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Everyone says that money doesn’t buy happiness, and it doesn’t. It just buys everything else. Money is a type of energy that, like food, when it’s in an abundant supply, we are usually happy. When it’s not, it feels a lot like starvation and like hunger pangs, you feel the psychological and spiritual drain of a debt hanging over you.…

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Feng Shui for When You’re Burned Out

by Kathryn Weber Feeling dedicated to your job and life is admirable. But there are times when it just all becomes too much. It might start with feeling frustrated, rushed, and aggravated. Or, you may simply feel anxious like the other shoe is going to drop…all the time. When this happens, it’s a good sign…

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West Corner of Protection, Children and Creativity

By Kathryn Weber The west corner is the feng shui corner that is most related to children. However, it’s also about family. The west corner is situated where children are typically placed – between parents. As the corner that sits between the mother (southwest) and the father (northwest), this corner is watched over by parental…

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Mountain Feng Shui Provides Strength and Support

Follow my blog with Bloglovin By Kathryn Weber There’s one image that gives you support at work and represents wealth, resources, strength and support and that image is a mountain. Mountains, whether images, real, such as the Rocky Mountains or Himalayas, or symbolic, such as a screen, all give support in feng shui. This is…

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The East Corner of Health, Growth and Family

by Kathryn Weber There’s a saying that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. There’s some truth to that. In order to feel like our life is progressing, we have to have growth. The east is the corner associated with growth and moving ahead in life. It’s symbolized by the element wood and the number 3.…

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Feng Shui and Personal Chi Traps Part II — Solutions

by Kathryn Weber This is Part II of the article Feng Shui and Personal Chi Traps When life is frustrating and it seems like we can’t break out of a pattern of frustrations and problems, the energy that needs to change in our life is our personal energy. Feng shui has an amazing ability to…

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Feng Shui and Personal Chi Traps, Part I

By Kathryn Weber There are times in life when it seems like all the odds are stacked against you. The world may feel like it’s turned its back on you, or that whatever you touch doesn’t work out. Maybe things keep breaking or relationships are challenging you at every turn. Sometimes something we don’t expect…

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The Role of the Sun and Moon in Feng Shui

by Kathryn Weber When we think of feng shui, the usual things that come to mind are frogs, wind chimes, and lucky coins. But, the role of the sun and moon have a strong pull in feng shui, just as they do our lives. Those who say that the planets have no role in our…

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Feng Shui South Corner of Fame, Success and Recognition

by Kathryn Weber The rewards of hard work manifest themselves in the south corner in feng shui. This is the corner that relates to the material possessions that mark us as successful, such as a nice car, a home, fancy jewelry, clothes, vacation and the ability to do things with our money for our enjoyment.…

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