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Better health?

How about JOY?

Have you ever noticed that when you're happy, you have love, 

money is good and you feel great?  


That's JOY.

When you're happy, everything seems to fall into place, easily and effortlessly.

Let's face it, you want a life that doesn't feel like one giant uphill slog. You're looking for ways that life can be easier and not such a drain on your mind, body and spirit.  

You also want things to evolve and change; you want to see your life progress.  

When life is one day after another of the same day-to-day grind, life loses it's spark. 

You lose your spark.  

That's the great news about the Year of the Dog.  

When things don't take so much effort, the manuevering of money and personalities and circumstances isn't always a dance you can't stop moving to.  

That's when you do things you want to do, not just have to do.  

That's JOY.

Introducing the 2018 Year of the Dog

 Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack

From RedLotusLetter.com and Kathryn Weber


We have a clean sweep of energy that let's us start 

completely over, brand new.  

Feng shui changes every year, going through the energies that are numbered 1 through 9. That means it's been eight years since we've had a 9 year, where fire was the reigning element.

And because it's fire, it comes through and brings with it fire's energy -- and that means good times ahead. 

In 2018, the reigning star's fire energy, gives everything a rosy glow. 

When the fire element moves to the center sector, it will cuddle up with the center sector the way you pull up a fuzzy blanket on winter's night with a bowl full of popcorn to watch your favorite movie. 

Better still, when the fire energy of the year meets up with the earth energy of the center, it's a happy reunion.  

And for us, that means....

Life becomes FUN again.  

Good times follow and optimism returns.

In 2018 fun and joy will be resurrected, like the phoenix that rises again from the ashes. That's the amazing aspect of the 9 star's energy -- enjoyment, pleasure and happiness.

Here's What's You Can Look Forward to in the Year of the Dog: 

  • The 9 Star moves to the center sector -- this star rains down fun times and enjoyment, like nice vacations, a better car, shopping and eating out at nice restaurants -- all things that make life more enjoyable.
  • The 8 Wealth Star moves to the Wealth corner, making 2018 the year you can really see your money add up quickly, make larger financial gains, and be in the financial driver's seat.
  • Women enjoy the 6 Blessings Star in 2018 -- this influence brings money, prestige and helpful people to your life, as well as windfalls and wonderful surprises. You just need to use the right elements to empower it.
  • Men host the 1 Star of Victory and Opportunity. If advancement and career gains have been missing, this is the year men (and northwest houses and bedrooms) can see big advances at work and in business.  

Are There Any Worries in 2018? 

Yes, unfortunately, there are always areas that we must be concerned about, so in that way, this year is like most any other year.

This year, though, houses that face north and northeast have some struggles -- the north having the worst of it. 

But my 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast outlines it all and how you can handle these energies.

West and east houses also have their fair share of struggles, but thankfully their difficulties are easy to fix and can be easily handled.

Zodiac signs such as the Dragon, Rooster, Rabbit, Tiger, Rat and Ox also have some dilemmas to face -- but I have outlined how to get through the year and move past these difficulties next year, like how to insulate yourself from problems and make the year work for you and not against you.

There is one very troubling area on the horizon and it's the north corner. 

It hosts both the 5 Yellow (known for serious problems) and the 3 Killings (an energy that causes major losses). When these two come together, it can be especially worrisome. 

But, the Forecast has it all outlined for you -- and explains steps to take to protect yourself and your family -- especially if you have a north facing house or north corner bedroom, like I do. I share in detail the steps I'll be taking to protect myself in 2018 from this two difficulties, and that you should consider as well.

Even if you don't have a north house or north bedroom, it's important to understand this corner, because this is the corner of income -- the money we rely on such as from a job or business. 

That's why it's so important to read this section and to be prepared.

And be ready for pleasure, too. ;)

Are you ready for LOVE to enter your life or 

for your relationships to be REVIVED and feel loving again?

Get ready for a sweet and snuggly kind of year.

