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Feng Shui Your Home Office Space | Before & After Case Study

By Kathryn Weber Everyone is working more and more hours in the day. With the availability of cell phones, broadband, home offices, and Internet access at malls and coffee shops, you could just about say that wherever you are, that’s where your office is. Because you’re working around the clock, in many instances, good office…

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Mapping the Illness Sectors of Your Home

by Kathryn Weber Every year it’s important to watch for illness such as the flu. In 2020, it’s the coronavirus, or COVID-19, that is the most worrisome virus. However, other illnesses such as broken bones, cancer, diabetes are all part of the concerns we need to watch for, in addition to the COVID-19 virus. Understanding…

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Managing the Corona Virus with Feng Shui

by Kathryn Weber This year has been unprecedented with health concerns and worries caused by the coronavirus. Now called COVID-19, the coronavirus is 2020’s biggest disrupter, and not the good kind, either. Work stoppages, confinement, quarantines have all pulled the brake handle on life and business as usual. Right now, it’s a good idea to…

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Feng Shui Decorating with the Water Element

by Kathryn Weber One of the most critical elements in feng shui is the water element. Water is the element responsible for career success, business growth and opportunity — and that’s directly tied to your income. So, if you’re looking to grow a business or earn more money, then focusing on the decorating with the…

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Feng Shui Decorating with the Wood Element

by Kathryn Weber There are so many ways to decorate with feng shui that don’t have to make your home look Asian or turn it into a Chinese emporium with red lanterns and dragons. Far from it, feng shui elements used decoratively can create a beautiful home no matter what type of decor style you…

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Feng Shui for Beginners

by Kathryn Weber Getting started in feng shui can present you with a lot of terms and information that can seem confusing, and many times, overwhelming for beginners and anyone trying to understand or undertake applying feng shui to their home. Taking it slowly and going step by step is the best way to understand…

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Come See Me LIVE at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo February 7, 2020 CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 @ 2:00 PM LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA VENUE Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel 5711 W Century Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90045 Read more: Workshop Location:       MARINA ROOM at the LAX Hilton This talk…

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Understanding Feng Shui Annual Afflictions

by Kathryn Weber Understanding feng shui means understanding that energy moves and changes within an environment, and that the environment affects each individual’s success, career, health, and relationships. Because the world isn’t stagnant and, in fact, the entire universe is expanding, contracting, much like a living being, energy within the universe — or a space…

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The Front Door to Back Door Poison Arrow

by Kathryn Weber One of the most problematic and troubling feng shui difficulties is when the front door is aligned with a door or a window at the rear of your home. When you open the front door of a home and you can see a door opposite or a large window, this creates a…

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