The Feng Shui of Numbers

numbers_mixBy Kathryn Weber

Numbers are an integral part of feng shui, with each direction having its own corresponding digit.

Certain numbers, such as 1, 6, and 8 are considered especially auspicious and confer excellent luck to anyone with these numbers in their address or telephone number.

The number eight is considered particularly auspicious because it is also the shape of the infinity symbol (and a woman’s figure, too!;). In numerology, numbers are added together and reduced down to one number. However, this isn’t the practice in feng shui. Rather, it is the sounds of the numbers that create the best luck.

An example of this would be the address “1008 Walnut Street.”

The sound of the address ends on the number eight. This gives it emphasis. By the same token, the double zero also adds strength. (Incidentally, double O’s are also auspicious whether they are a number or a letter. Just think of the words Google or Yahoo.)

When you have a home address, you would ideally want a home that ends in 9, 3, 8, 1, or 6. The numbers ending in 2, 5, and 4 are not as auspicious. However, it’s important to understand the Chinese view before worrying about your house numbers.

The word “four” in Chinese sounds similar to the word death, therefore that number brings a negative connotation. My take is that the number four is represented by Southeast which is the prosperity and wealth sector because the word “four” doesn’t remotely sound like death to me.

It’s a lot like Friday the 13th.

Many people associate negativity with the number 13 falling on a Friday. If you associate good luck with it like I do, then the association goes from negative to positive. The number two makes me associate the duality of the universe (yin/yang) and the number five with the number of elements in the universe.

So, you see, it’s not as negative or worrisome in English and when you make a better association with the numbers. This is helpful when an address or phone number ends in a two or a five.

Numbers can be utilized to help create better luck.

By placing items in the correct number in the correct direction, you can energize the items. Not only that, but you’ll also gain more benefit by the item’s placement when it corresponds to a beneficial number.

Another benefit is when you use the five element theory for your numbers and combine the productive cycle. An example would be to place six silver balls in the north corner because six is the number of big metal which creates water!

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Here is a recap on feng shui directions and numbers:

The Number 1

North: Career, personal growth, prospects, music and art, number 1
Black or Blue color; Water element;
Objects: ponds, fish, aquarium, turtles, frogs

Add a single object here, such as a single frog or turtle figure. You could also have a picture of a single sailing ship to bring wealth to the home.

The Number 2

Southwest: Romance, motherhood, marriage prospects & marital happiness, number 2
Beige or yellow color; Large earth element;
Objects: Large stones, crystals, hills, lamps

In the southwest sector of the home, you can place globe bookends here. Since the number of the SW is 2 and the globe symbolizes ‘earth,’ this would be an excellent addition. Or, you can use two bookends made from stone or geodes.

The Number 3

East: Family, nutrition, health and healing, number 3
Green-brown color; Large wood element;
Objects: wood furnishings, trees, bamboo, baskets

East is the direction of the number 3. A grouping of 3 wooden items in this corner would be perfect. Or, place an arrangement of three plants in this sector. Three pictures of your family would also be good in this location.

The Number 4

Southeast: Wealth, abundance, communication, possessions, number 4
Green color; Small wood element
Objects: potted plants, small wood knick knacks

In the southeast, group four plants together. Or, select four items that represent growth to you. These can be pictures of fruits and vegetables, flowers, or other items.

The Number 5

Center: Health, wealth, relationships and all members of the household, the number 5
Beige color; Earth element;
Objects: hills, bumps or rocks in the ground

In the center, place five items together. This can be crystal or stone spheres, or a bowl of beautiful crystals. Secondarily, five lights may also be placed here. This enhances the power of the center by aligning with the number of items used.

The Number 6

Northwest: Helpful people or mentors, international travel, fatherhood, number 6
White, silver, or gold color; Large metal element;
Objects: large metallic objects, electronic items

To enhance the NW, which is the direction of helpful people, place six brass bells in this area. This is also good to do if anyone is looking for a job.

The Number 7

West: Creativity, entertaining, socializing, children, luck of children, number 7
White, silver, or gold color; Small metal element;
Objects: small metal objects, wind chimes, etc.

To improve your creativity or help your children, hang a metal mobile with seven pieces in the West corner of your home or living room. Or, you can place seven crystal spheres here to keep relationships harmonious. Items that are white, silver, or gold-colored are especially good here.

The Number 8

Northeast: Education, meditation, & spirituality, number 8
Beige color; Earth element;
Objects: hills, bumps or rocks in the ground

In the northeast, place eight items together. This can be crystal or stone spheres, or a bowl of eight beautiful crystals. Secondarily, eight lights may also be placed here. This enhances the power of the northeast by aligning with the number of items used.

The Number 9

South: Fame, opportunity, dreams, awards, happiness and recognition, number 9
Red color; Fire element;
Objects: lights, candles, lamps, fireplace, oven

In the south, the number 9 reigns supreme. Consider an arrangement of nine candles (such as those fireplace candle holders). Or, arrange 9 pictures on a wall that feature the color red. These could be pictures, paintings, or prints or roosters, peacocks, triangles, etc. Or, choose red frames for the pictures. Nine tall peacock feathers would also be a good choice.






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