It's the Year Everyone Gets a Slice of the Pie.

The Prosperity Star is serving up all your favorite things -- love, money, opportunity and good fortune. And, hey, that pie looks pretty good too. You'll love all the Year of the Pig has to offer....the sweet rewards of success.

If you've been waiting for fortune and favor to change in your direction, you'll love the Year of the Pig.  

This is the year when you can see your life move forward is a solid, substantial way.  

The energy of the Pig will help you solidify your personal ambitions -- and support whatever action you take toward those goals.

YOU will be the driver of your life instead of circumstances that you have to react to setting your course.  

That's the great news about the Year of the Pig.  

Don't you love it when things don't take so much darned effort? It's tiring to deal with all the manuevering of managing bills, personalities and circumstances, like a dance you can stop moving to.  

This year the dance will stop so you can move your life forward in a thoughtful way, the way you want it to, not just have to have react to. That's why every year I write my feng shui forecast. 

And it's here. Announcing....  



It's Been Almost 10 years since we've seen the Prosperity Star as the Reigning Star of the Year.  

But it's here in the Year of the Pig!

Think piggy BANK.

This is the year to earn some coin, make some cabbage, get those greenbacks, clams and Benjamins. 

You know...all those money metaphors we love.

It's been 9 long years since the 8 Wealth star has moved to the center, a place where it's happy and at home, and where it can do so much good, like your favorite uncle who gave you silver dollars whenever you saw him -- well, that's what my favorite uncle did!

Last year's energy had a coin-flip personality -- things could instantly change leaving you wondering what just happened. 

Not so in 2019.

And because the 8 Wealth star is an earth energy, it comes through and brings with it an unending flow of opportunity -- but you have to act on the opportunities that come your way....or they'll flow right past you.

When the 8 Star moves to the center sector, it's perfectly harmonized and at home there and will help you feel more grounded and full of possibility. 

And for you, that means....

Opportunity comes to everyone in your home. Possibilites you never thought were available to you will fall in your lap like pearls fom a string.  

It will be your year for promotion, a new job, a raise, improved investments...and for a change that has a glittering gold lining that brings the income that comes with the opportunity.

This won't be a year for sideways movement. It's a year of real gains.

Good fortune will be placed before you like a pirate's chest of jewels, gems, and precious objects from which you get to pick and choose.

Here's What You Can Look Forward to in the Year of the Pig: 

  • The 8 Wealth Star moves to the center sector -- this star brings good fortune, opportunity to earn more income, receive promotions or job offers. Money will come from investments, work, inheritance, tax refunds....almost anyplace you can receive money. There will also be opportunity to make money.
  • The 9 Future Prosperity Star moves to the helpful people corner of the Northwest, making 2019 the year you can receive the help that pulls you up, brings you opportunities, and helps move you along. This is a sector of "who you know," but with the 9 star this year, it will be the people who know YOU that will make the difference!
  • Families enjoy the 6 Blessings Star in 2019 -- this influence brings money, prestige and helpful people to your life, as well as windfalls and wonderful surprises like TRAVEL. You just need to use the right elements to empower it.
  • East and West Houses host FABULOUS Fortune Luck this year! Your homes will be filled with all manner of GOOD FORTUNE as a belt of diamonds and rubies runs from back to front of you home. It's the PERFECT combination to move forward and enjoy the fruits of those gains!

Are There Any Worries on the Horizon in 2019? 

Yes, unfortunately, there are always areas that we must be concerned about, so in that way, this year is like most any other year.

There is one very troubling area watch for and it's the southwest corner.  

It hosts the 5 Yellow (known for serious problems) and it's in the sector of women and relationships. 

When these two come together, it can be especially worrisome. Fears around relationships going sour, health complications for women come up, and worse still, are health problems women or relationships difficulties you presently have growing worse.  

But, the Forecast has it all outlined for you -- and explains steps to take to protect yourself and your family -- especially if you have a northeast or southwest facing house or bedrooms. But I cover in detail the steps to protect yourself in 2019 from any calamity that occurs with the 5 Yellow.

And what about money.... such as savings and investments?

You guessed it, there's another worry....and it relates to money. Your nest egg, specifically.

This is the southeast sector of wealth and assets -- the money you save and invest. 

The southeast is the corner that relates to your savings, investments, retirement accounts, 401K's, and trust funds or inheritances. 

REMEMBER: There are different types of money. 

There's money you earn, money you save, money you invest, and money you spend, and money you waste. The 8 Prosperity brings you opportunity more money, but the 7 Star means you need to keep a close eye on the money you have invested or saved.

It's vital that you keep a very close eye on these accounts because any number of things can happen under the influence of the 7 Star that will be parked in the southeast during 2019. This can be loss, devaluation, or theft.  

You need to be vigilant about your assets and not undertake anything risky with your savings and investments in 2019.  

This is especially true if you have a southeast bedroom or front door.  

