The Importance of the Color of RED – 9 Ways to Use it to Improve Your Feng Shui

By Kathryn Weber

Use the power of red to gain attention and recognition

Use the power of red to gain attention and recognition — even fame

Red is hot. No, not right now, but all the time. Red has always been an important color. It is one of the colors we choose most often to symbolize something, making it one of the most common of all colors in national flag designs.

The color red is also the color of blood, our life force, so it’s no wonder that we’re attracted to it. Red energizes us and makes us hungry. That’s why so many fast food restaurants use the color red in their designs and logos. Red is also a popular color for dining rooms; it keeps us enjoying the food and makes our dining experience livelier.

Red has both negative and positive connotations, but regardless of the connotation, red symbolizes one important element: energy. Whatever red touches, it imbues with extra oomph. That’s why, even in the most tranquil rooms, a touch of red is all it takes to keep a room from sliding off into a coma.

When it comes to feng shui, red is an extremely important color. Red is the color of the south or fire and fame. Red turns up the energy level on everything it touches and it animates the inanimate.

Red is also perfectly portrayed in the very popular film, Seabiscuit. The film is based on the true story of Seabiscuit, the legendary racehorse that was “too small” to win. But win he did. What makes this story even more interesting – at least in feng shui terms – is how all the elements were in alignment.

The horse, associated also with the south in the Chinese view, was ridden by a rider in red silks. Not only that, but the rider wore a triangle on his silks, and the triangle is the symbol of fire. So, by feng shui standards, this horse was destined to win because each element was compounded by the next: the animal (horse), with the color (red), with the shape (triangle).

Even the jockey, Red Pollard, was named “Red” and had red hair. Lastly, in the movie, Red Pollard wore the number 9 on his silks. The number 9 is the number also associated with the south.

This kind of compounding of all these red elements adds extra emphasis and power. So, with all this additional power, Seabiscuit, the little horse no one expected much of, couldn’t help but win. Think about this when using red in your home or office.

Consider ways to compound all the elements – not just red. But remember, too much red can burn itself out. Instead of covering everything in red paint, consider adding other red elements, such as number and shape, too. Add these touches to the south corner of your home, living room, or office and watch your popularity soar!

Red Effects: 9 Tips for Using Red in Your Feng Shui

1. Activate symbols and good luck tokens. Tie red ribbon around feng shui items or good luck items to “activate” them.

2. Stop the drain with red. Put a red toilet lit cover on your toilet to stop the toilet from draining vital energy from your house (unless your toilet is in the center, southwest, or south sectors!).

3. Add a touch of red. Every room needs a touch of clear, pure red. Look at all your rooms and try to find a red item. If one is missing, add a red item, preferably in the S, SW, or NE corners. In the family room, they make everyone happier, times more fun, and people more sociable. Throw lots of red cushions around the room to get everyone happy and bubbling!

4. Warm up your business. Place your phones and fax machines on red paper to stimulate more business.

5. Warm up your love life. Place red and pink flowers in the SW corner of your living room to bring more heat to your romance. Avoid placing them in the bedrooms.

6. Get more attention for your home. If your home is for sale, get more attention to it by placing red flowers in a vase in the living room or dining room. These are excellent for attracting buyers. You will also want to keep a light on at the rear of the house, too. Lastly, make sure there is some open space in the south sector of your home if you are trying to sell it. Open space means air and it takes air to feed fire!

7. Get more recognition at work. Keep a lamp burning in the south portion of your office to stimulate recognition for all your hard work. Add a plant here for an extra boost because plants are wood energy and wood feeds fire.

8. Use pyramid power. The pyramids are one of mankind’s most enduring — and well-known — symbols. That’s because the pyramid is the shape of fire! Have you got a pyramid or other triangle-shaped objects and don’t know what to do with them? Put them in the south sector of your house, your living room, or your office or desk to bring extra recognition (maybe even fame!) your way.

9. Get the power of nine. Place nine objects on your desk or bookshelf at work for an extra boost of recognition. Or, place nine red (what else?) candles on a shelf in the south sector of your living room for more fire energy! Even placing 9 work-related books on a shelf in the South sector can boost your fire and fame energy. Try it today!



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