The Danger of Peach A Feng Shui Color Warning

Peach1The peach is a highly symbolic fruit in Chinese society and the Taoist religion. The plant is imbued with immortality and the wood is thought to keep away evil spirits and entities.

The peach flower is also believed to be able to entrance men. Its petals were thought to possess the ability to cast a romantic spell on them and as such is seen as a romantic symbol by the Chinese.

But peaches are also symbols of long life.

The lore of the peach is that a Goddess invited eight people to her garden where a peach tree had borne fruit after 3,000 years. After eating the peaches, each of the Gods became immortal. Thus, peaches became synonymous with long life and longevity in Chinese culture.

The peach is also a common symbol of spring time and represents marriage. Peaches in the bedroom are thought to inspire marriage proposals and be a wonderful feng shui enhancer for singles.

But there is a danger with peach….

Peach is the color of infidelity. The use of peach colors is not wise for a number of reasons. Peach colors can attract men with less than honorable intentions. In a marriage, it can cause straying from the marriage and sexual scandal. A television show that portrayed a horrific rape and slaying of a young woman showed that her house was painted a peach color and the man responsible for her death stalked her and stabbed her to death.

Peach is popular, but not worth the risk. A client of mine from a prominent political family suffered the embarrassment and scandal from her husband’s affairs in the newspapers and TV, but wouldn’t budge from her favorite color. Ask yourself if this color is worth the risk if peach is your favorite color.

When you’re single and looking to attract a suitable mate, painting your bedroom peach can help you attract many who are interested in you. But it’s a mixed blessing because you want to choose carefully as peach can attract suitors only looking for a physical relationship or who are users.

Once you have someone you are interested in, be sure to paint over the color or you could invite trouble such as cheating. Afterwards, you can display a peach or a peach plant made of jadeite and found at Chinese emporiums if you want to stimulate more romantic interest and marriage opportunity.

If you’re married, display the peach symbol, but be wary of using the color. Displaying the peach symbol is not worrisome the way the peach color is because of the potential for creating unwanted marital dalliances or sexual scandal. The peach is a good symbol for romantic interest and longevity for your marriage.

Be selective when using this color in a child’s room or elderly person. Even here, the use of the color should be tempered for fear of drawing unwanted physical interest to the child. Peach figures are perfectly fine to display in the living room or bedroom of older persons to stimulate health and longevity, but avoid the use of the peach color.

On your next trip to the home center searching for paint colors, look in favor of pink, beige or brown and avoid peach colors.

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