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PODCAST EPISODE 12:  The Power of the Color White

  EPISODE 12: The Power of the Color White White is a power that protects and brings opportunity, helpful people and is empowering. It’s especially helpful for overcoming or transitioning through difficulties like illness, divorce or for standing out in your career when you’re lacking recognition. It’s a helpful color that will make you excel…

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PODCAST EPISODE 11:  Confessions of a Feng Shui Consultant

  EPISODE 11: Confessions of a Feng Shui Consultant Working with clients, companies, homeowners and readers for as long as I have, there are a number of questions that I’m asked about working with clients and their feng shui. These are some of the most common questions that I’ve been asked over the years.  …

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6 Feng Shui Tips to Fulfill Your Wishes

Feng shui is often thought of as a way to arrange our environments, and it is. But it can also be used to symbolize our intentions. This type of symbolic feng shui is very much like vision boards – creating a dream you have using images to symbolize your deepest desires. But rather than a flat vision, this is a three-dimensional item that represents your goals and ambitions. Look at the feng shui ideas below for ways you can manifest your dreams and wishes!

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Podcast Episode 3: The Five Wealth Corners of Feng Shui

EPISODE 3: THE 5 WEALTH CORNERS OF FENG SHUI If you think there’s only one wealth corner in feng shui, think again. There are actually five wealth corners! You’ll learn which one is the most important one (and one most feng shui experts never talk about). You’ll also hear 3 tips to put into practice…

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The Boutique by RedLotus

At Red Lotus, we believe we’re all products of our environment. When we make our home, office and business environments better, we reap the benefits in our relationships, health, happiness, enjoyment, careers and family life.

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