The love star changes corners this year, and it moves to an especially beneficial direction. 

If you've been single too long, I've outlined everything you can do to make your chances the best for finding love in the Year the Dog.

All zodiac signs and everyone will benefit by adding a certain zodiac figure in the south corner of your living room, bedroom or house.

Activating the 2018 love corner can help resuscitate a struggling love life and revive your relationship if it's grown distant.

Love is a big winner in the Year of the Dog.

2018 is Completely Outlined for You in The 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK

The 2018 Success Pack is available by download so you can be reading it in minutes and learning all about your feng shui for the year immediately

What makes feng shui work like magic?

Feng shui isn't magic -- it just works that way. 

But you have to do it the right way.

Like eveything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. The same is true with feng shui.

You have to apply feng shui in your home in combination with your own efforts. 

THAT is when the "magic" happens. It's called compounding energy. 

When you make feng shui adjustments to your home and work on our own behalf, such as re-vamp your looks, apply for jobs or learn new skills, the energy builds and PUSHES what you want into your life (like money, love and romance) and pushes problems away. 

Just read this inspiring story.

"My Life Completely Changed Last Year"

As 2017 draws to a close and I eagerly await the 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast, I've been reflecting on the changes in mine and my family's life since I discovered feng shui, your website and your guides last year.  

No one else in my life would really understand the magnitude of my gratitude, so I had to reach out to you.  

I have struggled with maintaining an organized, tidy home most of my adult life.  

In fall 2016, I was reading "The Magic Art of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo which mentioned feng shui a few times. That made me curious and led to me discovering your blog. I took your 28 Days to Prosperity e-Courses and then bought the 2017 Forecast to prepare for the following year.  

Now, I am usually pretty well grounded in the sciences. I have a background in science, writing and journalism and prefer to invest my time and energy in things I can see, touch and make sense of. But 2016 found me at the lowest spot of my life... financially, emotionally, in so many ways.  

Here are some highlights from 2016, the Year of the Monkey:  

After 2.5 years of out-of-state contracting work (my husband left home for 21 days, then home for 10), our family moved cross-country for a job that would stabilize our family life. He was laid off 10 months later.  

The home we purchased in our new home state was a bank foreclosure property. As we were renovating it, we experienced a house fire and there was no fire extinguisher around. My husband was able to put out the fire by beating it with a blanket, but he tore his rotator cuff quite badly.  

My husband quickly found another job (with a big pay cut), and then was laid off six months later. He has never been laid off or fired in our 25 year marriage and in 2016, it happened twice.  

Then after spending $3500 on a new transmission on our car, I had a freak accident that left me stranded six hours from home and I had to spend extra money on repairs and a hotel room while the repairs were done.  

My husband secured OUT OF STATE CONTRACTING job again... after moving to get away from this kind of work.  

Although it pays our bills, our savings were quickly draining and we were accruing debt. This contract would end around May 2017... so the clock was ticking. We were facing either accepting contracting work (and moving a lot while raising a family) or finding something else; who knew what....  

That was the state of our life when I found your website.  

To say I was open to new ideas is the understatement of the century. We were all unhappy, stressed, worried about the future and I could practically hear the money trickling out of our bank account.  

We were, however, together and healthy... 

Based on your website recommendations, your 28 Days e-course, and your 2017 Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Forecast, I made a lot of changes.  

I worked hard to keep the front entry, inside and out, tidy and clean. I added the proper water feature to the east sector. I paid A LOT of attention to the remedies and always will. I rearranged furniture, cleared clutter, I talk to my house when I leave and enter, I talk to money when I find it, deposit it or spend it. I added water symbols to our east master bedroom, changed my purse and wallet, bought a necklace with a tortoise charm, changed my passwords to emphasize my personal kua number and other little changes. I watch our money very closely now and think a lot about how I can add value to our prosperity.

