When Should You Move Out of Your House? Feng Shui’s Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Go

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by Kathryn Weber

Many people fear feng shui consultations. They worry they’ll be told that they have to move out of their homes, do major renovations or stop using certain rooms. A qualified feng shui consultant rarely tells someone that their home is hopeless with regard to feng shui.

Good feng shui consultants will also talk to you about your life in addition to your home. They’re trying to understand how the house is affecting you and they look at your life and your home at the same time.

Some people worry about a toilet in their career sector, yet they’re a thriving professional. Your life really is the best indicator of your feng shui – and not where your bathrooms are located. Rather than focus on the feng shui problem areas in your home, taking stock of your life is a better way to determine if these feng shui flaws are really a problem for you.

If life is good, relationships happy, health is wonderful and money isn’t a concern, then you don’t have a feng shui problem even if a bathroom is in your southeast sector or relationship corner. Another problem is that people frequently think they’re stuck where they are.

With a little ingenuity, you might find that a new home, condominium or apartment is possible. Start by visiting some that you think you might like. That could get the energy moving in the direction of a new, better space for you. If you aren’t sure whether or not to move, here’s my take on when moving really is the best choice.

Life has been one long uphill battle.
If constant struggle and misery has been a part of your life since you’ve lived in your home, then it might be time to move. General unhappiness and inability to make key areas of your life take root and grow is a good indicator that the house is not supportive or beneficial for you. It could also be that the environment that surrounds the house is affecting your home – and your life.

Nothing has changed. You’re stuck.
Buddhism teaches that hell is not a place of demons and flames, rather it’s a state of being stuck. When your life is one long march of sameness, there is no growth, no happiness, little to look forward to. Are you in the same position you were from a year ago, three years ago, five years ago, ten years ago – or even fifteen or twenty years ago? When life had not progressed, then your home could be holding you back. Take stock of your life and progress.

You haven’t grown.
Good feng shui helps you to grow. Bonsai trees are very bad feng shui. They’re old trees, stuck in tiny containers meant for seedlings that never allowed them to reach their potential. When your space is too small, you fail to grow, or “branch out” in your career, your relationships, your life. Like the bonsai, you can’t “grow up.” This is very similar to being stuck. I have a number of clients who believe moving is not an option for them and don’t desire a grown up place. Interestingly, these clients all live in the smallest of homes.

You don’t like where you live.
People often say you should grow where you’re planted, but the right environment is key to growth. A fir tree won’t grow in Brazil and a rubber plant won’t grow in Siberia. If you aren’t happy where you are, such as the locale, then move. Your happiness with where you live affects your feng shui. Moving isn’t easy, but it’s not the end of the world either. In two weeks the whole affair can be over and you can be somewhere you want to be – and that’s great feng shui.

You’ve tried feng shui and have failed.
Too often applying feng shui amounts to putting out a fountain or making some other small change, but not committing to taking care of serious issues such as bed or desk alignment, painting your home a harmonious color with the facing direction or fixing other feng shui flaws. In other words, we focus on what we want from our home before we correct the problem areas. This is a simple fix. When the flaws have been addressed fully and enhancements made and nothing happened, it might be time for a consultation with environmental assessment or considering moving.

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