The Feng Shui Outlook 2010

2010-beachLast year was a wild ride, and we’ve got a few surprises to contend with in the coming year. Yes, there are some difficulties ahead.  But some of those big surprises are…. good! Indeed, there are opportunities to get ahead in 2010.

The questions become:
–Will you work with the energy of the year?
–Are you ready to stop fighting the flow and rowing upstream?
–Did you know that by following the energy patterns, you can ride the tides like a nimble kayaker navigates the rushing whitewater with deft skill?

Each year presents opportunities with the dominant energies of the year — for both good and bad.

Like the ocean rip tides that can suck a swimmer out to deeper water, it’s the swimmer who fights the tide that drowns — and it’s the survivor who swims with the tide, using the tide’s own energy to help move him or her closer to shore.

It’s like that from year to year.  You can either fight the tide — or you can trust the tide, and let it carry you and propel you even further than swimming alone.

So what do you need to know to get ahead in 2010?

The very best energy for 2010 is found in the center, west, east, north, and northwest. That’s the good news! We have five sectors with helpful energy. The difficult energy is found in the southwest, south, northeast and southeast. 

Let’s talk about the energies…

Networking through civic groups is another benefit of the 4 Sexy Star moving to the career sector. Anything that gets your name out in front of others is the best way to promote your availability to do the job. Write, network, and get your name out to help you move ahead in your career this year. Write, promote, publicize.  That’s the key to getting ahead this year.

The one cautionary note this year with regard to career is that it’s possible there will be infidelities at work – like there always is – but to an even higher degree in the coming year. Keep alert for these dalliances as they can cause scandal – and possible job loss – at work.

Family Outlook
The family will benefit by the addition of the heavenly benefactor energy in the east sector of health and family. Men and helpful people can be called on to assist your family. The family can also benefit by traveling together internationally as these trips will promise to be both helpful and unifying for the family.

The southeast wealth sector can see more arguments about money and hurtful words exchanged. Adding water to this sector will help to dissolve the harsh energy. Theft is another concern. Lost wallets, break-ins, and Internet or credit card theft is a heightened worry in the year ahead. Keep careful watch over all expenses and your accounts in the coming year.

The south sector of fame and recognition and social status may see the break-up of old friendships as bickering and squabbling could occur this year. Watch associations with others for possible legal entanglements as the Jade 3 star visits the south sector creating legal wrangling and potential lawsuits, slander, or hurtful gossip. This would be the year to pull in as a family and limit outside interactions as much as possible to save your family’s name and reputation.

In the northeast sector, the Black 2 illness star makes its appearance. This can cause children to lose more days away from school due to sickness and face school hardships. Children also figure into the west 1 star this year and they may suffer more from ear aches and bladder or kidney problems. Watch children’s health with extra care and diligence.

Keep your home and office chi fresh and alive

Every year you buy new clothes. It’s important to keep your clothing new to look fresh and updated. It makes you feel good too! The same is true with feng shui and that’s why it’s the smart person who makes the simple, easy changes that keep your home and office chi fresh and alive from year to year.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s the clever person who makes certain that negative energies are addressed first and foremost – much like the driver who gets into the car and fastens his seat belt. We know we’re very unlikely to be in a car crash, yet the wise person takes steps to protect him or herself and his or her family before driving, secure in the knowledge that if a crash does occur, you will be protected. This is the same with feng shui.

Protection is a must
Feng shui’s first priority is always protection first. That’s why addressing problems and afflictions each year helps you get the most out of the year – because you can proceed knowing that you’ve handled problems and if they do occur, they’ll be easier to handle.

Once that’s done, then you can proceed to making enhancements feeling confident and secure that the changes you make will be more effective because you’ve already handled the afflictions!

Themes for the Year of the Tiger
As I talked about earlier, this is the year to pull in as a family, take care of each other, be careful in cars and in sports, and watch your family name. Avoid dalliances at work – and instead – put that romance energy to work with your partner or spouse where you will reap the real rewards of the Sexy Star!

Plan ahead…now

And in 2010, be thinking about where you want to head in the next few years and begin making a plan of the steps to get there.

Start planning for growth now, because although it was a rough year in 2008 and 2009, we will start to see some signs of recovery and you want to be there ready to take advantage of it in the year ahead!

And true to the idea of planting seeds, this is a great year to do more landscaping and adding water to your home landscape. Growth from making future plans and actually planting and adding water will help you to reap rewards and in the years that follow.

I’ve got all the details you need to get your year underway so that its healthy, happy, productive, and prosperous in the 2010 Red Lotus Letter Success Pack.


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