Money Map

Feng Shui Money Map:

FINALLY! The Feng Shui System That UNLOCKS the WEALTH & PROSPERITY in YOUR HOUSE and Reveals Ancient Feng Shui Wealth Formulasfsmoneymapecover11

With my feng shui wealth manifesting system, you’ll have the keys to unlock the secret wealth energy in your own home for more abundance and financial freedom!

My step-by-step program-“The Feng Shui Money Map: how to locate and activate the prosperity in your home & manifest more wealth” will help you to create the kind of wealth that has escaped you — yet was surrounding you the whole time.

What is true wealth? Can I REALLY be wealthy? The answer is “YES!”

The Feng Shui Money Map will show you how to

–Stimulate STREAMS of income
–How to ACCUMULATE money
–Ways to create Wealth for the FUTURE
–Generate Money for your WANTS not just your needs
–You can have the FREEDOM to choose where you live, what you buy, how you work
–ABILITY to PLAN AND CREATE your own life path

Here’s just some of the TRUE WEALTH secrets you’ll discover in the Feng Shui Money Map:

1. What your house is best for – money or money through others — or BOTH!
2. Where the money energies fly from year to year and month to month
3. How you can “money match” your house to get out what you put in
4. Secret wealth enhancers that I’ve never shared in my ezines or other programs
5. Feng shui magic with money-enhancing qualities to draw wealth to your home & wallet
6. What side of your home is the money side and which side is the people side
7. The magic of house numbers
8. How seemingly simple changes can UNSTICK the money energy in your home
9. Why you need to clean and renovate your home
10. Where the bad luck star for money hides to sabotage your success
11. How to find the financial “leaks” in your home
12. Symbols that can improve the wealth manifesting ability in your home
13. Decorating enhancers that stimulate income
14. Designs that can make money flow to your home
15. How to answer the skeptics about feng shui
16. Ways you can protect your wealth
17. How you are your house and your house is you — and how to make money for both!

…and many, many wealth and prosperity tips and ideas, worksheets and self-discovery tools to help you understand you and your relationship with your home and with money.

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