Here's where we are at the end of 2017:  

  • My husband landed an AWESOME job in May 2017, just as his contract work was ending. This job not only pays $10K more than the job we initially moved for, it includes a potential for a healthy bonus next spring... Cha-Ching! Even better than the money is how well-suited my husband is for this job and the job for him. It's highly specialized, uses all the skills he gained in contracting work and really honors his spirit. He still has to travel a fair amount, but otherwise can work from home... which we've never had and are absolutely loving.  
  • I am almost finished writing my first novel! I have tried novel writing many, many times. Despite my diligence and my training, I always would get stuck somewhere and abandon the project. This time, I have found the right resources and people just when I need them and can say that I am literally two chapters away from "The End." I have great expectations that this novel will find its way to the right publisher and add some welcome prosperity to my family.  
  • After two years of bleeding money, we are finally -- through a combination of diligence and tremendous discipline - recording budget surpluses for the past two months. They are modest but very welcome, and I believe that "like attracts like," so modest budget surpluses this month will invite their bigger friends along next month and beyond.  
  • Our home and cars are in good repair, not surprising us with shocking repair bills.  
  • We are all in good health and have happily settled into our new home state.  

I want to thank you for presenting feng shui in ways that are easy for novices like me to understand and utilize.  

From your very first 28 Days to Prosperity e-course, website articles and Feng Shui Forecast, I was able to put into motion changes that would benefit us

I really hope you don't ever tire of this work, because you have a customer for life in me!  

Shannon M. Dougherty Raleigh, North Carolina

Why buy the Red Lotus Letter Success Pack?

Because you don't want to go through the year that Shannon went through two years ago. 

I want to help.

Having your family moving multiple times, across the country, enduring huge bills, accidents, injuries and money problems one after another is no way to live.  

It drains you of your life, your energy, and your JOY.

It's time you had some of what makes life worth living, isn't it?

I think it's way past time you had some security and peace of mind AND enjoyment out of life.

That's why I write the feng shui forecast each year.

And I don't make you search for everything in multiple places.

It's all here. All just waiting for you.

You get everything you need for the year ahead in the Success Pack -- a whole year's worth of feng shui, month by month, house by house, sign by sign.

In ONE place.

I want to make feng shui -- and the life you long for -- more accessible than ever.

This is my No. 1 goal, year in and year out.

The Success Pack is more than just a book. 

It's a guide for your life each year. 

And you can count on plenty of detailed information, too. 

Don't worry though....I break up the Success Pack into three separate downloads to make it easier to print (I also include permissions for you to print a copy ...so send the download to your local office supply store to print and bind if you like a printed document, without having to worry about copyright problems). 

The Success Pack is about making life better, easier, more rewarding....with more ENJOYMENT and ABUNDANCE.

In the 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack You’ll Receive: 

• The 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast e-Book 

• The House Facing Direction Luck Analysis for all house directions for 2018 

Full Annual Feng Shui Report with a sector by sector analysis 

Important 5 and 2 Star location tables for each month to track the serious energies in 2018 (use this to highlight the months when the 5/2 stars come to your bedroom or front door)

Water Star 8 Locations for the entire year to tap the wealth in every corner of your home

Bedroom Luck Analysis -- this important section explains what you need to know for each bedroom location and its effect on your feng shui 

• NEW! 2018 Forecast Audio -- You'll receive an audio file you can listen to immediately with this MP3 download that fills you in on all the details of the year ahead that you can listen to on your smartphone, car or computer. 

NEW! BONUS 2018 Facebook Live -- This year, FengShui Insiders Gold Members will receive an invitation to a Facebook Live event where you can see me talk about the year ahead and take your questions live on Facebook. The event will be recorded so you can watch as often as you like.  

Where else can you get all this information so easily and that allows you to map out your entire year?

PLUS You Also Receve My Popular ACTION GUIDE -- Your Personal Feng Shui WORKBOOK that includes...

