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7 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui Is Not Working

Feng shui is often thought of as a decorating concept, thanks in large part to it so often being referred to as the Chinese “art of placement.” To many people this is much like the Japanese flower arranging, called ikebana. This art is about the arrangement of the flowers, their balance, color, and texture. Many people think this is true of feng shui, only with furnishings. But, there’s so much more to it than mere arrangement.

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Feng Shui Your Goals: Get What You Want in 4 Easy Steps

Setting and reaching goals is a great way to create milestones in your life. It feels good to achieve something you’ve worked for and focused on. Many people think that when someone reaches a goal it’s because that person is special or has some unique talent. Chances are, this person had a plan and a vision.

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Christmas and Holiday Feng Shui

Holidays are special times to gather family and friends together to enjoy festivities, gifts, and special foods. This is especially true at Christmas when we seek to share the bounty of the year by giving gifts and celebrating with those closest to us.

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The Boutique by RedLotus

At Red Lotus, we believe we’re all products of our environment. When we make our home, office and business environments better, we reap the benefits in our relationships, health, happiness, enjoyment, careers and family life.

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