Your Doorway to Wealth — Wealth Enhancing Tips for Improving the Feng Shui of Your Front Door

In feng shui there’s few areas as important as the front door. That’s because the front door is the mouth of chi, the point at which the house receives energy.

In feng shui, front doors are vitally important – they’re the “mouth” of the chi.

Lots of questions come in about the feng shui of the front door and its role in creating prosperity. There’s just something about the feng shui of a beautiful front door that makes the whole house look more prosperous!

But one of the most common questions is which door constitutes the front door – is it the one intended by the architect or the one used the most often?

The front door is always the door intended by the architect and where the FedEx man shows up with deliveries and rings the bell. It’s never the garage or kitchen door or a rear door.

Occasionally, the house will have a smaller front and a wide, expansive rear with a beautiful view of a valley, lake or ocean. In this case, the view becomes more yang and makes that the rear the facing direction of the house. Even so, this is the exception rather than the rule.

For most homes, the front door is exactly that: the door on the front of the house.
Using the front door means the house is regularly invigorated with energy – and this means more money. The front door is located in the part of the house that corresponds to wealth, business and career opportunity. By following these tips below for making your front door auspicious and inviting, you’ll create more beneficial energy for your home and wealth for you and your family.

The front door is the doorway to wealth – make it look that way. Use your front door frequently and keep it well maintained. Squeaking hinges and peeling paint doesn’t invite wealth chi to enter the house, and in fact, brings down the level of energy of the whole house.

Paint your door a beneficial color to maximize the wealth energy. Matching the front door color is a good idea, but a better one is to use the color of the producing energy to paint your front door to create greater prosperity and infuse the home and everyone in it with harmonious and beneficial chi.

North facing door is water element. Paint metal element colors of white or gray to produce water.
Northeast, Southwest facing door is earth element. Paint fire element colors of red, purple, orange, pink to produce earth.
East, Southeast facing doors are wood element. Paint water element colors of black, blue or purple to produce wood.
West and Northwest facing doors are metal element. Paint earth element colors of taupe, beige, yellow, purple or terracotta to produce metal.
South facing doors are fire element. Paint wood element colors of green and brown to produce fire.

Flank your door to make it more important. Placing potted plants or shrubs on either side of the door will make your front door more important and this will draw chi to the house and create more wealth energy for your home.

Protect your front door. Make certain there aren’t any poles or harsh edges from columns or other houses hitting your front door. If there are, add a windchime next to the door to lift the energy away from the door.

Make sure the front and back doors don’t line up or have a view out the back of the house. If you can see out the back of your house from the front door, then you are losing money rapidly. It’s important that the energy is diverted around a piece of furniture or a plant. A round table between the two doors will help to slow down the energy. If you can see out a large window at the rear of the house, you could also be losing energy. That’s because energy flows where the eye goes and when you can see out the rear of the house, that means money is flying out the back. Again, try stopping the view with a screen, tall piece of furniture, or heavy curtain.

Use some door magic. Ready to get your life moving? Repaint and refresh your front door. Adding a new front door, a new coat of paint, a new door mat or new hardware can do a lot for the energy of the whole house. Try the Black Hat sect trick of adding a black doormat to the front to bring wealth to your home instantly.

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