Round — The Feng Shui Shape of Wealth

2 round pearlsIn feng shui every direction, such as north, south, or northeast has a number, color, element and a shape associated with it. Each shape has a distinct meaning. For instance, the tall, rectangular shape of wood is associated with growth. The shape associated with “big metal” or the northwest is round. This is also the shape of coins – or “change” – and wealth.

The round shape is a shape that is seen as very yang and active. A round ball or coin takes very little effort to get it to roll and keep moving. Try making a block of wood move and it stops dead. But round and circular shapes have movement to them and that’s what makes them yang.

Yet in many homes, the round shape is often missing. Décor elements tend to go square and rectangular versus circular or curving.

But what does that circular shape have to do with wealth?

For one thing, wealth comes from movement and energy. The times we make the most money most often come when we expend the most energy and movement. And think of coins. Their round shape has kept them moving in and out of our purses and pockets for thousands of years now.

The round shape is also associated with “big metal” and big metal makes water in the feng shui five element theory — and water is wealth. Therefore, adding metal to your environment adds more water based on the productive cycle and that means more money for you.

When you’re interested in developing more wealth and increasing prosperity, make sure you incorporate more round shapes and circles in your home environment. The tips below will help you to put more water-producing (read: wealth producing) energy in your home – and your pocketbook!

Use circles in your décor

Sofas, drapes, and carpeting can all be selected with circular shapes and fabric patterns. Select soothing and muted patterns because strong circles and dots can create a restless energy that makes relaxing difficult.

Dot your landscape with circles

Whether you have a round fountain in your garden or circular stepping stones, adding circles to the landscape will generate water energy that will “feed” your garden dragon. Curving shapes also induce a watery feel to the garden which generates more prosperity chi!

Select circular accessories

A wonderful choice for increasing wealth is a metal wealth bowl. Filled with faux jewels or semiprecious stones that “feed” the metal bowl, the wealth bowl will be even more productive at generating watery wealth energy. Round shaped accessories that are metal are best at generating more movement and wealth energy in your home. Round plates on stands are another excellent wealth producing accessory – especially those that are gold or silver-colored.

Choose circular furnishings

Too often furniture is very square, solid, and energy-stopping. To bring more wealth-producing energy to your home, select chairs that are round and curved. But avoid selecting round baby cribs or beds. These are too energetic and will impede your sleep and ability to fully rest.

Round jewelry

You can even add round shapes to yourself. To generate more water and wealth energy, choose jewelry pieces that are round or circular. These are also especially wonderful if they have any kind of stones or jewels on them to activate them.

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