Plant a Garden Dragon and Surround Your Home with Wealth-building Energy

gardensGrand homes, like the Palace at Versailles in France, the Medici Estate in Florence, or Biltmore House in North Carolina are all beautiful landmarks in their own right, but they are also noted for their glorious gardens.

That’s because the architects and designers of these estates understood that what creates a magnificent estate is more than just the structure — it’s also the natural environment that surrounds the home.

When a home is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, trees, flowers, and gardens, the home’s exterior environment gives beautiful sheng chi (the highest form of energy) to the home.

A home is more beautiful, more prosperous, and more enjoyable when there is a “Garden Dragon” living there.

The Garden Dragon brings precious, vital, and growing energy to a home — and everyone who lives in it.

By their nature, homes are empty space and that makes them yin.

But having beautiful gardens around the home brings beautiful dragon energy that energizes the home for health, happiness, growth — and prosperity. But merely having trees and grass is not enough to bring a garden dragon to your home. It needs to be alive with flowers, breezes, shrubs, and flowing water.

These tips will help you to create the kind of garden that inspires happiness, good health, and fruitful abundance.

Plant good luck.

Beautiful greenery brings good luck to a home. Create a balanced landscape, making sure to plant trees on both sides of the house and at the rear. This creates supportive luck. Trees on the left side of the house help control the man’s anger and trees on the right side of the house control the woman’s.

Add balance and movement.

To entice a garden dragon to reside at your home, add plants that are different shapes, sizes, and textures. Add movement by adding curving lines to the garden with pathways and planting beds and plants of varying heights to simulate the humps of a dragon.

Lure a dragon to your garden with water.

A famous building in Hong Kong was built with a large open square in the middle so the dragon of the hill behind the building could drink from Hong Kong harbor. Beautiful story, isn’t it?

Consider adding a pond, waterfall, pool, or fountain to your landscape. The soothing water provides a beautiful sound, draws birds, and is a wealth enhancer. Water can also draw a garden dragon to your home. The dragon helps improve everything and everyone in the household – including robust health, happy family relationships, and greater wealth through career opportunities, good investments, and accumulated wealth.

Light your garden.

Lighting is a wonderful activator and helps to energize the chi of the garden and dissolve any negative energy. The lighting will help to raise the garden’s natural chi and make it more potent.

Bring your garden indoors.

One of the best ways to use your garden is to create views from your home’s windows. This brings the beautiful sheng chi into the home and gives your eyes a visual rest that is natural and beautiful. Beauty, in and of itself, is a wonderful feng shui activator. If you have windows to your garden, plan your landscape to be captured and framed by your windows.

Plant auspicious flowers, plants, and symbols.

Certain plants and flowers are more auspicious than others. Bamboo is generally regarded as an auspicious plant as are citrus trees such as lime, lemon and orange and plum, peach, and pine trees. Avoid spiny, prickly plants that can stick you. Bulb flowers are considered good luck because they represent accumulated wealth, so plant narcissus and hyacinth flowers. Old trees are also highly regarded if they are healthy. Old, rotting trees bring very bad health and wealth luck to the house.

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