Refreshing Your Home’s Feng Shui

Tips to Cleanse Feng Shui Cures, Invigorating Your Home and Invite Prosperity Chi

By Kathryn Weber 

Incense, sunlight can help cleanse feng shui enhancers and cures

Right after the first of January, the New Year is underway. But the energy of the year isn’t merely limited to the first day or even two weeks of the month. No, instead, energy begins building around the 1st of January, culminating at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year.

This energy could be looked upon as the second New Year – the yin beginning that follows the Western January 1st New Year start.

And during that time, the desire to create fresh new energy is palpable.

We want to refresh ourselves and so many of us commit ourselves to new exercise or diet regimens or maybe we realign our thinking to be more positive. 

Regardless of whether your improvements are internal (the self, your mindset, diet) or external (your home, garden, office), the results are magnified when a full approach is used that incorporates both. This action, much like the yin and yang of the solar and lunar new years, makes a complete start to the year.

In feng shui, one way to energize your home is to cleanse your feng shui items. After spending a year absorbing negative energies or emitting positive ones, feng shui cures can feel stale. Yet you don’t have to throw them away any more than you need to move out of your house to  re-energize it.

Cleansing Your Cures and Enhancements

One of the simplest methods for cleansing feng shui cures and remedies is by sunlight. Sunlight purifies and energizes. If you have a five element pagoda, for example, you’ll want to empty it of the dirt inside, rinse with water and set in the sun for at least eight hours. 

Crystals can be soaked in water and left in the sunlight.  All cures should be wiped down clean and all dust removed. If you have plants as energizers in your home, be sure to trim these, removing dead leaves and branches and give them a nice dose of fertilizer or replant if they’ve outgrown their pots.

Cleansing and Energizing Your Home

A simple ritual for cleansing and energizing your home that’s especially nice to perform at the New Year is to clean your energizers and cures thoroughly, energizing them in the sun from 1-3 days. 

Get rid of stained, ill-fitting or out of date clothes. All bring down your personal chi energy.

Next, after a thorough cleaning of the house, and decluttering as much as possible, bring in a vase of flowers to represent new growth for the year, light incense and go about replacing your cures into their correct placements.  The incense smoke will bless the house and clear stale energies.

Inviting Prosperity Chi

Does your wallet and purse say prosperity? If they’re tattered, worn or damaged, then invite new wealth into your life by replacing your worn out wallet. If it’s in good shape, do a thorough cleaning and remove old bits of papers and receipts. Get rid of clothes you know you won’t ever wear, stained clothes or clothes that make you feel bad about yourself.

In your home, give the front door a good cleaning, being sure to remove dust, cob webs and dead or dying plants from around the front door. The light fixtures should also shine, be clean and any burned out bulbs replaced. 

Next, walk into your front door. Where does your eye fall? Wherever you look should be beautiful, auspicious and pleasant. This place where your eye is automatically drawn is a lucky corner, so do make sure this is beautified.  

Add a bowl to your dining room or breakfast room table or kitchen counter and fill with fruits. Fruits – especially pineapple and oranges –represent abundance, the sweetness of life and the arrival of prosperity. Be sure to rid your cabinets of mismatched or chipped glasses and dishware, as these bring down the energy of the very food you eat. Be sure and fill all jars and storage containers full with flour, sugar, rice and whatever else you store.

Add three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon to stimulate powerful prosperity chi.

If you work at home, be sure to add three Chinese coins tied with red string to your work chair. Or, you can place three coins tied with red ribbon under your chair.  Add a mountain of gold by painting rocks gold and adding them to the north corner to stimulate wealth energy or in the northwest to stimulate opportunity for the man of the house.  

Add three tied Chinese coins in the four corners of the house to solidify and stabilize prosperity and bring prosperity from the four corners to your home. Lastly, remember that broken equals broke. 

What’s broken around your house? If you have damaged furniture, walls, door handles or windows, that broken energy equates to broke finances. Repair it, replace it and you will have done much to make your home energized with new and beneficial prosperity and growth chi!


© 2013 Kathryn Weber