlled so it cannot hurt us. I helped her picture feng shui like a breeze coming through our house. We want this breeze to reach all corners and feel good when we are inside. She understands the importance of not blocking this “breeze” and help it run through.

I would certainly recommend the website The Red Lotus Letter by Kathryn Weber. Her weekly newsletter contains tons of information with easy to use advice that can certainly help anyone. She is very accessible by email and is a very warm and caring individual.

11. Has this inspired you to apply feng shui in other parts of your home?
Yes. I requested a whole house consultation with Kathryn Weber via email. It was extremely easy and very affordable. I sent her the information via email and she gave me detailed explanations and drawings about what to do and where in the house. She explained the reason for all changes and even gave me suggestions on where to buy or how to make some of the things I needed to place around the house.

I strongly believe that, if you want to better the quality of your life, instead of spending time and money on other things that only bring a brief enjoyment you should reward yourself with the lifetime change that feng shui could bring to you and your family.

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