Houses that face southeast will have some struggles, as well southwest and northeast homes -- but there's a silver lining for these homes that could end up being a great blessing!  

But my 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast outlines it all and how you can handle these energies, and come out ahead.  

Zodiac signs such as the Dragon, Snake, Horse, Tiger, Ox, Sheep and Monkey also have some dilemmas to face -- but I've outlined how to get through the year and move past these difficulties, like how to insulate yourself from problems and make the year work for you.  

That's why it's so important to read this section and to be prepared.  

And be ready for pleasure, too. ;)

The Love Star Moves to a (Very) Friendly Location in 2019

As always, I'll tell you exactly where to find love and make the most of your relationships -- and what to watch out for, too

The love star changes corners this year, and it moves to an especially beneficial direction in the Year of the Pig. 

If you've been single too long, I've outlined everything you can do to make your chances the best for finding love in the Year the Pig.

Activating the 2019 love corner can help reignite your passion if your relationship is struggling -- or find love if it's been elusive. I'll tell you exactly how to revive your relationship if it's grown distant. 

Love is a big winner in the Year of the Pig.

2019 is Completely Outlined for You in The 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK

The 2019 Success Pack helps you create a year with a clear road in front of you -- free from worry about what's ahead.


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Kathryn has been writing the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui e-Zine for 18 years and she has over 40,000 readers. Every Wednesday, she's in your email inbox delivering feng shui advice and tips to you personally. She's a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Content Agency with her Living Space decorating column. Voted as one of the Top 30 Feng Shui blogs, Kathryn delivers feng shui in a direct and common sense way.

She is the pioneer in feng shui newsletter publishing and she has been quoted in Huffington Post,, and CBSMoney, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other publications and websites. Kathryn specializes in empowering her readers to lead happy, fulfilling lives and helps them to create shortcuts to success path by creating environments that support them.

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They're not popping champagne corks and clinking glasses...they're fretting about what's coming down the road in the year ahead. Will it be money problems? Health issues? Relationship difficulties? Job loss?

The Success Pack is here to help you see down the road and by pass all of that worry.

Knowing what to expect means you are ready, prepared and you CAN pop a champagne cork on January 1st.

Having worry as your only expectation drains you of your life, your energy, and your joy. 

Why put yourself through that?

I think it's way past time you had some security and peace of mind AND enjoyment out of life.

That's why I write the feng shui forecast each year.

And I don't make you search for everything in multiple places, or buy dozens of "speciality items" made just for this year. I'll always suggest items you can purchase easily on places like Amazon or your local retailers. 

I'm not here to confuse you or make you buy multiple items.

That's just another way of getting you to part with your money.

You get everything you need for the year ahead in the Success Pack -- a whole year's worth of feng shui, month by month, house by house, sign by sign.

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This is why I write the Success Pack.

The Success Pack is More Than Just a Book. 

It's a GUIDE FOR YOUR LIFE each year. 

And you can count on plenty of detailed information, too. 

Don't worry though....I break up the Success Pack into three separate downloads to make it easier to print (I also include permissions for you to print a copy send the download to your local office supply store to print and bind if you like to read a printed document, without having to worry about copyright problems). 

The Success Pack is about making life better, easier, more rewarding....with more ENJOYMENT and ABUNDANCE.

In the 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack You’ll Receive: 

  • The 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast e-Book 
  • The House Facing Direction Luck Analysis for all house directions for 2019 
  • Full Annual Feng Shui Report with a sector by sector analysis 
  • Important Disaster 5 and 2 Star location tables for each month to track the serious energies in 2019 (use this to highlight the months when the 5/2 and 9/5 stars come to your bedroom or front door)
  • 8 Wealth Star Locations for the entire year to tap the wealth in every corner of your home
  • Bedroom Luck Analysis -- this important section explains what you need to know for each bedroom location and its effect on your feng shui 
  • 2019 Forecast Audio -- You'll receive an audio file you can listen to immediately with this MP3 download that fills you in on all the details of the year ahead that you can listen to on your smartphone, car or computer.
  • BONUS 2019 Facebook Live -- FengShui INSIDERS Gold Members will receive an invitation to a Facebook LIVE event where you can see me talk about the year ahead -- and take your questions live on Facebook. The event will be recorded so you can watch as often as you like.  

I Want My Success Pack Now!

PLUS You Also Receve My Popular ACTION GUIDE -- Your Personal Feng Shui WORKBOOK that includes...

  • A full year of Full New Moon wishes worksheets to write your wishes each month that includes the dates and times of each month’s New Moons. 
  • Your Annual Goals Sheets – with PERSONAL VISION and GOALS PLANNERS to keep you on track all year. 
  • Your Personal Mastery Sheet to help you identify the three areas that prevent your success. 
  • Financial Mastery Sheet to help you become the master of your financial destiny. 
  • A FULL Year of Monthly Flying Star movements. 
  • Your Home's Feng Shui Action Plan -- pinpoint the EXACT areas in your home and life you want to improve.

