Feng Shui Checklist to Enhance the Eight Areas of Wealth


Money is often called the great lubricant – it doesn’t stop problems from occurring, it just makes everything go a little easier. But money in and of itself is not the definition of wealth. There are many people who are financially or monetarily abundant but who have miserable home lives, health problems, or have little or no love in their life.

This is not the feng shui view of wealth.

For true wealth, feng shui prescribes focusing on more than just view of wealth.

In the feng shui perspective, there are eight essential parts of life that make a person wealthy.

These are most commonly called the “Eight Aspirations.” If you’re familiar with feng shui, you’ll recognize that each of these aspirations corresponds to a corner of the eight-sided feng shui map, called the bagua. When you want better health, activating the east health sector or east side of your home will help you.

Assess each corner to determine if there is anything missing from your life or if there’s an area where you feel unbalanced. If travel has been missing from your life, then activating the northwest corner will help get you on the airplane and headed to a foreign destination. Why is travel an aspiration? Because the ability to go to another country and experience a different culture or climate enhances us and the distance can give us perspective in our life.

Below is a checklist of each of the aspirations and suggestions on how to activate and enhance each one. Remember that if a sector has a toilet or kitchen, don’t activate it, but rather, enhance that corner of the living room or your garden instead. Secondly, make sure there are no blockages in the areas you want to enhance in your life so that chi can move smoothly and easily in the sector.

By activating and enhancing all eight areas of your life, you will enjoy the wealthy of a full and balanced life – and that is the best measure of true wealth!

The Eight Aspirations Wealth Checklist

When you are truly wealthy you have….

1)  The wealth of helpful people, mentors, travel.

This is associated with the northwest corner. Add earth objects, such as a globe, flags, pictures of important people, deities, and metal or moving objects. Fans are wonderful activators in the northwest as are flowers because they are the yang expression of a plant. Airplanes and other travel symbols are another way to get you off the ground and headed somewhere exotic.

2)  The wealth of career prospects, business opportunities.

This is the generating income sector of the north. Adding water and water symbols is an excellent way to stimulate business and career opportunities. Large metal and moving objects are also potent stimulators. Want extra opportunities? Add blue candles to this sector to give you an extra shot of opportunity!

3) The wealth of wisdom, education, spirituality.

Cultivating your mind and the ability to think clearly and make good decisions is a key area for the attainment of wealth. Enhance the northeast corner of your home with lights, earth objects, small stones, globes, lighted crystals and chandeliers.

4) The wealth of family and good health.

A happy family and good health often go together. This is the east corner or side of your house. Enhance this area with wood objects, large wooden pieces of furniture and plants. You can also enhance this portion of your home with water, aquariums and fountains to create smoother, more harmonious relationships and improved health.

5) The wealth of material abundance and prosperity.

This is the southeast sector and it applies to accumulated money, investments and abundance of resources. Adding water in this area is especially helpful when you want to accumulate financial reserves and see your investments flourish. Healthy green plants and flowers are wonderful activators for this sector.

6) The wealth of a good name, recognition, and personal fame.

For the south sector of your home and garden, be sure to get your share of the recognition you deserve by adding the fire energy of lights, candles, and bright colors. Flowers and plants are also a wonderful way to generate more recognition for yourself because their wood energy feeds the fire nature of the south corner. If you’ve been working hard to “make a name for yourself” then the south sector is the side of the house to enhance!

7) The wealth of love, marriage, and marriage prospects.

Having the opportunity to marry, fall in love, and meet the right people is associated with the southwest corner of the home. You can enhance these areas of your life by adding globes, mountains, crystals and lighting in this area. Gardens benefit by adding large stones and boulders to enhance your romantic life!

8) The wealth of creativity, children, and luck for children.

The west corner of the house is the area associated with luck of the descendants. Metal energy is the energy here that brings a spark of creativity to those working in artistic fields, jewelry, and for children. Crystals and earth objects are also enhancing. Probably one of the best activators for this sector is the humble windchime. Softly moving and tinkling in the wind, the windchime will help to move chi in this sector and enhance the luck of the children in the family and help to unstick creative blocks.


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