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7 Ways to Feng Shui Your Entrance and Foyer

by Kathryn Weber A beautiful, inviting entrance is the first point of entry for chi and opportunity in feng shui. When you have an entrance that’s appealing, it’s a statement to all who visit your home. It’s also an opportunity to create a warm and welcome feeling when you enter your house. In feng shui,…

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The Best and Worst Feng Shui Headboards

The bed is a critical piece your ability to be rested and supported as you sleep, and indeed, your life. When the headboard of your bed is compromised, it will create problems for you in your life in your relationships, health and difficulties with money, and even getting proper rest. Many beds simply don’t have a headboard at all, and…

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2019 Year of the Pig Overview

by Kathryn Weber The Year of the Pig is bringing with it a delightful surprise – prosperity. That’s because the wealth star is moving in as the reigning star for the year. With a delightful pair of the prosperity star and the pig, often symbolized as a bank, are coming together in 2019 to bring…

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At Red Lotus, we believe we’re all products of our environment. When we make our home, office and business environments better, we reap the benefits in our relationships, health, happiness, enjoyment, careers and family life.

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