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The Importance of Protective Feng Shui

Being a car owner is a wonderful thing. The joy of a country drive is lovely to experience on a beautiful summer day, but if you’re tooling along and enjoying the scenery, yet miss the big red stop sign and run into someone, you’ll be glad that you have automobile insurance. An insured car and…

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Feng Shui for Fertility

When it comes to places that increase our odds of getting pregnant, many of us probably think more about the doctor’s office than we do our own home. But just as you look for underlying medical reasons that might impair fertility, you might want to examine your home to see if it supports conception.

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Feng Shui for When Your Money Goes Too Quickly

From time to time, everyone has experienced a dilemma when there’s too much month at the end of the money. Expenses can come up suddenly such as an unexpected trip to the emergency room, or an expensive house repair presents itself. It can happen to anyone. Then, there’s just a case of where money is…

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Feng Shui Creates a Peaceful Home in Turbulent Times

It seems like for far too long the world has suffered one tragedy after another, and now there’s a pandemic. The news is filled with death, senseless violence, and destruction….and more arrives every day.  The question turns to how to keep your home and life peaceful when the world outside your door feels like it’s…

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The 8 Essential Feng Shui Enhancers

The key to activating your feng shui is using the right enhancers. Often called feng shui cures, these items are ones that help you boost great energy like a Vitamin B12 shot to your home or office. These enhancers aren’t anything particularly special either. In fact, most of them are ordinary items that can be…

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The 5 Essential Feng Shui Power Cures

Every year feng shui moves and shifts from one sector to another and one zodiac sign to the next. But some feng shui energies that move from corner to corner each year, and that have the greatest potential to do harm, require particular cures, or remedies, as I prefer to call them. These remedies are…

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