The Success Pack is Also Your Feng Shui Fashion Guide

Every year we can work with the energies or work against them. Life works so much better and easier when you work with it. That's why I always include a fashion guide and personal recommendations in the Success Pack. 

Tops on the fashion list? Handbag colors.

A woman's purse is her No. 1 symbol of her WEALTH, making the choice of color so important.

Jewelry and clothing are also part of what makes us feel good, and when you feel good in your fashion choices, you're more confident and secure. That feeling is priceless.

Each zodiac sign is covered for fashion advice -- and I include an extensive list of what colors are beneficial to wear for both men and women, what jewelry metals and stones are helpful (and this year, protective).

Women have to be extra cautious this year, and one of the easiest ways you can implement personal feng shui is through your fashion choices.

I give you the types of jewelry, gems, purse, wallet, and clothing colors that will keep you feeling -- and looking great -- all year.

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Debbie Baxter, United Kingdom

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So, Let's Recap. What Do You Get in Your 2019 Success Pack?

#1. 2019 Feng Shui Forecast e-Book ($97 value)

Almost 200 pages of details on all the energies for 2019 and what to expect, how to handle negative energy, and how to tap the WEALTH, prosperity, and FAME and ROMANCE energy for the year.

As part of the Success Pack, you also receive the ACTION GUIDE and a 2019 AUDIO FILE to listen to in your car, while walking or exercising. The Success Pack is so much more than just an e-book! 

Wondering how to diagram your house? Or, how should you prepare for the Chinese New's all in my Feng Shui Reference Manual -- a valuable book of tables, dates and details and tools that comes with EVERY Success Pack purchase, so there's no guess work to understand your zodiac sign, find your kua number or what to do when you can't activate a portion of your house -- it's all in the Reference Manual.

#2. Your 2019 House Luck & Bedroom Analysis ($27 value) 

What can you expect for you home and the energy this year? This section of the Forecast helps you to plan and know what to expect…. it’s a powerful report for all 8 house facing directions. This explains what to expect for the year and how to go about handling the good, the bad, and the REALLY GREAT energy that makes you wealthy, famous, and attractive to others. Read both the FACING and SITTING direction analyses for your home to get an even greater understanding of the energies facing your home this year and how to make the most of the Year of the Dog.

#3. FENG SHUI FOR 2019 FREE Audio Download ($47 value)

When you buy my annual forecast, you’ll also receive an audio download. I'll share with you on an MP3 all the details about the Year of the Pig and how to make the most of all the energies of the year ahead in an audio form. We'll send you a link to download the audio so you can listen to it in your car, or at work and get the full scoop on making the most of the year head. Listen to it all year long for more insights and help on making this a brilliant year and helping you to stay in top of everything you need to know. 

#5. House Renovation Charts Help You See Your Home's Luck at a Glance ($27 value) 

Each year the Annual Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack comes with an ANNUAL FENG SHUI chart, the RENOVATIONS AFFLICTIONS chart, and the ANNUAL AFFLICTIONS TABLE. These give you the feng shui of the year at a glance. Best of all, you can print them and see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home.


When you buy the Success Pack, you get all the details you need to make feng shui come alive for you. The Reference Manual includes: 

--Kua Dates Table with Zodiac Signs --How to Find, Locate and Activate Your Chinese Zodiac Sign --Celebrate Chinese New Year for Good Feng Shui All Year Long --How to Feng Shui Your Whole House from the Living Room --How to Diagram Your Home for Accurate, Effective Feng Shui --Bagua Map --Annual Afflictions Explained

This is a digital product 

It's Time to LOCK IN YOUR LUCK for 2019 to make the most of the Year of the Pig and all it has to offer you.

If you'd like feng shui advice you can count on, have it all in one place, and you want to be updated every month as the New Moon and Flying Stars change -- and for the whole year -- buy the 2019 Year of the Pig Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK. 

You Receive Over $200 in Value with every Success PACK

The value of the FengShui INSIDERS GOLD Group







Success Pack 

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  • e-Book 2019 Feng Shui Forecast 
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2019 
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual



Success Pack 

ONLY $67

  • e-Book 2019 Feng Shui Forecast  
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2019  
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual 


  • Timely Monthly New Moon Reminders Emailed to you 
  • Monthly Email Flying Star Reminders
  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes


Success Pack


ONLY $127

  • e-Book 2019 Feng Shui Forecast  
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2019  
  • Feng Shui Reference Manual 


  • Timely Monthly New Moon Reminders Emailed to you 
  • Monthly Email Flying Star Reminders
  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes


  • Membership in the Feng Shui INSIDERS GOLD Secret Facebook Page. A private forum to talk with me and other insiders, as well as all Flying Star Monthly Updates, Monthly New Moon Wish Reminders, Live Q&&'s monthly and feng shui tips and offers. 
  • 2019 Feng Shui LIVE webinar where you can ask questions and hear all the details about the Year of the Pig -- LIVE on Facebook with me!

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