A full year of Full New Moon wishes worksheets to write your wishes each month that includes the dates and times of each month’s new moons 

Your Annual Goals Sheets – with PERSONAL VISION and GOALS PLANNERS to keep you on track all year. 

Your Personal Mastery Sheet to help you identify the three areas that prevent your success 

Financial Mastery Sheet to help you become the master of your financial destiny 

A FULL Year of Monthly Flying Star movements 

Your Home's Feng Shui Action Plan -- pinpoint the EXACT areas in your home and life you want to improve 

  • NEW! Your Pain Points List -- In most peoples' lives, there's usually one major problem that stops them from achieving all they way. I want to help you identify and then move PAST it. I also want to help you identify the areas in your life that are suffocating the joy right out of you. Sometimes, our goal lists need to include what we DON'T want in our lives as much as what we DO want.

Get the Most Out of Your SUCCESS PACK Purchase by Becoming a...

The FengShui Insider is a membership program that began last year. Being an Insider offers brings you some of the my most requested feng shui offerings, like...

Timely New Moon Notices. The New Moon so you never miss the chance to make your New Moon wishes. These notices will come to your email inbox a few days before the New Moon so you'll never miss out on making your wishes for the month. ($27 VALUE)

Monthly Flying Stars. These notices come directly to your email inbox every month and always include details on what to expect, how to minimize problems and accentuate good fortune stars. Valuable insights and warnings help you stop problems from occurring and create new opportunities for love, opportunities, and improved income. You know how you've come to expect that monthly update to keep you in the know about what to expect in the month ahead! ($27 VALUE)

Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes. Ever wondered what your month looked like personally? These monthly horoscopes will go out each month to update every zodiac sign on what to expect for love, money and health. The horoscope section of the Success Pack has been such a big hit that readers asked for a monthly horoscope. All Feng Shui Insiders will find out each month what their sign needs to know to make the most of each month or how to dodge any problems. ($27 VALUE)

NEW! BONUS Secret Facebook Group for Insider Gold Members. This Secret Facebook page is only for FengShui Insiders.This page will give you a forum to talk about feng shui with other INSIDERS -- and interact with me. I'll also host twice monthly Q&A's with you and Facebook Live calls where you can ask questions and I can talk with you about feng shui. I'll also post feng shui tipsand reminders. You'll also be able to get all your New Moon notices and wish guides as well as Montly Flying Star changes right there on the Facebook Page -- so you never have to miss one in your email again! ($97 VALUE)

So, Let's Recap. What Do You Get in Your 2018 Success Pack?

Year of the Dog feng shui forecast

#1. 2018 Feng Shui Forecast e-Book ($97 value)

137 pages of details on all the energies for 2018 and what to expect, how to handle negative energy, and how to tap the WEALTH, prosperity, and FAME and ROMANCE energy for the year.

As part of the Success Pack, you also receive the ACTION GUIDE and my annual feng shui teleseminar. It's much more than just an e-book! 

Wondering how to diagram your house? Or, how should you prepare for the Chinese New Year...it's all in my Feng Shui Reference Manual -- a valuable book of tables, dates and details and tools that comes with EVERY Success Pack purchase, so there's no guess work to understand your zodiac sign, find your kua number or what to do when you can't activate a portion of your house -- it's all in the Reference Manual.

#2. Your 2018 House Luck & Bedroom Analysis ($27 value) 

What can you expect for you home and the energy it will have this year. It helps you to plan and know what to expect…. it’s a powerful report for all 8 facing directions. This explains what to expect for the year and how to go about handling the good, the bad, and the REALLY GREAT energy that makes you wealthy, famous, and attractive to others. Read both the FACING and SITTING direction analyses of your home to get an even greater understanding of the energies facing your home this year and how to make the most of the Year of the Dog.

