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PODCAST EPISODE 103: Protective Feng Shui

There’s a very important part of feng shui jumps to the head of the feng shui line, and it’s the part that is protective feng shui. This type of feng shui can help you from being cheated by someone, manage gossip and politicking at work, preventing relationship loss, major accidents, or illness, and can help ensure you against the difficulties in life. Using protective feng shui also improves your man luck — the luck you create in your life.

5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast Cover


When you want to apply a feng shui bagua map to your home, you’ll need to know what to include and not to include in your map. This can often be confusing because you may not be sure what and what not to include, especially when it comes to your garage, deck, patio or porch. If you’ve been confused about whether to include these features in your home’s feng shui, this episode will help answer those questions.

5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast Cover

PODCAST EPISODE 101: Helpful People and Heavenly Assistance

If you’d like to be prosperous and fill your life with helpful people, you need extra heavenly assistance to get there. That’s where the northwest corner of helpful people in feng shui comes in and puts just the right people in your path right when you need them. It’s great for networking, international travel, and rubbing shoulders with influential people. Learn how to activate this corner to have people come to you offering heavenly assistance.

5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast Cover

PODCAST EPISODE 100: Katie’s TOP 10 Feng Shui Tips

After 30+ years of feng shui practice and consultation, these are Katie’s best-loved and important feng shui tips. She shares her favorite feng shui secrets she’s used successfully throughout the years. Now you can use these tips to open the channels of flow, prosperity, and abundance in your life.  Be sure to listen in for a secret URL to get her FREE e-book “Top 100 Feng Shui Tips” and where to download your copy!

Test Your Feng Shui 101 Knowledge

Welcome to  Test Your Feng Shui 101 Knowledge This fun quiz is designed to help you find out how much basic knowledge you have of feng shui! At the end of the quiz, you’ll see the answers you got correct and those you missed. The correct answers will be shown in green. On the bottom…