Success & Self Improvement

Success & Self Improvement Feng shui creates the kind of energy that is supportive and nurturing. The air of achievement blossoms in a house that’s activated with feng shui. Learn how feng shui can propel your personal rise toward more success, prestige and personal fulfillment.

Personal Transformation for Low Growth and Missing Prosperity

This is the second part of a series of articles that discuss blockages to personal growth and transformation in areas of life including long-standing problems and difficulties, addiction, and trauma. Addressing the unique aspects of living and how your home’s feng shui can help free you from these blockages is the goal to help you…

Red Lotus Letter Radio

5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast   We all want to improve our lives, right? Whether it’s more money, more love, better health, we just want….more. And we want it to be good. What if things are already great? Who says it can’t be better still. Katie Weber has been publishing the Red Lotus Letter Feng…

Is Your House Bringing You Down? How to Improve a Yin House

Is Your House Bringing You Down? How to Improve a Yin House

All energy in the universe exists as a duality; it’s either positive or negative, yin or yang. Yang energy is the bright energy of laughing children, blooming flowers, energy moving, and outward movement. Yin energy is the energy of darkness, stillness, and going inwards. Both are important, but when one is out of balance, the house can become overloaded with that energy.

Feng Shui Bedroom Do's and Don'ts for Teens

Feng Shui Bedroom Do’s and Don’ts for Teens

Feng shui is a wonderful way to create improvements in your life simply by aligning the items in your bedroom. These can include your bed, your desk or computer, even your stereo. Properly aligned, you can expect to see improvements in your relationships, your studies, and your health. You might even find a new love as a result! Use these tips to get your room in harmony with your life.