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6 Feng Shui Tips to Fulfill Your Wishes

Feng shui is often thought of as a way to arrange our environments, and it is. But it can also be used to symbolize our intentions. This type of symbolic feng shui is very much like vision boards – creating a dream you have using images to symbolize your deepest desires. But rather than a flat vision, this is a three-dimensional item that represents your goals and ambitions. Look at the feng shui ideas below for ways you can manifest your dreams and wishes!

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Podcast Episode 3: The Five Wealth Corners of Feng Shui

EPISODE 3: THE 5 WEALTH CORNERS OF FENG SHUI If you think there’s only one wealth corner in feng shui, think again. There are actually five wealth corners! You’ll learn which one is the most important one (and one most feng shui experts never talk about). You’ll also hear 3 tips to put into practice…

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The Essential Feng Shui Guide to Furniture Arrangement

by Kathryn Weber If you’ve ever ready anything about feng shui, you know that the proper flow and movement of energy in the home, called chi, can make all the difference between happiness, success and prosperity. And part of that flow directly relates to the way furniture is placed. When furniture isn’t arranged properly, this…

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Feng Shui After Divorce | 7 Ways to Heal and Move On With Your Life

by Kathryn Weber Being married is wonderful when it’s wonderful. But when it’s not, staying married when you’re unhappy can be a certain kind of misery, and divorce can often feel like the only answer. Yet even when a divorce is the best option, there’s still a feeling of loss, disappointment and, many times, failure.…

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Rescue Your Relationship with Feng Shui

When it comes to feng shui, there’s often a major focus on attracting love and maintaining love. But when it comes to relationships, the sad truth is that many teeter on a fine line between being together and breaking up. Either the passion has faded or what were once your love’s most wonderful qualities have suddenly changed from being what you love to what annoys you most about him or her.

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The Boutique by RedLotus

At Red Lotus, we believe we’re all products of our environment. When we make our home, office and business environments better, we reap the benefits in our relationships, health, happiness, enjoyment, careers and family life.

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