#3. FENG SHUI FOR 2018 FREE Audio Download ($47 value)

When you buy my annual forecast, you’ll also receive an audio download. I'll share with you on an MP3 all the details about the Year of the Dog and how to make the most of all the energies of the yer to go. We'll send you a link to download the audio so you can listen to it in your car, or at work and get the full scoop on making the most of the Year of the Dog. Listen to it all year long for more insights and help on making this a brilliant year and helping you to stay in top of everything you need to know. 

#5. House Renovation Charts Help You See Your Home's Luck At A Glance ($27 value) 

Each year the Annual Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack comes with an ANNUAL FENG SHUI chart, the RENOVATIONS AFFLICTIONS chart, and the ANNUAL AFFLICTIONS TABLE. These give you the feng shui of the year at a glance. Best of all, you can print them and see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home.


When you buy the Success Pack, you get all the details you need to make feng shui come alive for you. The Reference Manual includes: 

--Kua Dates Table with Zodiac Signs --How to Find, Locate and Activate Your Chinese Zodiac Sign --Celebrate Chinese New Year for Good Feng Shui All Year Long --How to Feng Shui Your Whole House from the Living Room --How to Diagram Your Home for Accurate, Effective Feng Shui --Bagua Map --Annual Afflictions Explained

Readers love the Success Pack.

I know you're busy, and I don't need a reply, but I did want to share the impact you and your advice has had on me.  

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your advice, articles and your Success Pack.  

Last year was the pits. Right up until the last month [when my luck changed].

I am utterly convinced it was due to the feng shui changes I made, based on your advice.

First off, the picture I sent you with the boats floating around going nowhere and that you told me to remove, gave me an immediate result. My fiancé suddenly had a fire lit under his bum, and we set a date for our wedding. We weren’t sure how we were going to afford a wedding, but super happy anyhow.  

I also added a small fountain in our north sector. Then came the two birds into the house, which you said were harbingers of good news. This I believe coincided with the helpful men more than 1000 miles away/mentor section, where I added a string of 6 Chinese coins, activated with a red cord, and I added lights.  

Then this happened: My sister and her husband said they would pay for our wedding, a honeymoon to Italy, including rental car and spending money! I was flabbergasted and my fiancé sat with his mouth gaping open. 

Suddenly, I have a wedding to plan and I feel like Cinderella. 

I'm amazed at how easy things are. 

Last year EVERYTHING felt like a struggle. 

I started planning our wedding. All the pieces fell effortlessly into place, the venue, the caterer, the dress I wanted that a friend offered to make for me. I thought planning a wedding was supposed to be stressful! 

Thank you once again for everything. 

Jen Brown Johannesburg, South Africa 

 PS -- Jen just wrote and sent pictures of her "Big Fat Feng Shui Wedding." It was glorious -- and was completely feng shui from flowers to the reception dinner! Congratulations Jen and Des!

It's TIme to LOCK IN your LUCK this Year.

If you'd like feng shui advice you can count on, have it all in one place, and you want to be updated every month as the New Moon and Flying Stars change -- and for the whole year -- buy the 2018 Year of the Dog Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK. 

You Receive Over $200 in Value with every Success PACK

This is a digital product 



Success Pack 

  • e-Book Feng Shui Forecast 
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2018 
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual 



Success Pack 

All Standard Success Pack Items Included, PLUS: 

  • Timely Monthly New Moon Reminders Emailed to you 
  • Monthly Email Flying Star Reminders
  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes



 Success Pack

All FENG SHUI Insider Success Pack Items Included, PLUS:  

  • ALL NEW! BONUS Secret Facebook Page. A private forum to talk with me and other insiders, as well as all Flying Star Monthly Updates, Monthly New Moon Wish Reminders, Live Q&A's monthly and feng shui tips and offers.
  • ALL NEW! 2018 Feng Shui LIVE webinar where you can ask questions live and hear all the details about the Year of the Dog. 
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY: Choose your fortune this year -- Love, Money, or Clarity & Abundance. When you purchase by the Early Bird sale date, you can pick between my three most requested programs, making this an AMAZING offer!

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