The Single Girl & Feng Shui

The Single Girl & Feng Shui | A Case Study of Two Women with Tangled Romantic Pasts and Unrealistic Expectations

There are two single girls who desperately wanted to find a man that made them happy and who wanted to marry them. Candice was attractive, smart and never married. Shelby had been married twice, but both times the marriage broke up and it turned out that the man wasn’t at all who she thought she’d married – he seemed to change.

Single Uses Feng Shui to Find Love with Her Chinese Zodiac Sign

Single Uses Feng Shui to Find Love with Her Chinese Zodiac Sign

When you’re looking for love, too often the choices for finding a suitable partner or mate is online dating websites, bars and the connections of friends. But if you want to find a new love, all it takes is some good feng shui. Speech pathologist and feng shui devotee, Andrea Easley, of Houston, Texas decided she wanted to find a someone special and she turned to feng shui to help her find a new love interest.

The Precious Feng Shui Horse | Symbol of Success and Potent Activator

Horses have long been a part of mankind’s building of civilizations. It was the horse that carried people and supplies to new lands, helped open trade routes and have been man’s constant companion in discovery, war and pleasure. Revered for their speed, strength and beauty, horses are a symbol of wealth. From the small and…