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“Katie Weber changed my family’s life. Actually, she helped make my family. A few years ago, my husband and I conceived our first child. Not too long after, we miscarried. It was devastating and confusing. I had followed Katie’s Red Lotus Letter for a long time and found her advice inspirational and helpful. When she offered a Master Consultant Training Class in California, I knew I had to go. At that conference, I learned so much about energy, feng shui and life. It was transforming. Luckily, I had a feng shui consultation from Katie while I was there so she could check my work on my own home. Katie noticed right away that my bed was not placed properly. Having Katie tell me about my bed position and finding a possible cause behind my miscarriage gave me some relief. It also sprung me into action. I moved my bed and rearranged my room faster than you can say “baby.” Now, I have a beautiful daughter and even had a baby boy during the pandemic from that same bed placement. I was serious when I said Katie helped make my family!”

Shannon Hagerty, St. Louis, Missouri

“I’ve been buying the annual forecast Success Pack for three years now, and these have been incredibly positive years for me. Even the times I thought that would be a struggle went smoothly because of Katie’s warm, practical advice. During this COVID year, it has been such a blessing to have a kind, calm, supportive INSIDER Gold Facebook community as my daily oasis from the craziness.”

Valerie Tsatsanis Mains, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Katie and the Feng Shui INSIDER Gold Facebook group inspire me – they’re always giving new input and ideas, and more importantly, support. It’s my second year in the Feng Shui Insiders Gold Facebook group. I love how helpful everyone is with questions, answers, and suggestions! I also love the monthly Q&A. Feng Shui Sisters ROCK!”

Patrizia B., Pliezhausen, Germany

“I have always been very conscious of how I feel in a home and any environment in general and I learned more about feng shui and found Katie. She was offering a Master Consultant Course in Las Vegas. I signed up immediately but had no intention to make this into a business, but two days into her training course, I was so inspired I started my career by signing up for a year of Katie’s business coaching. She helped me to create a big vision, plan, and strategies for success. It has been uncomfortable, it has been hard at times but she believed in me, held me accountable and I relied on her plan and guidance. The rest is history. With Katie’s inspiration and business coaching, I created a successful multiple six-figure business in feng shui real estate and growing now to seven figures.”

Sabina Gudausakas, Great Falls, Virginia

“For a long time, I’ve had intuitive pings I needed to dive into feng shui and make the time to incorporate it into my life. When my husband and I were doing an extensive renovation on the interior and landscaping of our home, I knew it really was time to learn this, but I felt overwhelmed because of some costly renovations and feelings of uncertainty of what to do. I scheduled a two-hour consultation with Katie and she helped me walk through paint colors, decor, furniture arrangement, and even helped select paintings and artwork to buy for my house. She was extremely thorough and answered my long list of questions. Her consultation was thorough and so worth it!

Tori Nook, Cleveland, Ohio

“Feng shui has always just made sense to me. I hired Katie to help ensure that my home and environment was set up in the optimal way for both health and abundance. Her consulting on my home was so helpful and several things actually occurred that she told me. For example, Katie warned of possible accidents, in particular with my children, and during that time my daughter was injured in a significant accident. I really enjoyed working with Katie and highly recommend her services if you’d like to optimize your space and life.”

Jesse Cannone, Austin, Texas

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